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Nov 30 - 06:53:01
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How are you doing today Started by: TheMurderedJr on Dec 31, '21 02:42

Ok i want to see a lot of people here how are you doing today

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Well; having just started a new run on MR, i guess i will not know how i am doing for quite a while….
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I’m doing really well. Looking forward to everything that the next 12 months has to offer.
Trying not to be too philosophical. Every fucker becomes a philosopher during New Years don’t they?!
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Exhausted, 2 weeks into my second bout of covid, with the latest LFT a big thick black line.  Sleeping about 8 hours to be up for 2-3 hours a time.   Other symptoms are mild in comparison as was mainly like flu meets chest infection, so hoping this is the last leg of it.

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Well we finally got some snow here. so I spent a good portion of the day shoveling

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i'm doing well. Been on vacation! So ready to start the year now and as said Dave, keeping high the hopes for this year.

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doing good, slept few hours only tbh, but I taking care of two of my friends one here living with me and the other one really away but I'm being with them all the time to support them, so ya being there and doing good :D

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I have spent time with my kids while my wife has been visiting her mother.
I hate teletubbies and babyshark. A LOT. 
Luckily they got bored of staring at the screen and we were able to spend a few hours outside building a snowman

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Today was good day, I got to drink a little eat alot and have a laugh or two.  I got to see a friend I haven't seen in years.  Plus I found $60 outside the gas station.  So yeah I kept it.  

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Today has only been 2 hours thus far, but thanks to my anxiety and a google "Auto-complete" about knee pain, I'm taking yet another 2am covid test because if I do not I will never fucking sleep. Boy, my life is thrilling. My favorite part is that I have not seen anyone aside from my husband in 8 days. Mental illness is SUPER FUN GUYS. 

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Just got home after the nightshift. Luckely i got some sleep during the shift so i dont have to go to bed :) 

Drinking coffee now and around 17.00 hrs i have to work again , 

Have a nice day all

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i'm doing pretty good today! About to start enjoying the weekend, planning to rest a lot and read some books! Really can't complain about my day.

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Sleepy, not long woken up. My kids still do not reconise that the weekends do not need to begin so loudly! But alas they're happy so I shouldn't moan really and my 11 year old did make me a extra large coffee... so guess he is wising up that as we age we need a little more to load up! Other than that usual stuff and I am 'okay'. Thanks for asking!

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I'm doing really really really really really good today because I have a three day weekend and i've basically been asleep for the last day and a half straight. Feeling amazing to finally catch up on all that magnificent sleep!

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Feeling sickie :(

Cough, congestions, running nose, and really really tired.  Ugh.

Can I stop and get off the train?  I don't want to adult today.

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I'm pretty good other than the fact we have snow coming in tonight. Which means driving will be terrible because people in Memphis aren't great on ice. Hope all goes well.
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I'm trying to relax.

It's been a busy day at work, paying too much attention at border customs.

Moreover, it was cold and the snow hasn't melt completely. It became icy and slippery.

I'm optimistic and look forward for better days.

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I just woke up, been sleeping pretty much all weekend long. Which is absolutely fantastic. I do enjoy getting my body caught up on sleep. I'm thinking next week should be much easier to deal with now that i'm actually rested. Just doing good and having a good time doing it.

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I hate this question because if I truly tell anyone how I actually feel on a daily it borderlines complaining. Everyday is stressful, painful beyond description, and exhausting where sleep does not help the exhaustion which leads to bouts of depression. This is how you feel when you have an uncurbable disease where they can only try to make you comfortable, and that fails 90 percent of the time.  Needless to say it is a good day because I woke up.

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Not much.

An ordinary day at work, keeping us energized.

Trying to remain covid free, as long as the pandemic cases increase.

Our land here looks like a deserted town.

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