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Whatcha Watching? The Best Recent TV Shows Are. ? Started by: LuckyLucy on Sep 08, '17 12:13
I just finished ozarks. I have to say it was a great show from start to end. I think some things cold have been better. But not bad, the storyline was leading to other possible endings. I would like to see another season or 2
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I have been watching a show called "Outer Range". Interesting consept for sure. Not sure if it;s just "empty promises" though cause mysteries only get more and more. But the photography in this show is epic. Wherever this place is flmed, it;s a trully amazing place.

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Just finished the marvel mini series Moon Knight. I thought it was pretty good, love that marvel does spin off shows like those and they are generally well done. If you guys are into the superhero stuff I recommend it.
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Well, I am always partial to reality police shows, so COPS, Live PD, and most of A&E's docuseries (The First 48, etc).

As far as actual shows go, I'm into old stuff. Hill Street Blues is pretty great. On a lighter side, I find That Girl and Bewitched to be hilarious.

The old Batman series is always good for some laughs too.

As you can tell, I'm into vintage stuff, so yeah. Modern TV shows mostly suck.

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If any of you folks have HBO Max, put a day aside and binge Joe From Cincinnati. HBO has had some of the best television series but this is probably their best show. If you enjoyed some of HBOs other shows (Sopranos, The Wire, Euphoria), I wouldn’t go as far to say that it’s better than those shows but definitely just as good.
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I stumbled upon Lucifer last night coincidentally. Seems Ok, I've stuck it on a series link for the sake of it. If you like supernatural stuff like that, you should try Midnight Texas, I've recently started watching this also and its enjoyable enough. Its not amazing like GOT, but its Ok.

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Just finished watching ozark, pretty good show about money laundering in the cartel.

Looking for something new, as it’s getting a bit embarrassing telling everyone the only series I’m watching now is the original series of gossip girl
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If you havent watched it yet then I seriously recommend:

Winter on Fire

A documentary associated with the Ukrainian peoples small revolution against the Russian leaning government back in 2014.

The spirit of the people is evident back then, its free on you tube.

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If you're into western type series, you can try most recently 1883, Yellowstone. Hell on Wheels is already good but a lot older, I think that's from 2011 maybe. This is Us is a good one if you like more drama based, feel good, emotional series. StarTrek: Strange New Worlds looks very promising if you are a trekkie. Superman & Louis is also pretty good and the new Law and Order: Organized Crime for you crime folks out there.

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The only series im watching now is Tokyo Vice, HBO Max. Very much a seen formula, but still im loving it, although not much episodes avaiable yet
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Moon Knight is definitely one of my favorite TV shows so far, I hope it will have a second season, the character development for the main character is well thought out. 

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I have the game of thrones box set all seasons. 

I loved watching the handmaid's tale and have read the book no it don't follow it 

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I have talked too a few people on here about watching The Challenge anyone else on here who I have not talked too watch that show? I am hooked lol, it's a great show.

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I recently got 3 months of Apple TV for free and there's some really good stuff on there that I'd never even heard of. I binged watched Severance in almost one sitting. Highly recommended, such a cool concept. And now we've started watching Wecrashed, which is based on the true events of WeWork. Jared Leto is insanely good at the role of Adam Neumann. Again, highly recommended! Very impressed with Apple TV so far.

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I'm currently watching a short french tv series about miners and workers rights, Germinal. Quite thrilling and not as dramatic as I thought it might have been.

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i enjoy Riverdale (nothing like the comics i checked!) bering sea gold,gold rush, the longest running soap opera to ever exist AKA professional wresttling

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I just started watching Hannibal. It seems alright. The lead agent in it seems a bit weak though. Like they tried to get a kid to play an adult role. Not sure what it is about him. It’s shot quite well though and has enough of a plot to peek my interest, so I’ll stick with it for a bit. 

Usually five shows is the line. I’ve either bought in or given up by then. 

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I am currently watching Outer Range but I don't really like it.  It's trying so hard to be an edgy sci-fi mystery but the characters are almost all unlikeable, with hardly any personality or anything that makes me want to like them.  

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I would highly recommend "Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty." 
It's a drama about what happened both on and off the court when Magic Johnson joined the Lakers, and Dr. Jerry Buss bought the Lakers franchise. The casting for the leading roles is excellent, IMO. 

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I've finally ended up watching "Het Jaar van Fortuyn". It's a Dutch series on a Dutch politician in the early 2000s, who really changed how politics work and how certain topics (immigration) are discussed. He's essentially changed the face of Dutch populism forever. The dramatisation of events is great and beautifull crafted; the acting and casting is mostly excellent, with a few exceptions. Sometimes they go a little bit overboard for the purposes of making it a fun and engaging series, but most of the time it stays true to the facts. It's funny, moving and definitely well-made. There are no English subtitles as far as I know, so it's not much use to non-Dutch people. For you Dutchies out there (I know you're out there!), would recommend.

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