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Does anyone here cook? What are your go-to dishes? Started by: KellyC on Oct 21, '19 00:41
I can make a mean bacon cheeseburger.
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I just bought an air fryer and made some killer fish n chips :D

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Any pasta I'm all about my sauces
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Homemade pizza, homemade burgers, pulled pork in the slow cooker
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Take three ramen noodle blocks, some sour cream, ketchup, and a little bit of mayonnaise. Boil it all together and then throw it away because this sounds terrible. You just wasted so much food, are you proud of yourself? Someone starving could have eaten that. Don't listen to me.

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Lasagne. Every day
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I make a killer sloppy joe.....and not from a can!
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I cook all the time i love my stir fry

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Reading about all these dishes made me hungry. Someone go cook me something.
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Anything with pasta, easy, quick and tastes mint
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Steak I have to go with that...when I can afford it LOL

Best on the grill by far

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My go to dish is carbonara or aglio olio. Easy to make even for people who don't cook like me.

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I like to cook Potato soup, on cold days.

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Oxtails, Black Eyed Peas, Hot Water Cornbread, Cabbage and home-made peach cobbler...I'm just a Southern Boy with Southern taste.

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Crawfish etoufee, oysters Rockefeller, sashimi, any seafood pretty much
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Buy an insta pot and just cook any recipe that is specifically written for that. Makes everything really easy

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pork souvlaki, oven roasted honey balsamic glazed fingerling potatoes, Caesar salad

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I just made a pot of beef stew the other day, it was ridiculously good. It worked wonders for the cold weather.
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take a 12 oz can of cheap beer, set half of it aside, stick it up the posterior of a chicken, use it as a stand, and cook until the breast is 165 f.

use the rest of the beer and the dripping to make gravy.


Bam! Beer can chicken

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Hamburger Helper
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