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Does anyone here cook? What are your go-to dishes? Started by: KellyC on Oct 21, '19 00:41

Chicken, baked in the cast iron, with sufficient olive oil and rosemary thyme and sage. Makes for a crispy skin, as well as juicy meat. 

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I’ve recently discovered I am a good cook of veggie food.
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A really solid cheese plate
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Waldorf salad is great

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Irish stew. Easy to make. 

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A salad. Na just kidding, bacon and scrambled eggs
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Chicken tikka masala is my go-to, everytime.
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I love baking, especially if I am depressed. I get out my ingredients and stand there for hours until I feel relaxed and better in myself....I tend to bake chocolate orange drizzle cake along with quiches whatever I am in the mood to do the cook.

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Chicken schnitzel, home fries, red cabbage and a tall glass of warsteiner!! noch ein glas bier! deutche heute abend!

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Well it's not really a to-go-dish for it would be rather rude to ask for it to go, but I can make a mean pot of gumbo.

You can have a slice to bread pudding  to go.

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Call it old school but you can never go wrong with a loaded baked potatoes and a good cut t bone steak. Absolutely delicious!
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I don't really have a "GO-TO" dish... But I am a cook in a Tex-Mex restaurant. So, I cook a lot of fajitas, a lot of chicken, any number of flautas and quesadillas...

But at home? I cook with what I have. I enjoy being creative and trying new things though. So far, as of late, I'm batting 1.000!

I suppose chicken is my go to if I had to choose. That's most of the strange things I've been cooking, "I have this, this, and this, what can I do?"

Starts throwing shit in the dishes and comes up with some Italian plate.

"That'll work!"


That happens more than anything.

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Do I cook? Yes.... 

What? Toast.


50/50 chance on turning out burnt

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I like to cook but id rather grill (i guess that is cooking tho lol)I love a grilled steak med rare with a bake potato and salad cant beat it IMO
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aaah, using memorized recipes I can make: Pancakes, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy, mac and cheese, chili, snicker doodles, chocolate chip cookies and different types of eggs no problem...

Give me a recipe and I can make pretty much anything though. XD

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Beans and Weiners ...

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Love to cook,

lasagne, bolignese or chicken and pork chop curry

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I am not great cook, but mostly because I really do not like spending so much time in the kitchen and then washing it. I am fan of simple dishes, that I just love. Spaghetti with butter and this white sauce I always forget the name, or fried butter rice with some chicken...

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i have never really cooked; but i try to eat protein plus vegetables for lunch, and avoid an evening meal. 

for speed buy an electric grill (i have a george foreman one - but note that this is not intended to be an advert for it) on which i can quickly grill chicken, other meats, fish etc.  vegetables (for me frozen unfortunately) as there is essentially no limit to the amount of vegetables you can eat.  Try vegetables with butter, sauces etc as they taste really good compared to when you boil them ....

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Some meat. Or nicely cooked fish.
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