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What do you play MR on? Started by: Crosshair on Jul 28, '21 23:27

I prefer playing MR on my laptop and thats where I play from 99% of the time. But when Im travelling I do pop in from my smartphone. Its not too bad playing from a mobile device but not as good as the laptop.

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Depends really mostly on my pc during the day but as with all addicts I’ll jump on my phone or iPad if I need to for those sweet sweet +1s.
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Mainly my pc during the day / while I’m at work, but if I’m out and about I’ll try pop on so I end up using my phone
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I Like To Use My Laptop Most Of The Time,


I Find That The Phone Works Too Slow & Is Wayyyyyyyy Too Small lmao

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i play on my google eye glass using an oculus rift controller to control my mouse and my brain to level up

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Only on my PC for now.

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I just play on a Lenovo laptop, not the best thing in the world but always served me well.  The back part of the laptop is broken making the fan sound twice as loud as it should sound, but it hasnt given up on me yet even after being dropped several times, so I'm not giving up on the laptop either.  

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The short answer here is that I play on everything.

I play at work on my 10 year old dell desktop, at home on my gaming machine, at home on my laptop, and on my phone.

Sometimes it is hard to not stay connected to this game at all times.

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My awesome gaming laptop! Been used to having a laptop with a HDD for so long that being able to load things so quickly is just.. still very new to me, and I've had it for maybe 3-4 months, ish. 

Will never go back to HDD's though, that's for sure :D

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