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Dec 11 - 12:02:41
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Does anyone here cook? What are your go-to dishes? Started by: KellyC on Oct 21, '19 00:41
Recently got a new BBQ, so I have been bbqing almost every night.chcicken, steak, pork chops, grilled asparagus, peppers, taters... Can't go wrong!
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I make cookies and other baked goods

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I love to make curries, i don't always follow set recipes i just combine stuff and see how it turns out lol

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Tonight I mixed kraft macaroni and cheese with chopped up hot dogs and some of the finest grape juice on tap.

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I am a big fan of sheppards pie and also poutine. I make some yummy food.

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Really into making curries at the moment 

It does not matter the origin of the recipe giving everything a go 

My fave at the moment though is Japanese Katsu 

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I made the best bread ever made today.

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It’s not exactly a go too, but just boned out and butterflied a lamb shoulder and put it in a marinade overnight ready to BBQ tomorrow.
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Steak sandwhich.


Chop it up. Mixed with carmalised onions, some egg, A1 sauce. Nice toasted bread.


It's better than sex

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Gammon joint.
Leave to soak for 24 hours in water, throw water away.
Boil/simmer in Coca Cola for 3 hours
Leave to cool. Remove skin and glaze with honey, mustard and brown sugar
Roast for 30 mins.

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baked beans slow cooked yum

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Tater tot casserole is my favorite. With bacon pieces too of course. 

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White beans in tomato sauce with chicken Suriname style ^^
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Rotini with cheese sauce with red and green peppers and cut up smoked sausage or ground meat whatever I prefer that day

I love it...probably why I am fat

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My go-to dish is a bean dish using one pan with bacon, corn, pepper, mushrooms and herbs.

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Turkey or chicken tetrazini
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A big nice steak with a pepper/béarnaise sauce. Or a sole meunière.
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Been grilling lots lately, marinated and rubbed steaks, homemade burgers and some hotdogs.

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I makes a crackin' Roast Dinner. Pork Belly is my speciality.....

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I like cooking, not really good at it though.

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