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Jan 19 - 00:04:35
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Who will be the NEXT US president. Started by: Kris on Mar 27, '20 03:01

Does it really matter who gets elected?

Whether it be in The USA or anywhere in the world, they are all as bad as each other and never keep their election promises. 

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As unbelievable as this may sound it's well known that this country is in need of much needed healing and insight. We're all burnt out and need to rest. Who best to be the president in such a time than Dave Chappelle. I urge you all. Make Dave president.

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Harris had her chance and barely got on the map as a presidential candidate. She was used by the democrats in WA because she is a woman. Once Biden got in,  she was kept quiet because she is not well received by voters.  Not even in her home state of CA. Tulsi Gabbard was the best female candidate in 2020. Yet, her own party did not support her.  Her foreign policies had the very best interest of America while strengthening our relationships with our allies. And holding down those countries of our rivals. For the past few months it's been nothing but unmitigated disasters. 

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More than likely it'll be Dwayne Johnson. There's no better candidate to lead the nation. He knows absolutely nothing about politics so fits what the country likes. 

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Me!! lol! I will be your next President and everything will be free lol! free Gas, free Housing, free Food. They will love me haha... free Education, nothing will be except. free trips to the Moon lol!

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I like too see that US going to have president like you Black_Rider, that has free everything.

Have to you think that peoples are going to work when they dont need to because its att free 

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Man, I sincerely hope that it will be Ted Cruz! Or Ben Shapiro... Also I have no idea, since I am not American, but man your last presidents sucked dick. Trump and that Senile guy inside the White House right now, y'all need to wake up :D

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lol with Black_Rider. Free is music to the ears. However, there is no such thing as free in the USA. Taxpayers foot the bill. A couple examples: The stimulus checks received by millions, a $1,200 check will cost over $5,000 in taxes. The child tax credit paid out monthly to parents who have children under the age of 18, are in for a rude awakening when they file their 2021 taxes. Nothing is free. We have other countries who learned this hard way and are in despair. Currently we have a Government who is leading this country in the same direction. Countless times I am hearing anti-Trumpsters humbly admitting Trump wasn't that bad. I proudly where a T-shirt that reads "Don't blame me, I voted for Trump. I should of purchased seven of those shirts. ;) 

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Stoney - could you provide sources for your mathematically insane statements that it costs $5k to provide a $1.2k check?
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Judging by his use of 'should of', I reckon his math teacher might've doubled down on grammar too

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EddieMame - that is perhaps unfair. His carefully stipulated requirement for seven Trump T-shirts clearly demonstrates an alert individual capable of understanding how to impact and influence those around him.

Of course, the Tshirt is misleading. Donald J Trump rightfully pointed out that if the vote counting stopped simply at the point where he was ahead, then he would have won. So it isn't Trump or Biden voters who are to blame for the current perfectly normal and recognisable comparative state of the USA: it is instead the robust democratic principles and practices that the American Republic is built upon. And is those democratic principles which *must* be attacked and reversed if we are to ensure that democratically unpopular demagogues remain as Commander-in-Chief
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Rocky, the tax payers will foot the bill for the stimulus checks. A little more then 50% of Americans pay taxes. The rest don't earn enough to have to file. We are looking at tax hikes that effect individuals on up.  

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Stoney - that doesn't explain how it will cost $5k to issue a $1.2k check?

That makes literally no sense.  Neither does your 'explanation'

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Rocky, it does not make sense you actually think those checks are free. I listen to the Economist. 

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Who knows. Bear in mind I’m Canadian and I wouldn’t say I’m the most informed….


I say dems win, it’s not joe as he’ll be in diapers. I don’t think it’s Bernie he’s too extreme and Americans don’t need that again. It’ll be someone haven’t heard of most likely.


but - for shits and giggles - The Rock or Kanye.

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I vote Macarena  for next president!


The perks and benefits are endless, woo! :D

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Whoever the top elites of the country choose next. We have no say in anything why does it even matter anymore. Although, probably Trump. Just cause that guy is never gonna quit lol

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Squirrelly-Dan, you are correct in stating Bernie is too extreme. Yet, the 3.5 trillion bill they are trying to pass has Bernie's extremism all over it. lol To think Bernie wanted 6 trillion lol

In 2002 Gerald Nadler (D) announced to the nation they came to a unanimous bi-partisan decision mail in ballots were off the table. They were all in agreement that doing such is an open door invitation to corruption and fraud. The subject arose again in 2004 and the decision remained the same with Nadler stating he could show us proof that would make our heads spin.

The democrats are singing a different tune now, including Nadler. Mail in ballots should be restricted for our military. We had issues involving corruption and fraud in the last Presidential race. I'll be closely watching the mid-terms. Although, I believe millions will be reluctant to mail their ballots. Historically, mid-terms have a low turn out. I predict otherwise next year. 

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@Stoney- there is not a shred of credible evidence for the idiotic claims of vote rigging.

There is significant evidence of attempts by Trump and his supporters to deter voters and to lie about the results of the election.

You have failed to produce any evidence for your claim that it costs $5k to issue a $1.2k check.
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Rocky, you should try to pay attention to what's is going on in this country. My I suggest if you watch or read the news you explore other news outlets. That is if your mind is open to a little change. I am not going to do the homework you should be doing. 

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