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Nov 30 - 06:32:45
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How are you doing today Started by: TheMurderedJr on Dec 31, '21 02:42

it is going to be a busy day today; alot of deadlines have come together.  I should have worked a bit harder before now!

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Well I am glad you asked.  I am having a great day today.  Got an offer on my house and I am happy about that.  Gonna get the hello outta here.  Moving closer to family to enjoy those special holidays.  Also, it's very beautiful where they live.  Lots of greenery and water.  Don't know what I will do for work but I can take my time figuring that out. Heck, I might just get me a camper and travel a while.  That would be cool.  Stay all over the place.  As long as I can get wifi, It's guud :)

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I am doing well! A lot better than recently. I have spent the night gaming after being hungover af I hope tomorrow is just as good!!

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I’m doing well, just a little hungover at the moment. Another dust up with Jose Cuervo last pm, lol. Did get to see some fine ladies and did my part to support them with tips, lol.

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Wooo I am soo hyped rn, this whole day was amazing. I wish everyone would feel like this every day, this is like another plain of realism. Another dimension that I wish we would all experience in life

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Training on the job, kids driving me insane. 

Long day short night


Didn't think this out very much 

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Just another day, pretty uneventful. A bit depressed and lonely, missing my daughter who is working as a traveling CNA, she is working in Bend Oregon until at least the end of March. Missing my grandbabies like crazy, they are with their father and step mother, my grand daughter called me last night crying because she is missing me which broke my heart. She has had me wrapped around her little finger from the day she was born. 

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I am fine. I'm a bit bummed I couldn't go biking in the afternoon because work required me to work past hours, but it's still a nice bright day out so can't be completely down!

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Better than yesterday which is always good news with a hope of being worse today than tomorrow is you get my meaning! 

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Today I feel very well, everything at work is going good and its starting to open up more and more from covid-19 restriction.

Next week it will go more over to normal here 

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Pretty good. Just starting my day and logging into work after some much-needed few hours of sleep. 8AM here right now and the sun is shining way too bright for my liking but I'll get by with a quick dip in the pool.

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Hello!! That is a loaded question!! Ok so maybe not. I’d have to say I’m doing well all things considered! I hope you’re all doing well too!
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I'd be doing better if the hustle calculator decided my previous post wasn't sufficiently 'well thought out' or long enough to qualify for my day's contribution. So, here I am, hoping this one isn't also rejected...

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It was just 60 degrees two days ago, then today I woke up to negative two degrees.

I hate it here, I want to relocate but don't want to have to deal with tropical storms.

Cant win !

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Last night I slept well as usual. 

I'm out so early because I have to go to work. 

In the morning I always have to wake up with a cup of coffee, selling and buying drugs in this game. 

After that, I'm going to make myself ready to drive to work. 

All in all I feel good.



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I've might caught the covid and i feel somehow.

mRNA results will be announced tomorrow, there's a little agony.

The positive thing is i'm off work for 8 days.  

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Im doing awesome, got a good workout in, got all of my personal tasks done and now have time to play some MR lol

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same shit different day you know? school boring as hell. three more years of this shit and im out. i should of listened to my brother when he told me to get into a trade rather than going to school for 4 years for a bachelors. if i was like him, i could of been a journeyman

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all good; just had the electricity company around to increase the maximum power to the house.  All done quickly and efficiently - only slightly worried that the explanation was in French, and i don't really speak it too well.  At least we have a circuit breaker!

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I'm trying to put together some stuff I need to do. I don't have much mind to keep track of everything, and also a bit lazy.

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