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Jan 19 - 00:17:12
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Who will be the NEXT US president. Started by: Kris on Mar 27, '20 03:01
All opinions are welcome, enjoy 🙏
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Uh oh


/grabs popcorn

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Bernie please as he seems the most human.

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lmao! that's a good question my friend

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Hopefully our next president is capable and represents the U.S. well in the international community, in addition to helping out at home. 

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If the DNC keeps pushing Biden. 4 more wonderful orange blob years.



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Most likely biden, but would be great if it was bernie.

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I hope its Bernie Sanders. 

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such a bad topic hahaha

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We all know that stupid, useless, racist, misogynistic satsuma will get in for another regrettable 4 year term. He's a populist wet dream.

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Putin will become the next US president, he’ll come from nowhere and it will be an obvious vote rigging but he will win and then pass bills to constantly stay in power
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Sanders my favourit but as long as not Trump gets it Biden is a good choice too for America and the world and mother earth mostly, Trump again and the earth is the biggest loser and will just kill all humans on this planet

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Hopefully Biden will win

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Biden is a good choice too for America and the world and mother earth mostly

Yeah the world needs someone who cannot keep his filthy, pervert hands off every little girl or woman he is near.

"Good' choice...right

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Rochelle for president.  I will straighten this country out.

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They’re only puppets for a greater power anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.
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Gerbil, as it stands, that is nothing but libel.

Firstly, let me say that I do not condone any form of sexual assault on anyone - female, or indeed male.

That being the case, if there was a conviction - or even any real evidence - then I'd be right up there with you shaming the guy.

However, the sexual assult is alleged to have happened in 1993, with at least 2 variations of the story so far, so I find it hard to believe that right now (27 years after the alleged assault) is the first opportunity the complainant has had to air this grievance.

I find it far more likely that this was driven by a political agenda, as was found to be the case in the Alex Salmond case; an innocent man publicly shamed and ostracised because of an assumption of intent. His actions were not criminal - as proved by the courts - yet he is still dogged by claims against him, which were proved to be sensationalist exaggerations and unproven claims of intent - at the hands of tabloid trash.

The court of public opinion rarely hears the whole story, which is why criminal courts exist. If he remains uncharged, he remains innocent, so lets not condemn someone without due process.

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Thanks for all your opinions lad. Thats what I call a democratic debate. Bernie got his chances but some people said Trump wont be easy to defeat.
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My theory is that bernie will lose to biden and biden will lose to trump, then when society collapses it will be rebuilt as a socialist paradise with universal income just like all of the billionares have been talking about, and trump will go down in history as the president who destroyed capitalism and rebuilt society :D

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Hahaha nice vision
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