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Feb 29 - 21:05:56
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How are you doing today Started by: TheMurderedJr on Dec 31, '21 02:42

I'm doing just peachy :D   Work was smooth so that is a plus even though it was my 12th straight day with no time off until Sunday.  It's a cool 84 degrees out, the sun is beating down hard but loving this summer weather.  Got paid, so yea, it's a good day :) 

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Well, right now I’m seeing if I can think of something well thought out enough to post here. Might this be thought out well?

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I'm doing much better than I was doing at the start of the week. It was not a fun start at all. Here we are slowly getting back to feeling better.

Getting ready for bed time stuff so we can begin a brand new day tomorrow.

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I'm doing fabulously. Filled up my car and now its time for some summer enjoying thingy.

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Im doing very fine, its my bday so yeah, partying and drinking a lot this weekend 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Other than that, work is stressful these last days :/
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You ever have a day you want to erase and never think about again?  This is one of those days.  

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All good working from home today

I got a 2nd viewing at a house I saw at the weekend, So excited to see how that goes.

After the house viewing, sneaking in a round of golf

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Honestly, I'm not doing the best but I figured I'd hammer out the hustle before I get started on the scariest day I've been through in 13 years. It's fine, I'm fine, or I'll be fine. It's fine.

I'm not scared. I'm tough.

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Doesn't feel like working but I get to work from home so at least it's not terrible.

Had some issue logging into work email which is obviously the identity provider's server configuration issue which has a limit of 15 http request headers and got returned bad request when Chromium based browser sends more than 15 request headers when logging in.

Reported it to my head of department and what they did was reset my password? I can still login with Firefox...

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I'm doing okay, just watching the Obi Wan series. I saw the new Dr. Strange. It was scary. I'm still scared. 

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Decent. Just had a fucking long day at work, but now I'm home. The last days of the month are usually crazy anyways.
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Today s gonna be a long day. Besides trouble at work to be handled, need to keep calling to my net tv supplier cause no comms at home for 2 days straight
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I'm doing quite well.

That's because it's gonna be a full July at work, starting today.

Some things are meant to happen, so i'm patient. I thank God everyday passing, i'm healthy and have a permanent job.

I'm grateful to what i have.

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im doing fine, but deffo tired haha! just had a two day trip, had some fun, lots of booze and now im back home shatered in pieces! I will need some good rest :P

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On vacation for the long holiday weekend in Florida. Earlier today, I went to a pool party and had some local gin and tonics. It was quite the treat even though the weather wasn’t the best. Now we’re finishing up dinner at an Instagram-type restaurant. Food was delicious but think it was more about the show than the quality of the food. Check out Timpano Hyde Park online if you want to see pics.
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Great actually, I just had a family party celebrating my birthday. It's technically in a week, but it's hard to get it right on the same date so yeah. I had a blast, had some amazing food, swam in the pool and played games. 

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GARBAGE. Sleeping pill last night because I needed more than 5 hours of sleep because TODAY IS THE DAY! The start of the week where I am covering 3 people at work + my own job! ISNT THIS JUST EXCITING EVERYONE??? 


Spoiler alert:It is not

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Just plodding along. Mostly same each day really where I have to manage a lot of issues/struggles to just do the simplest of things. Use to it. Today a good day, I woken up human and not so grumpy. We'll take the win! 

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All good today.

Off work and possibly go to the beach.

The weather is fine, so the beach bar has all the potential for the day.

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I am doing ok. Ready for a nap and some dinner

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