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Whatcha Watching? The Best Recent TV Shows Are. ? Started by: LuckyLucy on Sep 08, '17 12:13

I thought Loki was pretty good... I haven't been watching any dramas lately... But Succession is coming back so that should be fun. 

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An Israeli drama on Netflix called Hit and Run. Its dubbed into English its very gripping and well written. 

I can't really say anymore as it would give away to much. 

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I am watching All American right now ! I really like this show ! Its really good ‘
I also like all the reality shows on MTV . Teen mom , jersey shore , floribama shore, stuff like that!
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Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens. I just finished season 1, season 2 starts tonight. 

Everyone should have a grandma like hers.

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I know it's not new but I am currently rewatching Two and a Half men. Possibly the best comedy show I have ever watched up until that drama crap happened and they changed protagonists. 

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I’m a huge fan of naked and afraid. I always feel like I can compete in that show but then again I see what they go through and I’m like yeah maybe not
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I'm watching all of Hells Kitchen right now.    About to start season 2.    I've watched episodes here and there before but recently went to one of GR's restaurants and now I'm sort of obsessed.

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I am watching Melissa & Joey currently. Before that I was browsing through The Simpsons. I haven't finished the entire bunch of seasons for that though. Nothing like watching some older stuff and reliving those days.

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I cant wait for the second season of Witcher to come out on Netfilx but its a long way away, in December. It was a great show and Henry Cavill plays a great witcher. Will be watching season 1 again before 2 airs. Can't wait.

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I recently had some spare time to sit down and watch Locke and Key on Netflix. Although I was a bit sceptical at first, it was actually a pretty good watch. Some mystery elements, good progress, good twists, overall I enjoyed it. Season two should arrive in October which I am hoping continues the same writing/developement for the story.

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I have never really been one to like the Hallmark Channel, but I have been watching the Good Witch here lately and have just fallen in love with it.  If you are looking for a light, humorous, romantic series this is a good one for you.

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Another oldie, I discovered Agents of SHIELD. When I tried a few years ago, I thought it was stupid, but this time around, loving the chemistry between various leads and how the plot (and subplots) are unfolding.


No spoilers. Just good action fun TV Show.

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I kept seeing clips for Clarksons Farm so I thought I'd give that a little watch, have to say anyone that hasn't seen it it is well worth a watch and some of the characters in it are funny as fuck especially an old boy called Gerald, I'll give a million game cash for anyone who can understand what the fuck he is saying, definitely a laugh a minute and a worthy watch.

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I binged watched the Wu-Tang: American Saga and it was actually legit for a TV series. I can't wait for the second season to come out now.

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Lucifer is brilliant, I’ve watched it about 3-4 times now 😂
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I've been watching The Challenge because I can get sucked into reality television like its nothing. Especially the competition shows.  I also have been watching some of Peaky Blinders, just slowly chugging along with it to keep enjoying it.

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It isn’t current - but I am rewatching “The Wire” from HBO. Probably even exceeds Sopranos for me in terms of best HBO production. Such a well done show.

The wife and I will sit and watch Lucifer which is also pretty good.

Shameless ended in March, and haven’t really found another one to latch into. I’m a fan of the dark teisted humour that shows like that bring.
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The series called Carnival Row was something good I watched recently. Its set in a fantasy world of creatures like fae, centaurs etc and its about the struggles of living alongside humans. I gave it a try because it had Orlando Bloom and I enjoyed the full first season. Waiting to see when S2 is released.

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5.  Stranger Things (Netflix)  80s Nostalgia activate!  Goonies + Supernatural Events = Epic Win for Netflix.  If you haven't seen this one yet, I can't stress enough how much fun it is.

I really enjoyed all the seasons but I'm disappointed they haven't came out with a new one

I really enjoyed all the seasons but I'm disappointed they haven't came out with the new one yet

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I absolutely adore Sherlock. That programme is some genius writing and the best retake on Sherlock Holmes, although I am a fan of the guy Ritchie films too.

Currently re watching Brooklyn nine-nine. Just cause it’s easy watching.
Been enjoying Afterlife on Netflix. Superbly written also.

In need of something new now.
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