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Does anyone here cook? What are your go-to dishes? Started by: KellyC on Oct 21, '19 00:41

Spaghetti with sugar mixed in the sauce*

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i love eggs and bacon sadwitch

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Any type of pasta
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I make a mean plate of broiled nachos and I also figured out how to make baked chicken that doesn't feel like a chore to eat.

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Good old spag bol

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Beef rendang is pretty easy to make
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My mothers curry recipie w. porkmeatballs has always been one of my favorites


500g ground prok

1 onion

1 egg

2.5 dl milk


25g butter

1 tablespoon curry

some salt & pepper

water (use the water from the meatballs)


chop the onion, and mix it with the rest of the fill

put it aside for 1h in the fridge and then form it into meatballs

boil some water in a pot and add the meatballs leave them there for 5-15 min

put the meatballs on a plate and keep the water for later

mix the sauce ingredients together and gradually add the water

add the meatballs to the sauce and leave them there for 5-10min

served w. rice

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I make lots of chicken fajitas but normally substitute the wraps for lettuce etc for health.

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Whatever the case may be dont ask Lucifer-Morningstar he burns cornflakes

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I like Cassava so I tend to have it as a go to dish when I want a quick meal. It's preety easy to cook and I enjoy making butter cassava as well as mashed Cassava with saltfish.
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I actually was doing HelloFresh for a bit there, had to stop for a bit because of some personal things, but I'll be going back to it once it's settled. Wide variety of very good stuff on there, though I have to say the white cheddar wonderburgers with oldbay fries I think was my absolute favorite dish I've made so far, followed closely by mom's meatloaf.

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Panncakes! Homemaid and you can have whatever on them which is awesome. Therefore is panncakes one of my best offrr to all. Easy to make, easy to eat and you know what eatibg many you get filled in stomache and feels great for many hours ;)
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I cook. Since... ever. Try this, get some chicken legs, make the stew (onions, plenty garlic, laurel leaf too) then place the legs, i take the skin off) let it boil a bit with bit salt, minimum fire, then after a while place beer, yes BEER) let it be there, allways minimum Hot, and do some spaghetti apart. Slice into bits and take off the bones everything not eatable. Add the already a bit cooked spaguetti and wait till its how you like...
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I wish i could cook more, time is the biggest problem. Which i imagine it is with most people.

Spag bol always a nice easy, quick one. Wilt a bit of spinach in it, definitely gives it a bit more of an edge. 

Do also love a herby sausage tomato pasta - first saw it on slimming world site. Few tweaks to make it your own, lovely. 

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One of my go to dishes is grilled chicken breast seasoned with salt, pepper, oregano, basil, parsley with steamed veggies or steamed rice mixed with peas.

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My go to dish is asian style chicken.

Get some skinned and deboned chicken thighs or breasts, cut them in chunks according to preference.

Get a deep pan or wok and sear them with a tiny amount of vegetable oil until no pink is visible. 

Toss in thick slices of onions (the size you'd use for onion rings) and very thinly sliced or chopped garlic.

Let the onions soften a bit and add thick julienne cuts of green and red peppers, plus one or two chopped(minced) ripe tomatoes.

If you have any soft white cheese like feta or goat cheese, you can add it to make the sauce get an orange colour. 

Season to taste (if you add cheese, use less or no salt). I make mine spicy as hell.

Let it cook for a while and when it's 15min away from being done, toss in some chunks of broccoli and put a lid on the pan.

Serve over pasta, rice, noodles, in a burrito etc


You can pretty much add any veggies you have on hand, I often toss in zucchini, green beans, corn etc

You can also add ready made sauces like sweet chili, soy sauce, sriracha, smoked bbq or whatever you fancy, it's really impossible to wrong with chicken and veggies. 

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i love coooking fish and chickent breasts with dry garlic sauce on top of a bed or rice.

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I am from Pakistan so my taste buds are tuned to spicy dishes of south asia. I love baryani, its a go to dish for every gathering. I'm sure most of you guys must have heard about it.

It is a rice based dish with chicken, beef, mutton or fish. Asian spices are main ingredients of the dish. Do try it whenever you get a chance to visit south asian countries.

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Meat is Murder
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