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Brawl For Fall Started by: Sniffler on Oct 25, '23 18:07

MrChaChaSlide is off sitting in the crowd after all that happened with a smile and a six-pack next to him. He cracks a beer as the crowd and he finishes singing Gangsters Paradise. Finally, after he finishes his beer and the song ends he speaks.

"I cannot believe you all did not think I would punch a bitch in the face and win. I'm a feminist I treat everyone equally. I will let you know cock goblin, I mean Rupert I'm coming for you. Not coming on you like I do you mother."

ChaCha laughs to himself as the crowd cheers and he throws a couple of beers backwards into the crowd then cracks one for himself.

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Sniffler sat down in large black chair. He had met his two guests already. The scene was set. Sniffler nodded to Ginger. Ginger starts to hum into the microphone. Bam dam dam dam Bam dam dam Bam dam dam dam..... dam dam dam dam. The red light on the microphone came on.

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight's special feature. I am your host Sniffler. Last night we had a wonderful display of boxing. Joining me tonight are two of this worlds highest ranking mobsters. Side by side they control the west coast and tonight they have kindly given up their time to join me. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Fluffy_Tummy and @Tyki_Mikki."

Sniffler gestures to the guests as they make their entrance. 

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Fluff had been having a majestic fluff day and as he entered the studio where Sniffler was already waiting he made sure he puffed out his fluff even more, twirled his tail in a show of dominance and made sure he arrived with Tyki only following in his footsteps.


As he jumped up on the special satin pillow his own detail had ensured to be on the interviewee couch, he sat on his haunches looking as majestic as ever. He nudges the studio assistant for proper food and beverages for a feline, and hissed when it wasn't forthcoming immediately.

He looked at sniffler, blinked lazily and he awaited the GFC of LA, for the man always had so much prep time needed to sort out his vanity.

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He checked his watch as he arrived at the location Sniffler had kindly provided him. After giving his name to the clerk at the entrance, he was quickly shown the direction to where the interview would be taking place. Smiling at the receptionist on duty, he then made his way inside.

The room was well lit and it appeared that Fluffy had already beaten him here, only made more evident by the tiny strands of fur he could see scattered on the floor, something most wouldn't even notice, but he knew. That fur was... unmistakable.

Nodding to them both, he slowly removed his long jacket and draped it over the rear of the extravagant leather chair. Seemed quite the fancy setup which Sniffler had going on.

"Good evening to you both, it's a pleasure to be here as a guest of honor. I look forward to the upcoming questions and being able to share my thoughts on both the fights and the event in general."

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Sniffler smiled at both of his guests. He had heard of the wonders of this cat and had always been eager to meet him. Tyki was also there. Sniffler checked his notes. Shit, his name isnt Mikki. Who wrote these damn, nots he thought to himself.

Thank you both for joining me tonight. Apologies Mr. Mikk. I don’t know who wrote these notes. Sniffler glares at Ginger.

I know you probably have a busy night ahead. I will jump straight in with the questions.

"Firstly, we have seen some unique entrances during the Brawl for Fall. Do you think these entrances have added to the competition and how have these entrances been received on the west coast?"

"Secondly, if you were partaking in this competition, what unconventional entrance would you use?"

"Lastly, a quick one before we move on to discussing the first which took place last night. Don’t worry it’s a sort one. What nickname would you use and why?"

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Brushing his suit trousers, making sure his appearance was as impeccable as always, he listened to the questions before waiting for his opportunity to answer.

"Fighting is one thing, but making it into a spectacle is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. You will of course get some folk who come just to see pure blood shed and violence, but there is also a secondary bunch who live for the ‘show’. People pay good hard-earned money for tickets and pulling them in, tugging on their emotions and adrenaline, makes the world of difference. For LA, we do love a good bit of theatrics so they have been extremely well received."

He paused for a moment, removing his top hat and running his fingers through his hair to let it reset properly.

"Ah, what entrance would I use." He chuckled slightly. "This is a very good question. I personally love a good bit of mystery and intrigue. So whilst the lights panned down to the rising smoke and opening doors where I would most likely be expected to make my grand entrance, there would be nothing. Instead, I would be waiting at the top of the stairs which the very same crowd use to collect their constant flow of beverages. Once the lighting then found me, I would calmly make my way downwards towards the ring, ready for my flawless victory."

Taking a sip of the water which had kindly placed beside them, he then sealed it with the lid before speaking.

"As for your third question, there has been a name which has always been used very closely in my family line. A name which is part of who I am. I would therefore very much be committed to following tradition and sticking with this. I would be, 'Tyki of the Noah'."

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Fluff had been staring at Sniffler for he seemed to be a little on edge with such big esteemed guests. He had a sweaty brow and seemed to shift a bit on his chair. Fluff smirked, and purr a little to set the host at ease.

As he listened to Tyki's responses he slowly blinked in agreement to most statements. He remembers his early kitten years in Hollywood and he was accustomed to the entertainment highlights of the life that one would live up there. Yet in Sin City things were slightly different and he responded using his telepathic voice capabilities.


Well, for the entrances, one stood out for me. My boy Craven obviously took it to the next level and as always he's blood serious as they say in feline phrasing. He never waivers and he never takes anything half measured! I'm sure his determination is making him a bloody hard opponent for whoever gets to face him.


Oooo, my entrance. Well think about a majestic combination of puss in boots and Zorro. I shall be riding a mighty steed, brandishing my rapier and F' the shit out of the audience while meowing like a mad man. Of course i shall wear human leathered boots with puss shaped stirrups and flash my claws to show i mean business! Then as the final shot, i'll go super cute and win the hearts of all hot chicks and kids in the country.


My fighter name would be the fluffinator!

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Sniffler smiled at both his guests. 

"I like it, I like it a lot. We might have get you guys involved in working with fighters to design some of the future entrances "

Sniffler took a drink of water and checked his notes. 

"OK Fluffy_Tummy, I have a few specific questions and points I think that you might like to express an opinion on."

Sniffler smiled at the magical cat.  

"MrChaChaSlide has proven himself as a resilient fighter throughout the competition thus far. Do you feel his unorthodox style and personality have assisted him in progressing to the quarterfinals?"

"Secondly, what are your overall thoughts on the Craven versus Professor fight? Professor certainly seems to be showing there is life in the old dog."

"Lastly, Gordon advanced to the next round without throwing a single punch and thus this has ostensibly been a rest week for him. How do you think this will aid him as he progresses in the competition?"

Sniffler had a drink of his water as he listened to the fantastic felines reply 

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Fluff sighed, for most questions seemed to be about LV only, he was unsure how to pick his favorite among those great people under him. But then again he was a ruthless feline as word was passed out on the street and he continue as follows:


Well Sniffy, it's clear that mrchachaslide is obviously the best fighter in the competition and my favorite. His strength is his unpredictability and out of the box fighting style, heck surely he is so unpredictable coz he doesn't even know himself what his next move is gonna be!


Now, as i mentioned before Craven is a man with sheer determination and a ruthlessness aching to mine. I would not bet against him at any times (unless he fights the great ChaCha!). So Professor is gonna eat those glasses by the end of the match i'm sure! Craven is burning like hell on the inside, and will chew that old man up like it's a week old steak on a friday night!


Gordon's fight predictions.. hmmm. Well, everyone of us knows Gordon is all talk no muscle, any time he ever has an altercation he only can do verbal abuse. Physical abuse he always outsources, i predict a 1st round knockout


Fluff blinks at the assistant for a proper sushi grade black tuna role, bitch hurry up!

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“Thank you Fluffy.”

“Tyki you looked like you wanted to jump in there on the ChaChaSlide question and on the Gordon question. Could you also answer this one please while you are at it”.

Sniffler smiled at his guest.

“What does this victory over a right-hand man mean for Spicy? Do you think she is a contender for the title? Conversely, what does this mean for Nicklin? Where does he go from here?”

Sniffler listened intently to Tykis reply.

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He nodded as Sniffler noticed his desire to step in on a few questions.

"Thank you Sniffler. From what I know of MrChaChaSlide, he is always a man that likes to do the unpredictable. The many nights I was up working late, only to find him arriving back to the HQ at obscene hours of the night, heavily wasted, swearing the place down about “House this” and “House that”. It certainly comes as no surprise to me that he is quite gifted in the fighting arts and knowing how to unleash his rage."

He reminisced for a moment, back to the fancy meals he used to get in Las Vegas as Gordon would often spoil him.

"I would imagine that a week off for Gordon doesn’t hold the same weight as it would for any normal competitor. That man has business ideas and operations going on left, right and center. However, in the interest of competitive fighting, arriving to your next battle without the wear and tear on your body becoming its own obstacle, can be a tremendous advantage. Should he understand this fact and use it in his next fight, I believe the benefits will be very clear for all to see."

He looked around, taking a moment to admire the effort that had been put into dynamics of the interview room, before answering the additional question.

"Spicy is most definitely a crafty one. I have spent many a time noting her talent for using her brain and figuring out a solution of how to win, even in the darkest hour. Some might say, Spicy has a talent of being an ‘all-in’ kind of fighter so her victory vs Nicklin is no big shock to me really. I think she has a real shot as the title. As for Nicklin, I’m sure he will come back with some sort of profanities and wildness which will make the audience remember his name."

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"Thank you, gentlemen. Some interesting insights there. I know you are both busy men, well one busy man and a very busy cat. So, I won't hold you much longer. I would like to finish off by asking who your pick is to win the competition, have you thought about getting involved yourself and if you can give your overall thoughts on the competition that would be great."

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Fluff smirked, imagining him clawing, scratching and stuffing down hairballs down competitor throats. He purred in content, thinking of the fame he'd be able to achieve had he been announced as winner of this competition. He started to gather his thoughts and formulate a reply.


Well i would definitely have liked to participate if other pressing obligations had not kept me so busy last few weeks. As you know the chairman life is not for all, but i try to do my best to ensure Sin City continues to thrive as it has been so far.


My favorite is of course MrChaChaSlide, this man is a force of nature basically.

Personally, i have been no luck in launching a successful nationwide contest like your own. I do applaud you for all the effort and commitment you have shown to make this event as successful as it has been. You not only invoked people's competitive spirit, but you also brought together people who would normally not share as many times together, having busy lives on opposite sides of the country. I hope people will leave you a big fat tip as the competition concludes.

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"My pick for the winner, this is simple. Shoresy is taking home the victory. Whilst he is far away from us over on the East Coast, he is representing for the Godfather Chairmen, showing that when we need to throw down, we can certainly get in the mix with the best of them. As for me personally, my Grandfather was actually quite the prize fighter himself and won the title of 'King of the Ring' many years back. That blood certainly runs in my veins so who knows, maybe I will make a future appearance to show these scrubs how it’s really done."

His face wore a smirk, remembering back to the times that he was young and swinging his fists, trying to help as he would watch his Grandfather fight.

"Overall though, I have been delighted with the fights thus far and am intrigued to see who prevails in the upcoming matches. Much is on the line so seeing who holds their nerve and has the heart to push through when the going gets tough, will make all the difference."

Turning his head, he noticed one of the staff walking past with a bottle of 1930's whiskey which was simply screaming his name.

"Thank you for the interview though Sniffler, I do appreciate the invite and royal treatment we've received since our arrival. In addition, it's always a pleasure being able to join my fellow Godfather Chaircat from Las Vegas, thankfully this time I get to leave without any visible scratches that I need to later explain."

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"Wonderful, a massive thank you. It has been a pleasure having you guys and chatting. I wish you all the best with your work on the west cost and I hope to see you guys around soon."

Sniffler stood up and shook Tykis hand and Fluffys paw. He make certain to stay away from the tummy. He didnt want to incur a charge. 

"Thank you everyone for joining us tonight. Tomorrow night hopefully we will have Gingers weekly round up"

Ginger began to sweat. That damn anteater he thought. 

"With that I will saw GOAT night and take care. Sniffler out". 

Sniffler smiled. Everything had gone well and he was graceful to the west coast Godfather chairs. Now he was heading to have a quiet drink with Harvey and Allie. He planned to enjoy the rest of his evening. 

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Throws an empty can at Tyki.

"What kind of shit guess of a winner is that."

Throws a full can of beer at Shoresy head

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Sonny watches MrChaChaSlide from the sidelines amused, as always, by his actions. The man certainly knew how to play to a crowd. Sonny waits patiently for the next fixture, keen to place some bets and spend a good night among friends drinking while fighters beat each other to a pulp. 


Walking towards Sniffler he once again suggested adding some zest to the boxing ring. What about a couple of tigers to really encourage the boxers to fight? What about a fight to the death using sharpened weapons? What about adding some ill-tempered sea bass to the fight? His mind raced as he tries to come up with a feasible addition to this great business venture. Once again Sniffler reminds him this is a boxing ring not a gladiatorial arena or a circus.


Sonny, disappointed once again, walks back to his chair and lights up a Cuban cigar, well lets hope the next fighters at least have razor blades hidden in their gloves. 

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Greetings everyone, I am here to announce the match ups for round 3. They are as follows. 

MrChaChaSlide Vs Selena__

Shoresy Vs RupertGiles

@Gordon_Ramsey Vs Spicy 

Johnny_Hobo Vs Professor

The round will begin on Saturday the 25th of November. Since we are now in the quarter finals, I expect to see you all trash talking and hyping your fight. You guys have done great to get here. Show us why you think you should be champ. 

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Ginger held a finger to the earpiece, listening intently for the countdown to begin. The crowd was still roaring after the conclusion of the last match. Knowing that the start time was quickly approaching Ginger flipped the cassette and hit “PLAY,” starting the Ginger After-Hours, After-Action Action Report THEME SONG.  

Ginger spoke in the soft, smooth, sultry voice of the late night radio host. “Welcome and good evening. You’re tuning into the Ginger After-Hours, After-Action Action Report. With the second round of fights concluding here at the famous Detroit Boxing Arena, we’ll be answering the question on everyone’s mind; ‘Just what the heck is going on out there?’ Well, sit back and open those ear holes; I’ll be your guide through the carnage and mayhem that was Brawl for All Night Two. Stay tuned for our first recap of the evening, right after these messages!”

Ginger settled into Sniffler’s big chair as the ad break took over for him. He first noticed that Sniffer’s chair was more comfortable than his own. Ginger bounced slightly testing the cushions. As the ad break finished up Ginger leaned forward and picked up the clipboard with the fight notes. 

“Welcome back to the Ginger After-Hours, After-Action Action Report. Our first fight of the evening was a doozy of a contest. MrChaChaSlide versus Georgette, and let me tell you folks this fight went from the unexpected to downright bizarre! Georgette was looking weary at the start of the fight, but by the end of the first round they were trading more blows than a Portland street corner. As the second round began MrChaChaSlide pushed his size advantage backing Georgette to the ropes. The onslaught was too much for the referee to witness and he stepped in stopping the fight. In a highly controversial decision, MrChaChaSlide was declared the winner by Technical Knock-Out. The entire arena was on their feet by the end of that match, a real mixed reaction from the crowd on that one, but it certainly got people excited for the rest of the night!

Our second match of the evening was an intense East and West Coast battle of for the ages, and you should have heard the level of trash talking going on between these two fighters. I’d play some of the audio for you but the FCC has already threatened legal action. A back and forth bloodbath between Professor and Craven! These two really settled their differences in the ring tonight. Professor took an early lead in the first round, but Craven was looking to close the distance. Craven scored a knockdown with a big hook, but Professor was back on his feet. Going into the third round; both fighters were starting to show signs of fatigue. Craven exploiting his opponent’s advanced age, came out of his corner looking for a knockout. Professor defends as best he could but was sent to the canvas once again by a powerful strike from Craven. Professor, saved by the bell at the last second, hobbled back to his corner to recover. The whole arena was getting behind Craven and it certainly looked to everyone that Professor wouldn’t last much longer in this fight; and boy were we wrong! Professor changed strategies and started land body shot after body shot on Craven until the unthinkable! With a guttural yell, Craven was on the canvas after a devastating blow to the liver. Unable to continue the fight, Professor was declared the winner via Knock-Out!” 

“We’ll be back with fight number three after a quick word from our sponsors.” Ginger clicked the cassette over to the pre-recorded ad messages and lit a cigarette. While it wasn't as exciting as the actual fights, the recaps certainly got the heart-pumping. Ginger dialed himself back in as the Ginger After-Hours, After-Action Action Report theme song started up signaling it was time to resume. 

“Welcome back for the Recap! Our third fight of the evening we had a highly anticipated fight between Nicklin and Spicy! These two fighters delivered a rollercoaster of a fight! The judges gave round one to Nicklin, but it looked like Spicy had some good advice from the corner and came out swinging in the second round! These two fighters exchanged knock-downs in the third round with the judges giving Nicklin a slight edge headed into round number four. The earlier knockdown must have had Nicklin shook; as he came out with an unfound fury in his eyes. Nicklin quickly dominated the fourth round and nearly sent Spicy packing with an earth shattering right hand; Spicy was saved by the bell, sending the fight into the fifth round. Nicklin saw an opportunity to press his advantage and unleashed a series of combinations; Spicy answered back with a series of her own, sending Nicklin to the corner slumped. Nicklin tried to rally and beat the count, but never made it to his feet. Spicy took the win over Nicklin via Knock-Out!   

Onto the fourth fight of the evening; the match between Johnny_Hobo and Starborn. Much of the first round Johnny and Starborn were circling and sizing each other up with some smaller exchanges. Both fighters were looking very defensive. The second round erupted in action as both fighters burst from their corners and looked to seize the advantage. This fight really showcased what proper training and conditioning can do. These two fighters were doing the dance and the crowd was lapping up every second of it. As the bell rang for round three, many expected this fight to go the distance, but Johnny had other intentions. Reading Starborn’s movements Johnny was able to land a perfect counter-attack sending Starborn to the canvas out cold. Johnny_Hobo is moving on to round three with a Knock-Out victory over Starborn!

Moving onto the fifth and, probably, strangest fight of the evening. This fight was scheduled to be between Gordon_Ramsay and DoubleStack. Unfortunately one of our fighters suffered a slight injury and needed to be pulled out. There was not enough time to find a replacement fighter to go up against Gordon; as such he was declared the winner and has been moved onto the third round of Brawl for All! Just goes to show you, sometimes you just have to show up to be a winner. 

We’ll be back with the recap of our last three fights of the evening after a short commercial break. Be sure to tune back in as these last fights were the hottest of the night!” 

Ginger reclined back in the chair and let out a deep breath. If you thought fighting was hard just try being a commentator… Ginger hit the button on the microphone and switched back to the live broadcast.

“Thanks for sticking around folks, we are back with fight number six of the night. This fight between Selena and BigEasy proved far more exciting than many anticipated. Selena shocked the world in her first fight with a HUGE knock-out on DeadlySin and the crowd was definitely on her side during this match. BigEasy took an early lead in the first round landing several big hits on Selena putting her on the backfoot and fighting defensively. Round two of the fight BigEasy pressed Selena again, landing blow after blow. Selena sensing the end was near, lashed out with a fierce attack of her own. Throwing caution to the wind, Selena connected with a paralyzing uppercut sending BigEasy to the ground. LIGHTS OUT! Selena is the winner in a stunning second round Knock-Out victory. 

The penultimate match of the evening was Shoresy versus Svent. For anyone who caught the live fight broadcast, you might have noticed that it was my first chance at live commentary and it sure was a joy to have the host of Brawl for All, Sniffler, by my side. While the match itself was shorter than most; much of the excitement came from these two fights orchestrating some spectacular entrances!  Svent was looking in top form for the fight and came out looking like he had this fight in the bag, but Shoresy showed his world-class training and boxing talent would be more than Svent could handle. Shoresy was able to score a quick first round Knock-Out victory, and looked damn fine doing it. 

And now folks! We are on to the final fight of the night. This fight has been getting hyped up since the fighters were announced. We are of course talking about the electrifying battles between RupertGiles and Spiral! These two fighters traded words and jabs back all week prior to this fight; even the press conference ended in a steel chair being thrown. We knew we were in for something special when Rupert had to be tempted out from under the ring by Aethersix using pocket meat before the fight even began! Due to the nature of the fighters and Sniffler’s insatiable bloodlust the bout was converted into a no disqualification bout. And folks let me tell you now. This fight went off the rails almost immediately. After a brief exchange both fighters gave up on boxing entirely. Aethersix, who had been hanging around the ring, was able to successfully blind Spiral with a timely use of pocket sand allowing for Rupert to pick up an almost uncontested victory. An all-out brawl broke out following the win with appearances from MrChaChaSlide, Elmo and a mysterious masked man. The night was closed out with MrChaChaSlide standing proud in the center of the ring and issuing a strongly worded warning to Rupert that he was now a marked man and enemy number one. 

And there you have it folks! Let's briefly look ahead to Round Three of Brawl for All. The full match card has officially been announced! 

Round Three - Brawl for All 

MrChaChaSlide Vs Selena__

Shoresy Vs RupertGiles

Gordon_Ramsey Vs Spicy 

Johnny_Hobo Vs Professor

My picks to win are MrChaChaSlide, Shoresy, Spicy and Professor and the fight of the night will certainly be Shoresy Vs RupertGiles. That’s one fight that surely won’t disappoint. 

Thank you for tuning in tonight, and keep your eyes open for our pre-round three coverage. This is Ginger and you’ve been listening to the Ginger After-Hours, After-Action Action Report. Good night, and good luck fighters."

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Sonny shuffled over towards the bookie having drank one too many long island ice teas. His drunken gait made the short journey ever more troublesome as he fell into nearby tables knocking over drinks and generally making a fool out of himself. Arriving at the bookie he began to bet large sums of money on the upcoming fights, giving the poor bookie predictions that he did not ask for.


MrChaChaSlide to win via TKO in the 6th round. 

Shoresy to win via disqualification for when RuperGiles inevitably breaks the rules. 

Gordon_Ramsey to win after making an idiot sandwich out of Spicy. 

Professor to win via points. 

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