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Dec 02 - 23:19:50
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Whatcha Watching? The Best Recent TV Shows Are. ? Started by: LuckyLucy on Sep 08, '17 12:13
Starting to watch lovecraft country supposed to be similar to stranger things but not sure of it yet
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Just finished rewatching four sesons of Lucifer just in time for season 5a to come out tomorrow. 

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It was canceled, so there's only a couple seasons floating around (25ish episodes i think) but Designated Survivor was a doozy that deserved more time.

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I actually need something new to watch, last series I watched was the second season of umbrella academy
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watching the monkey reboot

it's fucking awful and i fucking love it.

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I'm going back to random episodes of old shows like Friends and That 70s Show. No real reason. Just waiting to find something new and good, I suppose.
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Watching new Netflix movie "Power" with Jamie Fox as we speak. Seem alright so far.

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ooooooo heard good things about that.

Will give it a go later.

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Gangs of London was OK, the super powered pikey dad character was amazing. Very violent show. 

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I thought the gangs of London was ok, didn't rate main fathers son in it, looked way to wet but all in all a good show.

Umbrella academy has been fabulous, as to has been the boys (2nd season 4th sept)

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New season of Lucifer came out. That was pretty decent.
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Right now I’m watching the walking dead. Left off around season 5 came back and it’s a total of 10 season . I got to catch up on what I missed . The best TV series is Power made by 50 cent. That hair is so tough the execution is brilliant. I’ve never seen anything like it
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Right now I just finished watching the Netflix show shooter, it followed the film in the first series but went it much more detail then followed very well in the next 2 seasons. Not sure what I am going to go onto watch next.
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Well it isnt new, but netflix finally put a few more seasons of HunterxHunter out, so I am currently watching those.

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i was watching reaclty a tv shows calld animal kingdom its about a boy who is mother died from drugs that gets taken in by is mother famly and is mother family are robbers that do many hiests around the city and you see how the kid grows from a little scared kid to a mastermind behind all the hiests

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Been thinking about rewatching Atlanta with the new seasons not too far out and with me not remembering much of what happened in the first two seasons.
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I'm going to sound weird here, but I'm actually watching the Dick Van Dyke show in its entirety. 

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I love the weekends   i watch all the westerns. gunsmoke ,bonanza many others are very good also clint walker.

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Godfather of Harlem

Power Book 3 : Raising Kanan

Brooklyn Nine Nine Eighth season

& I also started re watching Game Of Thrones

I might possibly re watch the Wire next, depends on hw I feel

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Watching kitchen nightmares.. bored and it's just playing in the background while I click away
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