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fav.comedian Started by: don-vito on Aug 31, '08 22:15
hey every one im bored so im starting this thing about your fav.comedian

mine is dane cook,dave chapelle
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dane cook nick swartson
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Lee evens
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katt williams !


Yours Truely,

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Richard Pryor. Tommy Tiernan. Neil Delamar.
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Chris Rock.

Richard Pryor is all time though dude is a great.
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chubby brown
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george carlin, richard pryor, larry the cable guy, jeff dunham
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Oh yes, the late great george carlin.

About this time, someone is telling you to get on the plane. "Get on the plane. Get on the plane." I say, "fuck you, I'm getting IN the plane! IN the plane! Let Evil Knievel get ON the plane! I'll be in here with you folks in uniform! There seems to be less WIND in here!"


Do you get it? You don't want to stand ON the plane while it's flying you want to be IN the plane.


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Carl Baron
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Seems like there are a lot of them out there. Usually go through a binge on one for a while then move on to another. 

Some of the past have been Dane Cook, Jim Jefferies and lately mr story time Bert Kreischer. 

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Nothing gets me roaring more than shit that’s just WAY offside. I don’t know why, but that’s just the way I am. As a stand up comic - I guess Chapelle is one that makes me laugh, but the Jackass boys are probably some of my favourites. I love the one where the guy gets the Pubic hair glued to his face lol.
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Probably would have to be Dylan Moran or Frankie Boyle. Two guys with very different styles but basically talk about the same stuff, imo. I also do enjoy most of Bill Burr's specials though.

And Bo Burnham is a genius, tyvm.

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Hands down my favorite comedian has got to be Dave Chappelle.. and maybe im just biased cause he was the first comedian I ever really liked but his shit is pretty funny lol

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I'm sure Dave Chappelle is going to be in many lists, including mine. Dude is a genius.
I also enjoy some of the work of George Carlin, Bill Burr and Chris Rock.
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It really depend when we talk about comedians . Like stand up , movies ,TV shows , shows that do skits like mad tv, or tosh.o or some shit ?
But my favorite all-around is Dave chappelle or Kevin hurt . I liked the old Kevin hurt when he used to do straight to DVD movies . Not none of that box office shit with the rock etc.
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Favourite comedian from the UK would be between Peter Kay and John Bishop. Don't know that many American comedians but one I find incredibly funny is Bill Burr.

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MY favorite comedian is super easy choice, it's Fluffy!! (Gabriel Iglesias for you pendejos who do not know him)

The humor this guy has, the intonation and enthusiasm he has are just wonderful. also his wide range of vocalizations are a big add on and the colorful people of his crew just basically give him a host of material to chose from (e.g. the racist basket is so funny)

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Goodness, but there are so many good ones to choose from!  I'm going to go old school though and pick one who hasn't been heard from in a long while. That would be Gallagher from back in the 80's. Politically irreverent comedy really gets me and who wouldn't love a sledge-o-matic?  Any comedy show you have to wear a rain coat to so your protected from pulverized fruit can't be all bad.

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Don't see much of him anymore but I'd have to say Frankie Boyle closely followed by Jeff Dunham. Two completely different ends of the spectrum.

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