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What do you miss from before Covid-19 Started by: Olav_O on Jun 26, '21 07:50

Hanging out with friends, more travel options


Time. Time to move as I like and time not spent getting tests, poked, on phone calls and trying to prove I'm legit and fully vaccinated.


My work has changed from covid as well. Sigh

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I really miss not having to wear a mask. Sometimes that shit is super annoying. I also miss not seeing shit about the shit on tv that’s all they show now.
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Let us be honest here.  Just to be able to go some place and not have everyone stare at you anytime you cough or sneeze.  Having allergies my whole life I have rarely gone a day without coughing or sneezing.  Anytime it happens and I am out in public I get that look like you should never have left your house.

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Before COVID? Prolly going into the office instead of working remotely. I enjoyed the face-to-face interactions and engagement. Now there's minimal communication other than work related tasks.
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Making out with randoms at the bar.

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I didnt realize how important walmart being 24 hours was until covid. Now everyday im dreaming from my bed the day they return to 24 hour on a normal basis

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The freedom to travel with very little planning. The world was open.

Also supplies and shortages were rare.
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I miss going to the movies and going to other countries, but also smaller things like oing to a nice restaurant without booking in advance, think that sums it up, could add bowling to the list to if I'm being honest.


the movies for sure

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What I miss most is people not being complete and utter fucking morons, and if they were complete and utter morons, they kept it quieter than what they do now.
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Today I went to my favorite neighborhood deli to get the best Reuben sandwich in the world.  These days they do carryout only.  You used to be able to go in and get your amazing food and sit down and eat it.  I asked if they ever planned on being fully open again, like in the before times, and they said no.  It sounds like they might not be open at all for much longer. That is a tragedy.

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I miss travel, but more than that I get irritated by some of those that haven't been vaccinated. They get all paranoid if you come near them without a mask. They act like you're gonna get them sick. I don't know about anyone else but that second shot was rough. 

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I miss being able to go to functions and meet new people without the need of wearing a mask or having to worry if the next person got their vaccine or not.  Covid really hit our freedom hard.

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I miss traveling without having to get a covid test and country approvals for your destination as well as worrying about catching covid on the airplane or airport. I also miss being able to breathe properly without coughing.
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Well this is an interesting question 

I miss not having to wear masks, or worrying about that Gel alcohol to disinfect my hands almost every time.
I miss the hugs and kisses. It is hard to be kissed when I have my mask on. I liked when my kisses were stolen from my partner. Now I have to give permission by taking my mask off. And it is very obvious that I want to be kissed when I take it off, especially after a pleasant date. It just doesn't flow as it used to! It just doesn't...

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i wish we could go back to the time when we were not scared to see close friends without having to worry about covid. i was just able to see a friend my wife has known since high school because the conditions were safe. it sucks having to worry about the other peoples views if they are vaccanated or not and it causes a rift in comunnity .

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Uh I mean the covid situation is pretty much over in my country, but it definitely is not the same as before. Even though all the restrictions have been lifted and we don't have to wear masks anywhere, there is still this unspoken rule about getting too close to other people. While that is normal and one shouldn't be completely up in a strangers face, it still feels illegal if you happen to be in a situation like that and that's just awkward.

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As a worker in the sports industry, I miss being able to work events and not worry about catching any deadly viruses.  With packed stadiums its always on my mind

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sick of wearing masks still at some places.  i havent been to a concert or to a movie theater in awhile as well.  i still travel that hasnt stopped. 

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Not having to worry about people coughing and sneezing in public. 

It was good to not have to worry, if the person next to me was dying..

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