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Nov 30 - 06:42:58
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How are you doing today Started by: TheMurderedJr on Dec 31, '21 02:42

For the last 28 hours I have received 8 inches of snow then three hours of rain, then three inches of snow.  Then it five hours of cold wind chills and so shoveling slush is a lot heavier the snow.  So, in a nutshell. I'm freezing cold, tired and drinking wine to warm up.  

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I'm okay.. Just up doing a bunch of laundry... Might do some other work tonight, but should be relatively easy stuff... Tomorrow more of the same. 

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today I have too get things ready for me too go out too work, since my employer have started too have us do test before we go to work.

its good thing they do so we can get over this pandemic 

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A name day today for us.

Off work, so the time spent with the family. Discuss issues except covid.

Too much eating, but it belongs to the day.

Enjoy it, until next time.

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I'm doing great drunk some parrot bay and Paul Masson brandy ate a great burger from Red Robbin and I'm off tomorrow.  

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Well, it’s hard to say, as I haven’t been awake very long. But so far so good. Haven’t had my coffee yet and oddly don’t feel that I need it (despite not getting a lot of sleep last night LOL). Anyway, I’ll have to wait and see what work has in store for me before I can give how I’m doing today a proper assessment. In the meantime I’ll keep a positive attitude and in doing so hopefully I’ll be able to come back to this spot later on in the day and announce that I’m doing very well

How about all of you? How’s you’re day going so far?
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I'm doing well! Got off work early so I could go home and play some sims. I've become a little bit obsessed again.. got some new packs recently, they've been really fun to play with and all that. Cottage Living and Dream Home Decorator, I believe they're called! Some of the best DLCs they've made so far tbh :D

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Not feeling great to be honest. Had a headache most of the day and work has run me off feet (figuratively as I am desk-based). Making myself some breakfast for dinner so that should make the day a bit brighter!
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Doing ok, trying to be less sporadic with my online time and trying to keep any grinding to a minimum so i dont get burnt out again. Game has changed a lot in the time I had been gone but im the highest rank ive ever been, and game seems a lot more fun and lively than in the past.  Daily hustle is a nice touch also, helps motivate me to log in every day.

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Today has been a good day. I had off work and got my favorite sandwich. 11/10 would recommend.
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I'm doing good kinda of, I planned to go to a party and at the last moment I didnt, hoped to go tbh, but it is what it is...
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Just came home after a nightshift, not wanting to go to sleep so playing the game again ;p

Maybe sleeping later this morning

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Today is rough.  My Dads in the hospital. Trying to concentrate on RL as well as be here to keep my mind off things.  Im glad hes doing better though. Meh... idk.. just posting crap for the thingy!  have a good day!

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today is going ok. Summer day, had some icecream, spent some time on the pool with my family and now chilling and watching some series. 

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im doing stuff lol

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I'm okay. Kinda sad that it's already Sunday and I feel super tired (prob from not sleeping properly for 2 days lol) ahhhh I don't wanna go back to work

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today im just going to relax after I walk the dog, maybe I waych some sport on the tv and a movie later on.

was going to have some peoples over but some off them got covid so have to do it later  

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Well today I'm doing pretty great!!! Brady was removed from the playoffs, my Chiefs are hotttttt... Life is good today. 🥳🥳

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I am great, other than freezing my azz off and now they say it is going to be getting to sub zero temps.  I need a tropical get away and that would make me even greater. Lol

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I'm tired and being lazy, but I have a lot of work to do tonight... so I'll have to get moving more at some point. Luckily, it's not too cold tonight. 

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