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Sep 29 - 07:24:28
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Whatcha Watching? The Best Recent TV Shows Are. ? Started by: LuckyLucy on Sep 08, '17 12:13
Far too many to list! 

Would say Vikings, Peaky Blinders, The 100, GOT, DC & Marvel shows etcetcetcetc :D 
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I finished Season 2 of Russian Doll and I get why people don't like it as much as the first one. It's a very messy and even more directionless examination of grief. I still like it but the first season was just so tight and the meandering of the plot felt purposeful and calculated that I think it might've been better if the show ended there.

I will try to take a peek at the new season of The Boys and see what the showrunners can make of a comic series which felt like it was written by an edgelord who hated superhero comics. While I appreciate their subtle-as-a-sledgehammer attempt at heavier political theming on the 2nd season (because the source material is devoid of any real serious themes), they either gotta cut that out or try harder

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I just finished watching all of money heist. It was amazing! Before that I watched Anna Delvey. It was more interesting than I thought it was going to be.

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Newsnight, with Kirsty
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May seem bias, but Barry on HBO max is my favorite right now (hence the name) haha!

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Well, I am a bit behind on these and was ever quite understood the big hype some were going on and on about, but Roku is offering 50 Shades of Grey movies.  I watched  Fifty Shades of Grey and Fifty Shades Darker last weekend and am so ready to sit down and watch the final, Fifty Shades Freed.   And I now know what the hype was all about. ;) 

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Lately I've pretty much had "Moon Knight" on loop. It's freaking awesome! There NEEDS to be more than just the 6 episodes, though.

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i am currenlty watching Cobra Kai (cmon season 5) Riverdale (nothing like the comics whatsoever lol) i finished watching Ghostbusters: Afterlife (awesome. please no continuations) House (hilarious and amazing) New Amsterdam. i watched the Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls Dynasty,

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The Boys is always worth a mention. Especially now Season three has just come out. Wonderful show. Best in years 

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Boardwalk empire






Sons of anarchy and Mayans M.C

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The Ozarks right about now. I am not sure it's this wierd blend of crime and family drama. I'm not sure how Marty does it, he must truly love his wife to put up with that woman. 

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Rewatching Brooklyn Nine-Nine now that the final episode has been aired. I don't have the patience or self-control to wait a week between episodes. I'm a binger, yoooo.

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I have been watching Taboo. Nearly finished. It is very good. I've never had an opinion one way or the other on Tom Hardy but he is exceptional here, as the star, co-creator, co-writer, everything. 

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As of recently, I have been watching Stranger Things and am nearly finished with that, unfortunately! 

Ozark is one that I haven't finished but have watched a bit. I for some reason like Jason Bateman as an actor so I have tried to give it a few seasons. haha

Bob's Burgers is by far the best thing since The Simpsons. All the characters have their won hilarious awesomeness of personalities. I also like that they don't have them doing entirely impossible things like Family Guy and American Dad do/did. (not sure) 


The Good Life is a good! Very quirky but so funny!


I also really really deep down like The Kardashians! They are just SO cool and SO really real! I have never met such a kind and thoughtful family. I'd like to think one day, I could be as unique and popular as them!! I'm just kidding... They are some lucky bitches that got rich. Nothin more.  I just wanted more written so I knew I was good. 

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currently watching big bang theory on netflix,, then wen watching with the missses watching the boys on amazon prime,, right this second watcing blaze with my son,

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I started watching Southland on ____ and I am really enjoying it. I know a lot of the cast from shows like Lucifer, Gotham, etc. But yeah it's really entertaining and well written.

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Right now I am binge watching strange things. So far I love the show. Very cool the twist on the 1970-1980. I would recommend it to anyone whom like Stephen King or dean koontz writing.
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Man vs Bee is a nice mini series with Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) which I would recommend to watch with your family.

It gets a bit easy to see what's coming, but it a fun 1-2 hours.

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Stranger Things, The Boys & Umbrella Academy but now they all finish there is nothing to watch. :( Am forced to watch fucking Love Island every night. I need saving!

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Currently I'm watching Gravity Falls, and King of The Hills, but I always have Futurama in my watch list. I really want to get to watching Marvellous Misadventures of Flapjack.
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