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What do you miss from before Covid-19 Started by: Olav_O on Jun 26, '21 07:50

What do you miss from before Covid-19 ?

Is it the smal things that you miss or is it just to be able to go on vacations to other country`s that you miss the most ?

I myself miss going to other contry, we was supose to go to Japan when the world shut down and its been hard to see when we can do that again 

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honestly I really miss going anywhere without masks, it makes me sweat and hard to breath :3

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My life hasn't changed too much except for the social factors.  I worked from home before. Still do. I was fairly antisocial before. Still am.  I guess the only thing that really gets me is I miss the freedom of not having to worry about some anti-vax fucktard getting people sick, including elderly loved ones of mine who could die as a direct result of someone else's fucktardery.

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I miss going to the movies and going to other countries, but also smaller things like oing to a nice restaurant without booking in advance, think that sums it up, could add bowling to the list to if I'm being honest.

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Although a lot of the restrictions have been restricted here, like masks not being necessary everywhere anymore, I do still miss going places without having to worry about getting tested beforehand (my vaccine, however, should work as a corona passport in about 10 days or something.. so that's gonna help with that part at least!). 

I also miss travelling, but I can be without that for a little longer. 

The virus did bring some good stuff though. For instance, people in the supermarket no longer (... or very rarely) breathe down your neck while waiting in line, and passengers on the bus very very rarely sit down next to you anymore. Only when the bus is full. I do hope that people will continue to do things like this even after all this corona bullshit is over! 

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i never really went out before really miss going pub and having a few pints and few games of pool. i know things are starting to open but still not gone out but plan to pretty soon. also cinema considering the closest one to me closed after the first lockdown.


also i miss my family not really seen my family properly in like 2 years due to them being in highest tier of lockdown and never really got out of restrictions. but soon things will be back to normal im sure.

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The constant rant from certain politicians and civilians, who blame everything that goes wrong in the society on immigration.
It was fun to see them manoeuvring and find a silverlining in everything that is wrong and it always being immigrants. 

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Picking out my fruits veggies and meats from the grocery store. Now i have to just make due with whatever the delivery person picks and it sucks

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I dont miss a thing. ended up in hospital on oxygen  caught pnemonia, the good was well in 1 week,now covid free.

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This is pretty petty as I’m sure there are more serious answers but I do miss ubers being readily available at all hours. These days it’s still hit or miss where I’m at. It’s definitely getting better though.
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Above and beyond anything I really miss going to concerts. I was a 20+ a year concert goer and miss being packed in small venues with good bands, which probably means those kinds of shows are going to be the last ones to come back. Really look forward to seeing music again this year and the next.
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Just being able to do anything with people without a mask on.  Any sort of activity makes me breath heavy and that hot air that I just exhaled just makes things worse for me.

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just the fact that i appreciate not having to where  a mask , specially at work, 

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Holidays, every few weeks we used to do city breaks, prague, amsterdam, vienna, rome, etc all the no fly areas, quarantines etc, have been a pain even for the best cause.   Same on no gym so often as every lockdown it closes for months at a time.

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I miss going to the movies. The theaters in my area are barely open anymore and there hasn't been a movie come out in awhile that I would want to go see. Hopefully that will improve in coming weeks but with Hollywood trying to remake so many old movies instead of making as much new stuff I'm not optimistic.

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Going to events with friends & holiday last year but other than that I don't think anything. Working from home has saved so much travel time plus travel costs I wish things could stay as they are.

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I didn't really miss anything. Sure, we went through some crazy changes but I was still able to be bum and watch misc. things on netflix and youtube. 

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I miss clubs man.

I miss having to not book shit and yolo’ing a night out without planning.

Nowadays it’s all reservations and the spontaneity has gone :/
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I miss having no "germs phobia" and not feeling like anything/anyone around might infect you.

I hope this emergency passes, and that we'll learn to live in a way (respecting more nature and stuff, no intensive animal farming, no forests and other natural environment destroying, reducing animals habitat and causing problems to whole ecosystems) that also protects us from the more or less natural development of new pathogens.

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I don't miss much pre-pandemic, probably my family members that passed away from covid.
I quite liked the way things were going for awhile there. No one to bother me, working from home, mask with everything opening back up or mandates lifting is annoying as hell forcing people back into offices, no one wants to wear masks especially in crowds thinking they're impervious to covid now that they got vaccinated/believing they don't need to be vaccinated and potentially exposing others. Yeah...just take me back to when it first started and keep it there and I'll be happy for awhile.
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