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How are you doing today Started by: TheMurderedJr on Dec 31, '21 02:42

It was a very rough day at work today.  Upper management all on pins and needles today and just downright rude to people.   Life is great now that I am out of work and home and able to relax and do what I choose :) 

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good got money got high lost more weed get redy for bed lvl up and have ok time and got gifts 

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i'm good today. I slept a little and now prepared to watch some movie or series on television, I hope to find something cool to watch since I'm a little disappointed with the series.

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Doing well actually.
One more week of work and then 3 weeks vacation time. Cant wait.
Hope the weather is still nice by then.
Gonna pack my bags and getting ready for the beach with friends.
Enjoy the day!
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I woke today as I do most days, with a face like depressed spaniel and the emotions of a bludgeoned seal. I'll level with you, it's a struggle to get downstairs. With each day's relentless demand for me to perform tricks and fulfill duties, there's almost no room for recreation. This week has been the same routine of rolling this bloody stone up the hill, only to find it again each morning, sat on top of my hope.

Life is a brutal struggle. Draft bitter and a good supply of Jalfrezis, are the only things keeping me going these days. That and the occasional breath taking wank.

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I'm tired. Always had problems with my sleep but the past week it's been out of control. Not getting enough and walking around like a zombie most days. 

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Tired yesterday and also today, but today the sun shows itself which it didnt do yesterday, so perhaps and im sure of it it will be a better day today that last day, im sure of this.
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Today has started. That's about all there is to say about today. The mirror is not my friend at this hour and my cats are following me around like they are trying to mark me for an assassin. I don't trust them. Every facet of their design is built for deception. I must always be on guard. The brown one nearly achieved it's goal by walking one step in front of me down the stairs. I told him, I said "Gary if you do that one more time I'll turn you into a lovely pair of fur lined underpants!" the blank look of indifference he gave me, was just typical. 

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doing really good, just relaxing and playing MR. Going to watch one piece soo. 

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I'm trying to not melt. The temperature is so high than even with air conditioning it's hard to get to a tolerable level.

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Today comes to you courtesy of the letters "I" and "wish I could fuck off back to bed". Honestly there's no place like it. It's literally the place where dreams happen. Why would you want to be anywhere else? And yet the bed needs its maintenance and so the horrific march of commerce must be entertained. 

I think today I will try to remember proper cutlery for my lunch. Yesterday I bought a lovely looking pasta salad from the market, only to get back to the gym with it and find my secret fork had gone missing. You ever tried eating pasta salad with a folded boxing event flier? I bet you fucking haven't. Some of us suffer in ways uncommon to normal people.

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My day has been smooth up to this point, gratitude for inquiring.

It was my beau's chance to make breakfast today so I got to stay in bed about thirty minutes prior to partaking in some marvelous French toast.

From that point onward,  we got a portion of our cohorts and we had a truly useful MMA practice where I nearly culminated the twister kick. Additionally, throughout our break, somebody snuck Sour Patch Kids into the storage space and separated it among everybody.

When MMA was finished, I dropped Vampire Boy off at Hot Topic and got together with certain companions at Starbucks on the grounds that one of my companion's sister is a barista who gave us a few limits.

At work, I got to enliven and bundle a few cupcakes with some Girl Scouts as one of their exercises, which was a pleasant break from the standard everyday practice of being at the front counter. I'm 85% certain one of the young ladies got back to me adorable behind my, and I'm 110% certain her companion said, "He's clearly gay, slayyy*."

I'm on a speedy break at this moment and since I have a more limited shift today, I'm really going to get together with a family legal counselor to examine managing a few issues with my folks. Obviously, I'm going with some ethical help. I'm a little apprehensive about the gathering but on the other hand, I'm feeling significantly better that things are pushing ahead.

Ideally, after that, I'll return home, cook a decent supper since it's my move, and simply loosen up with some YouTube recordings or a book with my sweetheart.

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I'm doing surprisingly well all things considered. I also really need to get back to playing this game because it's been at least 2 years since I've run an active account. 

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Last day of work. Cleaning the place and the machines and then getting ready for vacation.
Packing stuff as we’re leaving tomorrow morning.
Hope the weather stays this way so we can sit outside and enjoy a nice beer or 2.
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I woke with one eye closed. It will not open. I'm half-sighted. I looked in the mirror and one eye loos like a red tennis ball. I think some creature has had sex with my face during the night. It looks ghastly. 

Daytime stroll cancelled. Date with Susan definitely postponed. Bad start to Saturday.

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I am enjoying the weather. Its hot and a long weekend. Hit the gym, swimming hole and the trails

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Doing good, got some fresh corn to eat. I am healthy and life has been good.

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Had the snip in the week. Relaxing with a cold bag of pees. The idea of doing nothing with my feet up was great but I’m so bored and have to wear a silly jock strap. My Crown Jewels are black and blue.
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I feel a little on the rough side this morning, I hurt in many places. I wish I could say "Yo man, it's cause I overdid it on the town last night", but no, it's the fact I am getting older and it takes me longer to load and a lot more coffee than one cup of coffee could ever provide!

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The eye is still closed. The swelling, it seems, has now taken it upon itself to launch an attack on the rest of my face. It feels like a bloody rugby ball glued to my head. I knew things had progressed when I pulled on my superman T-shirt this morning and the fabric brushed over my inflamed eye rather than my nose. 

One of the guys at the gym has been insisting on putting eye drops in it for the last three days. I expressed skepticism about the tube being rusty and clearly pre-war. I was told I was being silly and the once fluid, now Vaseliney substance was sure to do the trick. I'm beginning to think the guy may not have any of the medical clarity he espoused. 

I'f there isn't a marked improvement by tomorrow, I shall seek recognized medical council and give serious consideration to my would-be assassin's gym membership!

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