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Brawl For Fall Started by: Sniffler on Oct 25, '23 18:07

Georgette walked up to the group, escorted by two very tall and muscular men, who appeared to be holding Georgette in place. Her face was white, her eyes wide and looking around like she needed to escape and quickly. She stood there stammering a bit before one of the men nudged her and held a card up in front of her face. 

Voice-breaking and shakey, Georgette began to read. "I, Georgette Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax family of Charborough from T.C.C.I.M.F.A.D.R.C.C.I - FTSSH or also known as The Competition Commission International Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Relations Chief Chancellor's Intern (For the summer school holidays), would like to participate in this completely legal and safe event being advertised here in the streets." 

Once the card had been read, Georgette slumped forward a bit, allowing the men to support her. They nodded at the people gathered and then easily lifted the small woman between them and carried her back to where Peter was waiting for her. 

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Mr Nicklin was a big horrible man who only washed on a Friday evening. He had been hitting the gym hard the past couple of years but for some reason he had shrunk in size. Maybe it was his shower gel or maybe the deodorant but one thing was guaranteed, he loved doing naked handstand walks in public.

As a crowd gathered he decided to put some clothes on and see what all the fuss was about.

Fighting! This was right up his street. Nicklin went to the front and put his name down. Lets gooooooo

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Starborn looks at Yaveo and smiles

Listen here bud I’m gonna hit you so hard they’re going to start referring to it as the Big Bang.”

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Yaveo watches as Starborn makes a quick retort. A few in the crowd immediately begin to ooh at the most recent comment from Starborn. Yaveo decides a quick toss back in this fight banter is acceptable.

The only big bang im familiar with is what your girl got last night, ayo!

Yaveo fixes his suit and looks over at Sniffler 

When am I going to get my hands on this guy?

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Deadly sees a whole load of people gathered around Sniffler. Not one to want to miss out on anything, Deadly hangs around to see what all the fuss is about.

"A competition where I'm allowed to punch people in the face, and not only that, get rewarded for it?!"

Deadly is in complete and total disbelief. What a day. What a life we lead. But he had questions.

"Godfather Sniffler, thank you for offering this wonderful competition. I do have some questions though. How hard am I allowed to punch people? As hard as I want? What about my face? If someone punches me in my perfect nose and it gets wildly deformed, what then? Whose insurance will cover the inevitable facial reconstructive surgeries?"

Deadly pauses for a second and then suddenly thinks of more questions.

"And what about low blows? Elbows? Headbutting? Are they permitted, or against the rules? Or is it one of those things where like, you tell me we're not allowed but as long as no-one sees it happening then secretly it's okay? Biting? Scratching? Stamping on toes?"

He notices people starting to give him strange and worried looks and he decides to stop asking more questions.

"Whatever! Count me in! Prepare to see some faces, pummelled!"

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They don't call me Big Punisher for nothing. I'm ready to turn someones face into a slapped ass. Put me on the list. But nobody talk to me. That's disrespectful. I don't want your words. Not unless you want a face like a slapped ass. 

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After letting the crowd have it's turn Johnny spoke with a joint hanging from his lips

"Count me in boss, I love a good scrap as much as the next guy"

Johnny then returned to his day job of keeper of the goats. 

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After reading some papers from his father and grandfather he got to know he could be a boxer. Not bad get to know this.

Because of this im on and hope to get some good punches throwed before being beaten up in a fight.

This puppy aint afraid of anyone.

Ride on baby.
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Walks out looking around and seeing two people dead already. Laughing to himself he checks out the other people. Spotting Gillian he says.

"Sorry wifey, you about to get beat domestic abuse style. I am joining this competition too."

Checking out more fighters he spots RupertGiles and laughs to himself.

"Fuck this cock goblin too."

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BadxWolf received news about the upcoming Anteater Fathers' boxing competition, known as the "Brawl for the Fall." An inner fire ignited within him as he glanced at his confidant, Mickie.

Bring the car around; I need to prepare! he declared.


A few minutes later, BadxWolf found himself in a ring, facing off against a weathered man named Buddy, who wielded a large trout. "1..2..3…1..2..3..1..2..3" Buddy exclaimed while attempting to smack around, BadxWolf weaved back and forth with his arms tucked in. 

This isn't fast enough, BadxWolf! Mickie exclaimed.

It's time to bring in my cousin Vinnie! His methods are extreme but effective!  BadxWolf agreed.


With a raised eyebrow, BadxWolf added, Whatever it takes, Mickie! This fire inside me won't settle for anything less than becoming the champion!

Mickie dashed off and returned about 45 minutes later with Vinnie, a middle-aged man dressed in bright red joggers and a high school sports jacket.


Meet Vinnie, BadxWolf! He's going to help whip you into shape!  Mickie announced.

BadxWolf simply shrugged and said, Let's do it then!

Vinnie pulled out a Daisy Red Ryder, and BadxWolf adopted a defensive stance.

What the hell are you doing with that?!  BadxWolf shouted as Vinnie pumped and fired shots.

Vinnie shouted back,  if you can dodge a daisy, you can dodge a dodgeball!

BadxWolf quickly scrambled, dodging from side to side, exclaiming,  Wrong sport Vinnie! Goddammit Mickie!


Over the next few days, BadxWolf trained with Vinnie and Mickie. Their training regimen included running up steep hills with Mickie and Vinne in a wagon, surfing atop a moving train, attempting to catch a greased-up naked, and deaf guy, wrestling a gorilla, devouring 50 Son of Baconators, deep-sea fishing for sharks with bare hands (swear a fish that looked like a kitty was there), and more. The days were grueling and unconventional, but BadxWolf felt invincible.

He eventually stood atop a Wendy's un triumph pumping his fist into the air with newfound confidence. As he made his way to the arena, his fighting spirit was unmistakable to all who onlooked as it was practically oozing off of him.

He awaited near the arena awaiting for the even to start.

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There wasn't much time left, the burger beckoned to his blossoming buddies and beguiled his way into the boxing box, as it was colloquially known as. "I am here to announce in front of a live studio audience of my peers and family that I will be putting forth my entry into the boxing competition." This was all that really needed to be said, but the burger refused to let it to end there, since he was filled with the rage of a million jalapenos and needed to let out this fire. 

"Anyone who dares attempt to beat this meat will be met with the fury of a million blows."

Thinking about the logistics of punching someone that many times, his mind became tired and he frowned before speaking up one last time.

"Maybe just one hundred blows. But, that's still a lot of blows, so beware."

There was nothing left to be said. Double Stack was officially going to win this whole thing.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has arrived for the boxing competition to begin. Before I continue, I would like to thank you all for signing up and making a little anteater's dream come true. I and my team are hyped for the competition. We are committed to making this a memorable event.

We have created the randomised draw, found on THIS POSTER. Some of you lucky guys and gals have proceeded straight into round two. Such is the luck of the draw. The rules of the competition can be found on THIS POSTER. The round is due to begin on Monday the 6th of November. Best of luck to all our competitors. May the best person win. It's time for the show to begin.

The first-round matches are as follows.

Match 1. Transistor Vs MrChaChaSlide

Match 2. BigEasy Vs Yaveo

Match 3. @Diva_ Kin Vs DeadlySin

Match 4. Gillian Vs Shoresy

Match 5. Spiral Vs BigPun

Match 6. RufusWatchdog Vs Gordon_Ramsay

Match 7. Spicy Vs SilentAssassin Kin

Match 8. Nicklin Vs BadxWolf

Match 9. Starborn Vs Substance

Match 10. Ginger Vs Professor

I look forward to seeing you all in the ring shortly. Feel free to trash-talk your opponent. It is encouraged. Remember some of you may only have this one fight. We may look to implement a grouping system for future events. But for now, its knockout.

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Yaveo pushes past Starborn and walks right up to BigEasy

They call you Big Easy, well after Monday night the only thing that will be talked about is how big of a mismatch this was and how easy I made it look. Right against Right hand only my right hands are going to land and they’re going to land hard I can promise you that!

Some of the nearby goombahs started pulling the two apart as things got heated. 

Im coming for ya! I’m coming for ya! Monday night it’ll be a knockout I can promise you that. You won’t be able to hang with me. I’m too fast. I’m too strong. Im too good looking. Yeah!

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It surely soon was a good fight against Gordon_Ramsay again. Whatever happens so would this 4-legged be glad even if losing against the great chef Gordon.

But Rufus were very sure the crowd will be glad over the coming fight, dont blame us two if you miss it.
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BigEasy walks up and attempts to shake the man's hand. He takes a step backwards, smiles, and bows slightly.

"Good luck, Yaveo...whoever you are today will not be who you are after our bout. After you will be that one guy who lost to BigEasy."

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Transistor stares down MrChaChaSlide, they lock eyes for a moment before Transistor decides to speak.

If you.. uh.. hit me, I'm gonna.. um.. hit you back. Right in the face- and it's gonna, err... hurt really bad.

Transistor leans in so no one else can hear.

I literally cannot get these gloves off my hands. It's becoming a problem. I haven't brushed my teeth in 20 days and my.. ahem.. hygiene habits are lacking. Can't really grip toilet paper you know? Please just help me get the gloves off. Maybe your first swing is like a gentle yank at my left hand so I can get back to normal life. Please? I think they're super glued on. Please help.

Transistor leans back


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 Helriek had been hearing about the fights for weeks now and was excited when he had heard the press conference was taking place to announce the match ups, he knew he had to attend considering the number of friends he has participating in the event. Helriek took his seat amongst the crowd as another nobody, eagerly waiting, only thing setting him apart was a well dressed suit and being covered in tattoo's. Some mistaken him to be a fighter but Helriek was there just for the good times.


 Sniffler had started in on the fight match ups and from the first match Helriek knew things was gonna be tough at the bookies office later on. "Transistor vs Mrchachaslide!" Helriek thought to himself "Fuck me, that's gonna be a tough fight to bet on" as he watched the two square off and considering he knew both men and considered each a dear friend and knew the work ethic each would put into their training for such an event.


 The next match ups Helriek cared about was ones with his friends DeadlySin and Shoresy. Each were fighting people that Helriek didn't know personally but knew to be skilled boxers in the ring, and as they say everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth but Helriek was confident in where his money was being placed there.


 The last match up that peaked Helriek's interest in the "Brawl For All" event was of his favorite parasite Spiral. Helriek considered Spiral to be one of his closest friends, kindred spirits from lifetimes ago one could say but Helriek knew the type of man Spiral is. It's not that Spiral is a weakling or anything but he has soft hands if that tells you something about him. Helriek knew Spiral could take a punch or two and even dish it out with the best of them in the art of word play and getting inside his opponents head seemed to be a pastime for Spiral but the real question was if he could take those punches for real. Helriek was still going to place a wager on his friend to win because you never bet your friends to lose but he was worried about this one.

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He wandered by the clash-place of the last first round of fights. He had truly many places that still hurted after his fight against the great chef he had a great fight against.

RufusWatchdog were pretty interested how the rest fighters felt after theres fight.

Knew soon we all gets to know how it went.

He started to search for his nearest friend to make sure to know no big injureds have coming up anywhere so all still could move there arses as normal.
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Match 1


It was a warm night in the old Detroit Stadium. It had been too long since the Detroit Stadium had seen action. Not since the days of Mike Tyson's boxing tournament had the stadium been used. However now it was time for a new story to begin. Sniffler had paid for the upgrade of the stadium, the lights refurbished, the ring recovered and the ropes re-hung. The crowd roared with anticipation and the atmosphere was palpable. Sniffler made his way this way down the ramp to join his colleagues at the commentary desk. He sat down on the big black chair and placed the headset upon his head. 


“Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining me. I'm your host Sniffler and welcome to the Brawl For Fall tournament. We have a wonderful ten match card for you tonight and I hope you enjoy”


Music begins to play.


“Here we go folks, Our first competitor is making his way to the ring. Fighting out of some shady back alley in Las Vegas, wearing black trunks, black boots and black gloves, MrChaChaSlide.”


MrChaChaSlide begins dancing and sliding his way down to the ring. MrChaChaSlide makes his way up the steps. He makes his way to his corner and begins bouncing on the spot. 


New music begins to play. 


“Here comes our second competitor fighting out of Philadelphia in green trunks, green boots and green gloves. He looks focussed and intense. This is a much more serious Transistor that we are used to folks. It would seem like his difficulty with his gloves has broken something within his brain. This is going to be a hell of a battle”.


Transistor makes his way down to the ring menacingly. His eyes fixed upon MrChaChaSlide within the ring. Transistor quickly makes his way up the steps. Climbing through the ropes he walks briskly towards MrChaChaSlide. Squaring up to him and beginning to trash talk his opponent. 


“Well folks, looks like there's no love lost here I wonder what's being said. MrChaChaSlide is pointing to Transistors hulking rugged sister in the crowd. MrChaChaSlide is now pretending he's digging a hole and crotch chopping. I'm lost at that one folks. I think that's one only MrChaChaSlide will know. Transistor is gesturing back with a dice throwing mime. Well I think hes throwing dice. It's either that or actually we havnt passed the watershed, so I will let you come to your own conclusions”. 


The referee separates the two competitors. 


“It looks like we are ready to go, ladies and gentlemen, ring that bell”. 

The bell sounds

“Transistor is closing the space between him and MrChaChaSlide. MrChaCha slides to the left, he slides to the right, crisscrosses and gets punched in the face. Well he's got a certain interesting tactic going on here. Transistor is definitely the aggressor in this bout”.


The bell rings ending the round. 


“Well, that's certainly an interesting first round. MrChaChaSlide is making Transistor work for this one. I don't know how long, Transistor can maintain this high pace. Looks like his plan was to come out hard and try to get an early knockout. MrChaChaSlide isnt going to allow that to happen. There's the bell and we are off for round 2. Transistor is slow out of his corner. He goes on the attack again. ChaChas footwork is proving too much for Transistor”. 


The crowd rises as ChaCha catches Transistor with a few clean bodyshots. Transistor stumbles backwards. 


“ChaCha is now on the attack, there's a good right jab, followed by another. Transistor is in trouble here. ChaCha is pressing his advantage”. 


ChaCha moves forward and nails Transistor with a massive uppercut and down goes Transistor. 

The referee begins to count and Transistor is unable to answer the count. The referee waves off the match. 


“And that's that, ChaCha takes the win. It was a good start by Transistor but the better boxer won today. Hopefully he can get those gloves off now”


Transistor is helped out of the ring while MrChaChaSlide decides to leave through the crowd. 


“Hopefully, you enjoyed our first match tonight. I'm going to take a backseat in the next two fights. Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome onto the headset NineSecondMan. Take it away NineSecondMan”. 

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Match 2. BigEasy vs Yaveo



It was a manic opening round, with adrenaline coursing through both fighters. Despite BigEasy being the significantly larger man, Yaveo had dynamite in his fists and after weathering a brutal initial assault from the guy who was definitely Big and rumour had it also Easy, he was beginning to show slight bruising to the left eye but showed now sign of slowing down and continued trying to slip in between those big paws of the larger man.

The crowd were enjoying this one and with Yaveo slipping a jab from BigEasy, he launched a ferocious right into the nose of the big man, who was instantly rocked. 

DING DING - Saved by the bell for BigEasy there.



With the opening bell signalling for the next round to commence the action continued with Yaveo pressing home his advantage on the recently stunned BigEasy. Despite this, the natural instincts of the larger man kicked in and urged him on as he continued to walk onto the oncoming barrage of punches from the smaller more agile Yaveo. The crowd were on their feet as they screamed out for blood, and blood they got, the bloody nose of BigEasy now streaming all over the place and causing the man to open his mouth in order to breath, which was usually a risk of knockout, this could all be over soon.

BOOM. BigEasy took another hit to the nose and again he was rocked, causing his legs to wobble, Yaveo continued to press the big man and... DOWN HE GOES.

1...2...3...4...5 The ref counts and it looks for sure that this one's all over for BigEasy, 6...7....8.... but no, wait a minute, BigEasy is getting up. I can't believe it!

The ref checks in with the big man to make sure he's good to continue, with a nod, the two men are brought together again and the fight recontinues, Yaveo carries on where he left off and continues pummelling away and the thing now resembling a bloody steak, there's just no let up here, Yaveo looks as though hes beginning to tire though and BigEasy swings with his right making a good solid connection with the temple of Yaveo. Oh my, Yaveo is now rocked...Another right to the temple sends Yaveo over to the ropes, he looks in trouble here, BigEasy delivers another right and down goes Yaveo, the ref pushes BigEasy out the way and starts the count.

1...2...3... Yaveo tries to get up and falls back down, the ref waves his hands. It's all over. IT'S ALL OVER. IT'S ALL OVER! 

BigEasy wins, he's through to the next round after a Round 2 TKO of Yaveo.

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