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Brawl For Fall Started by: Sniffler on Oct 25, '23 18:07

Match 3. @Selena_ vs DeadlySin


After a thrilling second fight of the night, we're now ready for our third and it's time for the fighters to go head to head once more. Selena spoke to us before the fight and mentioned that she was just here for some fun and whatever will be, though she did seem unsure whether or not she'd be able to win this one, there appeared to be some doubt of her own capabilities, given that she was facing DeadlySin, however she did have the height advantage over him since DeadlySin was coming in at five foot nothing. 

DeadlySin on the other hand felt that he had a 300% chance of winning, he also told us that he was so strong he could beat Rocky and that even God himself shakes in his boots at the thought of facing him and that we should just gift him the belt already. A lot of tough talk here for a guy who's professional debut in the ring begins tonight but let us see if he can back it up. 

Selena is first out tonight, coming out to a song I've never heard of before, as the crowd hear it it appears to be getting them going, they begin to jump up and down and cheer for Selena as she makes her slow walk down to the ring. It's hard to get a read on just how she feels as she enters the ring, focused maybe? Whatever it was, her trainers were now talking to her and most likely going over their game plan once more.

And now it's DeadlySin next to come out, he's really got a swagger on as he makes his way down to the ring, despite the name of the song (I'm so humble) it appears to be mostly about how good the singer is, which is definitely in line with DeadlySin's own thinking. As he finally gets into the ring the fighters square up to one another, the referee goes over the rules and the fighters go to their corners.

Ding Ding;


Round 1:

As the referee kicks off the action, Selena comes out swinging, landing mean head punches on the smaller DeadlySin, who responded by snapping out a few jabs. Neither seemed to do particular damage to the other as both fighters circled each other, testing each other's defences, but it wasn't long before the first attack of note came and it was from DeadlySin. He charged forwards, landed a heavy hay maker, which staggered Selena. DeadlySin continued his assault and was not letting up here, continuing to deliver heavy fists to his opponent.


Round 2:

As the bell rang for the 2nd round both fighters took a well deserved break in action, their corner people doing the necessary work. The ref shouts to the fighters to return to their fighting positions and Round 2 kicks off.

Selena started off the round strong delivering punches in bunches to her smaller opponent. It was clear that DeadlySin was struggling with the longer reach of Selena and she continued to keep DeadlySin at bay with the jab. It was making Deadly a little desperate and Selena read the next play perfectly. She had now dropped into a southpaw stance, took two steps back and as DeadlySin moved forward to throw a haymaker ....BANG!! Selena landed two of her trademark hooks, the first a loaded right which staggered Deadly, before following it up with a murderous left that FLOORED HIM!!

The fight was all over, although Deadly tried to get to his feet, his corner men had throw in in the towel, it was all over. Selena was victorious!

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The first three fights of the night seemed to pass by in a blur; the crowd was still palpably excited and thirsted for more competition. The distinguinshable scent of sweat and blood were in the air. Whispers of shock and amazement could still be heard in regards to the last match, rumors were that DeadlySin had vowed to hit the gym three times a day every day for the next twelve calendar months in response to his stunning loss here today. Someone tapped Rupert on the shoulder and murmured that it was almost time for the next fight. Rupert nodded and took a long sip from the cup of tea next to him. Movement could be seen from opposing ends of the stadium as the fighters listened to last minute advice from their team. Finally, it was time. 

"Thanks for sticking with us folks it's been a rollercoaster of a night already and we're not even at the halfway point! Iiiin the red corner - we present to you Gillian 'The Croc', who intererestingly enough has decided to forego wearing footwear for the fight. It's a bold strategy, let's see how it pays off for her!" 

Gillian got herself pumped up to the ENTRANCE MUSIC and cracked her knuckles, chanting under her breath "DIBA! DIBA!!" Nobody was quite sure what it meant, but also nobody asked. She entered the ring and stood stone still as she eyed down her opponent who had just started to make his way to the ring. 

"And iiiin the blue corner - we present to you a man who needs no preamble... Shoresy!!!"

The Chairman of Philadelphia swaggered his way down to the ring with alarming grace; pausing only to blow kisses to some of the more attractive women in the audience. Gillian could be heard boo'ing even amidst the swooning fans but it didn't seem to phase Shoresy in the least. Rupert sighed a little internally as he could see the headlines now; 'Hockey star Chairman beats up shoeless drug addict'.  

Round 1 

Gillian wastes no time in launching an attack, multiple jabs to the ribs of Shoresy who definitely thought this fight would start off a little slower. He seems to recover just fine with a jab of his own that Gillian blocks with ease - but Shoresy's left connects with a hook to her jaw. Gillian shakes it off and the two begin to circle one another in the ring, waiting for the right moment. 

A shrill "WE LOVE YOU SHORESY!!!!" echoed from the crowd. Shoresy turned his head to wave at the doting fan but Gillian was having NONE of it as she absolutely rocks him with a flurry of crosses to the face. Shoresy falls to his knees, looking more confused than hurt. Gillian let out a WILD SCREAM and beat on her chest. Just as Shoresy made his way back to his feet - DING! End of Round 1. 

Round 2 

Shoresy had spent the brief intermission signing hockey sticks while Gillian could be spotted sniffing something from one of her gloves. Whatever it was she certainly looked amped up for Round 2. Shoresy looked calm cool and collected. The two trade off unguarded jabs to the face, sizing one another up. Shoresy leaned in to his next attack and countered Gillian's jab with an in incredible spree of body shots - Gillian spat out a bit of blood which seemed to only enrage her. She steadied herself and the two clenched in the middle of the ring trading insults instead of jabs. The referee broke them up before too long and Gillian uses her long arms to her advantage, keeping Shoresy backed up with a flurry of jabs. Shoresy with an excellent showing of footwork here, managing to stay just outside of Gillian's range. Ohp - a misstep - Gillian lands a sickeningly loud punch directly to Shoresy's nose causing his face to immediately turn a nasty shade of black and blue. DING! End of Round 2. 

Round 3 

Shoresy's medical team lubricated up his face and stuffed gauze up his nose to hold back the bleeding; though it seemed the Staff Event couldn't quite wipe up all of the blood in the ring. Shoresy did not look happy anymore but he was entirely too used to having a broken nose - it happened in hockey frequently. Gillian appeared to be some type of predator or something, as she stood there glaring down her opponent the entire intermission, her head swaying back and forth slowly. 

The bell rang once more, and again neither competitor wasted any time. Gillian sprung forward with alarming speed; much to her dismay. The fight had been rather even thus far and perhaps this next combo of punches would have done Shoresy in, but alas.... SPLAT! Gillian slipped in the blood still left in the ring from Shoresy's broken nose and she smashed her face on the mat, knocking her unconscious. DING! DING! DING!

In a stupendous turn of events that nobody could have predicted or scripted, Shoresy is declared the winner!!! 

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Match 5


“Thank you very much Rupert. Up next a contest that will be of interest to you we have Spiral Vs BigPun. Unfortunately, I have to inform you that BigPun has been disqualified and thus Spiral progresses without throwing a single punch. Let me take you back to yesterday afternoon when a bizarre scene unfolded. There I was overseeing the weigh-ins when I began to hear the familiar thud thud thud of BigPun. Looking up I saw the gargantuan man I know well. He was looking even more beefy than usual. My assistants ushered him towards the scales. BigPun maneuverer his massive frame over to the scales and stepped up upon the scales. It was then I began to see the scales shake. Strange noises could be heard. Then all of a sudden cracks could be heard. Suddenly, the scales shattered sending shrapnel everywhere”. 


“People dove for cover and thankfully no one was injured. I looked at BigPun and he shrugged and laughed. I was conflicted, this man is a goat and however, I can not let competitors endanger the public. That is why I have made the decision to disqualify BigPun. I haven't exactly told him that yet. I just gave him a giant cooked ham and he fell asleep in his usual corner. So hopefully when he awakens he will have forgotten. Fear not for your safety. Johnny_Hobo is on guard with a tranquilizer gun. The ones they use for raging rhinos. With that cover we will move on with the show. I will now read a statement that has been prepared by BigPun".

Weak ass tournament with your baby boy scales. Get some man scales. It's disrespectful. Walking around with your little boy bodies thinking your boy scales big enough for a grown man. Disrespectful. I'm loaded up. I'm loaded up. I swear to God I'm loaded up. Sweat me out. I'm ready. This is bullshit. Baby boy weighing fake ass baby tournament bullshit. JUSTICE FOR BIGPUN


Sniffler calls over Rupert before he leaves after his commentary stint. 

“Thank you for joining me Rupert”

“Anytime Godfather Sniffler, I must admit that speaking your name out loud sounds quite strange. Is it a nickname?”

“That's a story for another day. What are your thoughts on BigPun failing the weigh in?”

“It baffles me a bit to be honest... is BigPun really that large? Or was the equipment not up to regulation? Something to look in to, surely.”

“I'm sure you were hoping to face a tired opponent in round 2, will this change your tactics?”

“It seems the scales were tipped in Spiral's favor - not only did he avoid what would have been an embarrassing loss but he got to also retain his energy for the next round. I don't think my tactics will change at all though I've been studying a variety of fighting styles and drinking protein shakes to add on some muscle mass.”

“Has Athersix been assisting you with your training and will he be in your corner?”

Aethersix, despite his claims in the coffee shops of "wanting to join the competition" is in fact perhaps the most pacifistic friend of Ours that I have ever met. As such his role in this fighting prep has been largely that of moral support - nothing more.”

“Last question is it true that you live your life according to the three Bs. Books, bagels and of course bitches?”

“Books, bagels and business mostly old lad, as I'm a bit of a shut-in these days. Someone has to run this company while Professor twiddles away in the lab!”

“Thank you Rupert, best of luck in your preparations for your upcoming fight”


“Now let's move on to our next fights. Take it away Yaveo”.

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Ramsay vs Rufus

Real Rivals”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready! Tonight in the sixth bout of Snifflers tournament we have two bitter rivals going head to head in Gordon_Ramsay and RufusWatchDog . This fight is schedule for twelve rounds and these two have been barking at one another non stop. Yesterday at the weigh ins things came to a tipping point when Rufus attempted to bite Gordon only to be swatted down by a spatula. Both corners rushed in only to be separated by security. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the fight.

Round 1 

The two meet head on no touch of gloves. Immediate trash talk coming from Gordon. Ruffus is literally growling at Gordon. A jab lands clean for Rufus making Gordon’s head snap back. Rufus circles around like a biscuits predator ready to unleash and…OH! He caught Gordon in the Side of the head, Ramsay is rocked. He is covering up. Rufus is moving in fast landing a barrage of punches. His corner is calling for him to throw to the body but he is aiming for the head. Gordon fires off two jabs and clinches up. The round has come to an end! Wow starting off strong for Rufus with a 10-9 almost a 10-8 with that moment of pain Rufus inflicted.

Round 2

Gordon comes in looking a bit shaky after that last round. He keeps his hands high. It appears Gordon wants to play the counter game against his opponent. Gordon fires off a jab and is immediately rushed by Rufus. Rufus throwing haymakers as if his life depended on it. He has to be careful otherwise he will certainly gas himself out. Gordon circles out of the punishing blows and plants a heavy right hand to the sternum of Rufus who let out a yelp as he got caught there. As we are closing in at the end of the round it appears to be anyone’s unless we something dynamic here. The two step in and trade shots. And that’s the end of that round. I say that’s a toss up could go either way. 

Round 3 

Going into this, Gordon could be down two rounds or it could be dead even at 18-18. After further thought that’s probably where I would have it. Gordon comes in jabs twice to the body. Rufus throws a dangerous cross. Slipped by Gordon. Gordon is now working the trash talk. Something about him being a poor excuse for a dog. Rufus snarling at his opponent now clinched up with Gordon and…I think he just spit out his mouthpiece. Why would he…oh my goodness he is trying to bite Ramsay! The referee stepped in and is immediately giving a warning to Rufus. His aggression is a little too high and he isn’t thinking straight. Coming back to the center Gordon lands a Jab hook combo! Rufus looks flustered. Rufus throws another haymaker and Gordon slips if only to counter with a wicked uppercut to the body. Oh and Rufus Is backing up now! Gordon rushing in the but the end of the round rushed quicker. 10-9 Gordon. Easy!

Round 4 

the two fighters coming off. Not entirely sure what the corners are saying to their fighters but there is a growing sense of urgency on both ends to do more. Gordon lobs a jab out there, Rufus rushes in and gets countered by a nasty right hand from Gordon! Oh Rufus is on wobbly legs this could be it. Gordon moves in quick and is firing off like a Gatling gun! Oh my goodness Rufus is eating shot after shot he can’t take much more of this. The referee is closing in ready to stop it and…OH MY! Rufus threw a Hail Mary hook eyes wide shut and it landed flush on the jaw of Gordon sending him down! This will certainly give Rufus time to recoup. the bell rings and it appears Gordon was saved by the bell! 10-8 Rufus!

Round 5 

I have no idea who is winning. All I know is Rufus looks exhausted and Gordon looks dazed. Gordon comes forward pressuring Rufus. You would think he would be more weary after getting knocked down. Gordon places a jab to the body. Another jab to the body. Rufus hands are low. It appears he is too tired to throw back. Rufus is taking more punishment. Gordon with perfectly executed strikes is landing at will. Rufus is falling all over the place that’s it! The referee has seen enough! Ladies and gentleman your winner - Gordon Ramsay!!!

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The night before the big fight

Dollar's training was intense, with him pushing Spicy to her limits to ensure she was in peak condition for the fight.   It was the last cool-down session before her big fight.  He gave her all the encouraging words and told her she was ready and should be proud of herself. 

She found out her opponent was someone called BlueEyes. Dollar never displayed his doubts about her readiness for the fight, just hoped she didn’t get badly hurt or anything. Spicy just hopes to turn those blue eyes into black eyes.

Dollar reminded Spicy to make sure with every punch she threw she saw the face of someone that had hurt her or pissed her off.  To smash the motherfuckers like there’s no tomorrow.

Spicy and Buster were both restless, their minds filled with thoughts of the fight ahead.  Spicy did one of Buster’s lines then danced around visualizing her punches landing, her footwork swift and precise. Buster joined in standing on his hinds, Spicy imagined her powerful hooks connecting with @BlueEye's jaw, securing her victory.  They finally found sleep. The hours ticked away, and soon it was time to head to the arena.

The night of the fight

When Spicy and Buster arrived, the arena was buzzing with anticipation.  She waited in the dressing room until the announcement of her fight and walked slowly to the ring. Spicy stood in her corner; her gloves laced tight, her heart thundering in her chest. Across the ring, her opponent, a formidable figure, glared back with intensity. But Spicy's eyes held a fire, a determination that refused to be snuffed out.

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After laying down in ten minutes in his warm-up room after the game he slowly gets up and takes his well beaten body to the corridor, opens the door and when spotting
Gordon_Ramsay a bit further down the hall, RufusWatchDog whistles towards his opponent

"Damn man, your a monster, well played in the game you ....ter"

He sliwly moves his tired body to the bed again, damn so tired he was.
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Spicy vs BlueEyes

”The Showdown”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready! Tonight in the seventh bout of Snifflers tournament we have two highly aggressive individuals going head to head in BlueEyes and Spicy . This fight is schedule for twelve rounds and is highly likely to not go the distance. These two have been so professional all week leading up to the match I am personally excited to see how this one plays out. 

Without further ado, let’s get into the fight

Round 1

Spicy comes out with a peakabo style, very reminiscent of Iron Michael. Blue is bouncing around the ring flinging out jabs trying to keep spicy away from getting close. Spicy launches two sound barrier breaking hooks missing the first and landing the second. Blue tosses two jabs out landing cleanly against his opponent. Wow contrary to the last fight we just witnessed, these two are all business here. Spicy bites down on the mouth piece and presses forward again throwing a three punch combo. Blue moves away easily from danger but finds himself in the corner and here comes Spicy ready to unleash like a ghost pepper! They are trading leather like a cattle rancher this is insane! And that’s the end of the round. You may have to give the edge to spicy on that one. 10-9

Round 2

Spicy coming forward looking to impose her will on Blue. She is aiming to launch more of those hooks that landed flush last time. You know one thing we do know about Spicy is that she has this sting about her that just leaves her opponents in a world of hurt. Blue is now is starting to sit down on his punches which seems to be having greater power in them. He catches Spicy with painful 1 2 and we are seeing Spicy realize this may not be a simple walk in the park. Spicy having a difficult time getting anything off here while being met with thunderous jabs. And that’s the end of the round. Well I think we are even with Blue Eyes scoring that round 10-9

Round 3

Let’s see who’s game plan adjusts here as we head into the third. Spicy is coming forward but he is met in the middle of the ring by Blue. He is not doing the rope a dope style anymore but is pressing back in and is landing his rangy arms at will. They are trading violently and down they both go down! The count is off…1…2… who will rise first! 3…4…it looks as if both are trying to get to their feet. 5…6..7…and they both do finally get to their feet what a wild double knock down. I think they are both out on their feet. The referee may call this as a draw or no contest right here right now. Their punches are looking far more sluggish. This is crazy! The fans are going bezerk in here chanting like barbarians who want more blood. And that’s the end of the round. That has to go as a 9-9 right?!

Round 4

So after three rounds we are dead even in my books. The bell sounds and we are off. Both fighters weary to trade after the last round, who could blame them. They hit that mat hard. These two are circling each other like two drunks outside a bar at 1:00am trying to find their next drink. Spicy lands a jab. Blue throws a body shot. Spicy fires back with a hard left hand! Silent appears to be standing on jello right now. Spicy senses Blue is in danger. She moved in and oh my goodness she is pummeling him! The referee needs to stop this match. This is getting out of hand. Spicy is throwing bomb after bomb! Blue Eyes team has thrown in the towel! It’s all over Spicy claims the victory!

ladies and gentlemen, your winner, Sppppppiccccyyyy!

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Match 8


“Thank you Yaveo. I hope you are still with us folks. Let's keep this show rolling. Up next we have a battle of crew mates. Will the big dog Nicklin get bragging rights or will BadxWolf show his bite is as dangerous as his bark. Only one way to find out.”


The crowd cheers and the first few notes ring out. Out walks Nicklin slowly. He's dressed in a striking red robe with the hood up and carries a little basket. He is also accompanied by some scantily clad women dressed as pigs. Nicklin refers to these as his piglets.  Nicklin wanders slowly down to the ring talking to the crowd as he goes. He leaves the basket at ringside. He takes a microphone from the ring announcer. 


“Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight the fairy tale ends for the big bad wolf”


Nicklin drops the mic and removes his robe to reveal white and green shorts with matching gloves. He wears black boots and has on his trademark white socks. 


Music plays, the lights dim and out proudly strides BadxWolf. His attire is striking. He wears a wolf mask on his head. As he walks his black cape flaps. Embroidered on the back is the head of a howling wolf. He approaches the ring, stopping briefly to howl at the single spotlight illuminating his entrance. He pauses to remove his entrance attire before climbing the steps to enter the ring. 


The bell rings and both fighters come forward fast at each other and begin brawling. 

“This one is not going to be a boxing match, it's going to be a fight”

Both men land heavy shots on each other. However, neither man is phased and continues swinging. The crowd frenzied, baying for blood. They don't have to wait long. Only a few minutes into the first round both men are split open. As the bell signals the end of the round both men return to their corners to receive treatment. Round after round the two fighters go blow for blow. As the fights continue Nicklins piglets become more afraid and concerned for their holy Nicklin. As the fight draws to its conclusion both fighters continue to throw punches, however the once crunching impact has been reduced to a pitiful slap as both fighters begin to run out of energy. The bell rings to signal the end of the final round and an end to the contest. Both fighters return to their corners for one final time. The crowd on their feet applauding the braveness of the two gladiators. 


“This has been one hell of a battle, I think this one could go either way. Both fighters should be extremely proud of the display they have put on here. Here comes the ring announcer now. Lets listen in.”


The ring announcer carefully reads the card in front of him. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, the winner, as a result of a split decision NICKLIN”


Nicklin embraces his piglets. He makes his wave over to shake the hand of BadxWolf, who in turn raises the hand of Nicklin. The two crew mates leave the ring together accompanied by the piglets. 

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Match 9


“Tonight's penultimate match tonight will be Substance Vs Starborn. Will Substance continue the goats winning ways or will a new star be born. There's only one way to find out”


Music hits. 


“Our first competitor in this match, fighting out of New York. The man they call Substance”.


Substance slowly makes his way down the ramp to the ring. This black robe flapping as he walks. As he steps up the stairs to the ring, his name can be seen embroidered on the back of his robe in silver, below is an embroidered image of the New York skyline. Substance removes his robe to reveal navy blue shorts with a white line down the side, black gloves with a silver S embroidered on the back and black boxing boots. Substance makes his way to his corner to await the entrance of his opponent. 


Music plays.


Starborn appears through the backstage curtain. He is clad in a black robe with silver stars on the back. He is wearing the hood up and bounces down to the ring waving to the crowd. He steps through the ropes. Removing his robes he reveals black gloves, black shorts and black boots. All of course embroidered with silver stars. The two fighters make their way to the center of the ring and touch gloves. 


They touch gloves and the fight begins. Substance takes over the center of the ring with Starborn skirting around the ropes. Both fighters land a few punches. Substance being the aggressor and Starborn countering. The bell rings for the end of the round. 


“Substance is showing he is a veteran ring general tonight. However, he is not finding it all his own way as Starborn is proving an excellent counter puncher. There's the bell”


Round 2 begins and continues in a similar fashion. Substance begins to show he is tiring towards the end of the round and Starborn catches him with a few clean shots. 


As the third round begins Starborn begins to go on the attack. Perhaps sensing the veteran is tiring. The crowd begins to roar as Starborn lands a hard bodyshot and then follows up with a glorious hook. Starborn presses his advantage and knocks Substance to the canvas. Substance answers the count. However, moments later is on his back again. Once again he answers the call. 


“This is a great display of resilience from the veteran. There goes the bell and the fighters have returned to their corners. I have a feeling that this round will be the last. Come on Substance, do it for the Goats”. 


The crowd cheers as the bell goes for the fourth round. Substance moves slowly. However, Starborn seems like a fresher man. After another quick flurry of punches Substance is down again. However, he returns to his feet. Starborn quickly puts the pressure back on and Substance is down. This time he is unable to answer the referee's count. 


“ A fine display there from Substance, the man just wouldnt quit until his body said no more. Congrats to Starborn who advances after a calm and collected display. In the next round he will fight Johnny Hobo. Can the keeper of the goats provide redemption for the goats. We will find out”.

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Match 10


As the crowd gathered back inside the Detroit Stadium, ready to watch the final fight of the night, the air thickened with anticipation. Craven, was ready to get the show started. He made his way through the crowds, climbed into the ring and stood at the centre, microphone in hand. "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we have a spectacle for you all for the last fight! The long-awaited match between the infamous Ginger and the enigmatic Professor!" Craven's voice echoed through the arena.


Music begins to thunder around the stadium. The audience are off their seats with excitement.


It looks like our first fighter is ready to make their way to the arena. Well what a surprise, bright orange shorts, bright orange boots and even brighter orange gloves... Travelling from New York, please put your hands together for Ginger!!!”


Ginger looks to glide from the entrance tunnel in total darkness. The only things visible are the bright orange glows from the chosen kit.


A new song kicks in. This time a very slow beat and what can only be described as futuristic music.


This is it ladies and gentlemen. Our second fighter is ready to make his way to the arena. Ermm... can someone give him a poke? He looks like he's drifted off. Anyway, arriving in a very strange boxing kit... what looks to be grey hot pants, teal slippers and teal gloves, again travelling from New York, please put your hands together for Professor!!!


Professor's team look like they have managed to wake him back up and he begins to make his way to the ring looking very confused as to where he is. He attempts to pull himself up using the rope and has to have assistance from nearby spectators to push him inside.


Ginger spits out the water he was taking a sip of and is visually amazed with laughter at his opponent. The two of them meet in the centre and begin to stare each other down. The referee makes his way over to the contestants and begins to explain the rules.


Well, that time is upon us. Let's get this fight started!”


Ding, Ding!


The bell rang, signalling the start of the match. Ginger, a tall and muscular man with fiery red hair, glared at Professor, a thin, frail and elderly man. With lightning speed, Ginger lunged forward, throwing a series of powerful jabs. Professor, who is still looking to be in total confusion, is having blow after blow land clean into his face. It's looking like this could be the quickest KO in history. Finally, he snaps himself together and dodged each blow effortlessly, his movements as fluid as a dancer. The spectators gasped in awe and delight.

Round after round, the two fighters traded blows relentlessly, fuelled by their burning desire to win. Ginger's punches were like thunderbolts, while Professor's counter-attacks were swift and precise.

"Is that all you've got?" Ginger teased, retaliating with a fierce uppercut that sent Professor stumbling backward. The crowd roared with excitement as the battle intensified. Each punch thrown, each dodge executed, showcased the skill and determination of both fighters.


As the seventh round began, both men were bloodied and weary. The tension in the arena was palpable. Professor found himself cornered against the ropes. Ginger seized the opportunity and unleashed a flurry of punches, landing blow after blow. "Give up, Professor!" Ginger shouted triumphantly. "You can't defeat me!" Professor, bloodied but unbowed, grinned through the pain. "Never underestimate your opponents, boy." With a burst of strength, Professor launched a powerful left hook, connecting solidly with Ginger's jaw. The impact reverberated through the arena, leaving the audience stunned into silence. Time seemed to stand still as Ginger's body crashed to the canvas, the crowd roaring in disbelief. The referee began the count, but it was futile. Ginger lay motionless, defeated.


"And there you have it, folks! This has to be a massive shock to everyone that has been fortunate enough to be here tonight. Professor wins by knockout! What an incredible display of skill and tenacity!" Craven's voice trembled with excitement. The spectators erupted into thunderous applause and cheers. Professor stood tall and proud, his body shaking. His face looking confused like he had just awoken from a ten second power nap, finally breaking with a small smile.

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“Thank you Cravan and the very best of luck in your coming fight.”


Sniffler calls Ginger over for a few words. 

“Well ginger, commiserations. What the hell happened to you there?”

"Ah, it was a tough battle. The Professor is pretty quick for an old guy, and I'm pretty sure he did some fancy sci-fi shit to make his gloves heavier. We will be sending the gloves in for testing and might appeal this decision." 

“Ahh ok. I see. So what next for ginger now?”

"As many already know, my manager has been trying to get me back into sanctioned fighting for quite some time, but I think now that my time in the competition has come to and end; I will be returning to bareknuckle boxing on the playground. I welcome any challenger, come to the playground, Monday through Friday, 11AM to Noon and 3PM to 3:30PM. Summer hours by appointment only." 

“Thank you Ginger. One last question on everyone's minds. Does the carpet match the drapes?”

"Sign up for my private lessons to find out for yourself." 


Ginger chuckles to himself and walks off. 


“Well folks there you have it. The end of our first matches. I hope you enjoyed it. We have plenty of more action coming shortly. The full fight results and second round matches can be found on THIS POSTER. I will alert you before the second round begins. We will have a few days break for fighters to recover.  A massive thank you to all the fighters who have taken part so far. Thank you to everyone who has helped out so far."

"If you are interested in joining the team, please let me know. We have a few ideas and would be great to have more people on board".

"See you all very soon. Sniffler out”. 

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Trying to gather himself and catch his breath, Professor threw his arms in the air, wayyyyy above his head and the crowd erupted. He plays it off as a celebration tactic rather than a desperate attempt to fill his lungs with air. 


Good news, everyone. My Flabo Dynamic Suit did it's job. Designed to slim me down and relocate my center of gravity, making me a better runner and stronger athlete. Was there ever a doubt in the outcome with this bad Larry? I think not. Just another successful patent to add to the long list. Wait, I mean there was in fact NO "sci-fi shit" involved in anyway and you can prove NOTHING. I won, fair and square.


Letting out a nervous mumble, Professor nervously tried to find a different subject to latch onto. Hoping nobody saw his scientific suit. He notices the announcer Craven, who so eloquently called his fight, Professor simultaneously glanced at the bracket and noticed Craven was none other than his next opponent. His demeanor changed instantly as a grimace look took over his face.


I see how it is, call the fight and try to get my tendencies down. Well, god speed, sir! I always attack a mans strengths, not their weaknesses. They never see it coming. Also, with my senility there is absolutely zero chance I will remember this fight, nonetheless any tactics that actually worked for me. I am wiry and what one would call a wild card. There is NO possibility anybody knows what to expect this next fight. 


After slipping into his teal slippers, Professor motioned to his caregivers to get him the hell out of there and let him rest before the next match.

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It had been a long time coming for Nicklin, he had prepared well and had given plenty of banter to his crew mate BadxWolf leading up to this event. He had seen some great fights before him and when it had finally come to crunch time, the big dog and his piglets brought the win home!

Nicklin celebrated wildly once his name was read out and growled and barked at the crowd like it was his final fight of his career.

I'd like to thank all my fans, my family, lil Diabolik for chauffeuring, my my lovely ex for taking all my money and the match referee sniffler for letting a few tings go to make this fight what it was!!

''If you're gonna piss like a puppy, STAY ON THE PORCH AND LET THE BIG DOGS EAT!'' Nicklin roared

Nicklin then dropped the mic and his adoring piglet fans chanted his name. Let's goooooooooo

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Deadly was talking on the phone on the wall after his fight, laughing as he spoke to whoever was on the other end of line..

"..these guys didn't even notice that I was walking on my knees! I told you it would go off without a hitch. Nobody expected me to hit the canvas, and with the odds the bookies were offering on that one our pockets will be lined for the rest of our lives." He paused for a second as the other person spoke. "Yeah of course. Once you've picked up all the winnings, we'll meet at the usual spot."

He hung up the phone, took a cigarette and lit it up. He knew he'd played his part well, and nobody seemed to suspect a thing. He walked away singing to himself with a smile on his face, happy in the knowledge that briefcases full of cash were headed his way.

"I'm a superstar, I kick down the door, got the money and the girls and I'm also so huummbblleeee..."

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In the final round, fatigue threatened to overwhelm Spicy.  But in that moment, she remembered but Dollar told her and she found an untapped reserve of strength. With sheer willpower, she remembered the liar and control freak, the village drunk, and the hypocrite who finally gained a little clout and now thinks their shit doesn’t stink. She unleashed a barrage of punches, her gloves finding their mark. The seconds ticked away, and when the final bell rang, she stood tall, her chest heaving, her face marked with bruises, but her spirit unbroken.

The judges' decision echoed through the arena, and when Spicy's name was announced as the winner, the crowd erupted into a deafening roar. She had done it. Against all odds, she had emerged victorious.

BlueEyes, though defeated, showed tremendous sportsmanship, shaking Spicy’s hand and congratulating her on her victory.

In the aftermath, as the cheers subsided and the adrenaline waned, Spicy stood with Dollar her trainer, and Buster by her side, the announcer asked her to say a few words.

I want to congratulate all the winners in tonight’s battles. A special thank you to Sniffler, the announcers, and promoters for offering the challenges of this awesome event. Of course a special shout out to all the amazing members of the gym who devoted time to my intense training. 

When asked if she was looking forward to her next fight she had to admit she needed another avenue to release her frustrations.

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BlueEyes opens his eyes up feeling his head spinning. Suddenly he,sees two spicys? Has he gone to heaven? On wobbly legs he approaches her.."you..handed my ass to me u can't wait to see what you do to your next opponent. Um would *shakes head* either one of you like to go to dinner with me?"
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Sneakes into Gordon's back and steaks his gourdius sandwich, RufusWatchdog fast hide in a closet and eat's up the tasty sandwich.

He sneaks out of the building and he is satisfied now after being beating by a champion's like grandfathers to the great Gordon_Ramsay. Hope he wins the whole event so people can see how good this little doggy did a great fight even when losing a hard game, o yeah! Fight well chef!
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Sniffler shuffled his way out into the streets once again.

“I am here to announce the matches for round 2 of the Brawl For Fall. It was an exciting round 1 and I'm certain round 2 will live up to expectations. The bouts are as follows”

Match 1. Georgette Vs MrChaChaSlide

Match 2. BigEasy Vs Selena__ 

Match 3. Svent Vs Shoresy

Match 4. RupertGiles Vs Spiral

Match 5. DoubleStack Vs Gordon_Ramsay

Match 6. Spicy Vs Nicklin

Match 7. Johnny_Hobo Vs Starborn

Match 8. Craven Vs Professor

“We have some wonderful pre-fight interviews and press conferences coming up. The round will begin on Tuesday the 14th of November. Fighters time to talk the talk and see who can win the war of words”.

Sniffler potters back into his hidey-hole.
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“Hello and welcome back to the Detroit Boxing Arena!” Ginger’s voice strained to be heard over the earsplitting screams of the audience and raucous applause. “The energy in here tonight is absolutely electrifying! The crowd has been absolutely loving these fighters here, but the hype behind this next match is SOMETHING ELSE! All attention is now on the upcoming match between “The Downward” Spiral and Rupert “The Rogue” Giles. These two fighters are HOT and BOTHERED by one another. This fight could seemingly go either way, but one thing is for certain; neither of these boys will be walking straight after this.” 

“We got Spiral, a walking, talking whirlwind of CHAOS. This man is pure mayhem, wrapped up in a bow, and left out for an unsuspecting child on Christmas. An absolute powerhouse of a fighter here tonight.” Ginger holds a finger to the in-ear radio. “I’ve just received confirmation that we will be able to meet with Spiral before the fight and get some questions answered, and… YES, it sounds like RupertGiles has entered the arena!

“Rupert ‘The Rogue’ Giles; a relative newcomer to the world of combat sports, but quickly rising through the ranks and becoming a fan favorite. The suit wearing, book loving… Librarian? That can’t be right. I’ve never seen a librarian move the way he does. Let’s see if this librarian has what it takes to take control of the storm, that is Spiral! Tonight we will witness a battle of truly EPIC proportions. You don’t want to miss this fight!” 

The crowd erupts in roars of excitement as Ginger finishes the announcements. 

Ginger hurried offstage to a back room that was hastily converted into a conference room. The plain walls had been quickly adorned with banners and promotional materials and still had a lingering odor of the fresh paint that must have gone up earlier today. At the front of the room was a makeshift podium, a Better Boxing Bureau logo was taped to the front. 

Several rows of folding chairs were set out to accommodate the already growing crowd of people and there was an undeniable buzz of excitement rippling throughout the room. The dull roar of a multitude of conversations all ceased as soon as the door opened. Ginger stood at the front as Spiral and RupertGiles entered the room and took up their spots on the small stage. 

“Thank you both for taking the time to do this interview. It goes without saying that there must be a lot on your minds, and I’m sure there is still some last minute preparation that needs to be done so I won’t take up too much of your time. If you’re both ready, let’s get this started.” 

“We’ll just start off easy to get the ball rolling, so to speak. There has been a lot of hype around this match in particular. We’ve seen barbs and jabs being thrown around recently and we are keen to find out, how are you feeling heading into this big showdown? What’s the motivation to keep going day after day and can you give us some insights in your training leading up to the fight? You’ve both seen each other fight before, are there any aspects of your opponent that you want to avoid, or exploit?” 

“We’ve also noticed that there seems to be a personal stake in this fight. Would either of you be able to shed some light on the history between the two of you and what would a victory mean to you here today? And lastly, do you have any messages for your opponent tonight and/or a message to all your fans that have come out to support you?”

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Well, Ginger, I’m mostly excited to see you jump up and down during the fight. That’ll be the real show… Your bouncing bosoms and sweet bright smile!... But I digress, I feel good going into the ring with Roop-a-Loop. He might arguably be able to deliver pizzas, but that doesn’t mean he can deliver a punch. I expect his jabs to be like garlic knots, soggy and yesterday’s trash. I may not have had to do much work in my last fight, but I feel like this one could be just as easy.


So in preparation, I will have some Roop Loops for breakfast (available at all local grocery stores nationwide), and maybe listen to some music. Speaking of which, I was hoping I would get to fight Substance, but he lost very quickly in his match. It was essentially the reason I entered… I had a whole speech ready and I guess I can just direct it at Rupey now: ... Check this Transmission, I saw how you Lost Control in that ring while I was Shadowplaying all up in your grill. I held my head high with True Faith as you tried to find some Isolation in the corner like a bitch. Did you like how the Love of my fists Tore you Apart while I knocked you out of the Atmosphere? I took your Dreams Away. I couldn't help the Temptation to hold a Ceremony after you went down. Now How Does It Feel?


Rooples, RoopyG, Rooplestillskin or just Roopey, you’re gonna fall, boy, in the ring. You ain’t got the Stamina to go round for round with me clown. I seen you boxing before. I remember we arm-wrestled and you was all like oh shit. Yeah, so after I give you a Battery of punches, jump in that pond after!


Smacks Roopey with a folding chair.


See you in the ring, boy Roops, may the best Man win and may the odds be forever in your Flavor. Shout out to my fans, etc.

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