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Brawl For Fall Started by: Sniffler on Oct 25, '23 18:07

Fight Preview: Shoresy Vs RupertGiles

Last week I had the pleasure to commentate on the fight of Professor and this week i have the exciting opportunity to share about the devastating finisher, the right hand - RupertGiles! Rupert, who is in a match against one of the most dangerous finishers this boxing world has seen is in a fight for his life. @Shorsey is a complete dominant performer who aims to spray his opponents with loads of shots. He marches people down and unloads like a gatling gun. The two are battling for Supremacy as we inch closer to the Championship! I had the chance to connect with the HeadCoach of Shorsey and he had shared with me Shorsey has been in the gym for several hours a day often focusing on his defense. This is not what we had anticipated from the training of Shorsey but going back into some of his old fight footage we can see that he suffered more damage than he was hoping for and desired to improve that. Recent reports have come out that Ruperts training partners have been leaving camp in droves as they just cant compete at that level. Giles, who has allegedly knocking out sparring partners due to his immense strength was seen apologizing to them. The reality of it is, every sparring partner knows what they are signing up for and if you are in a fight camp then you are there to support your training partners. I am worried that if Rupert loses this fight the only people he should blame are his sparring partners for not sticking around long enough to help him develop. 

What to look for: I think this will be a highly counter vs counter match up. It may be a dull fight for the first three rounds but expect as they begin to throw the other will seek to counter. With Ruperts heavy hands and Shorseys insane precision I believe we will witness one of the most spectacular matchups probably fight of the night and fight of the tournament. 

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Nicklin was so excited and loved listening to the pre match build up. He threw his name forward to commentate on an up and coming event if he was needed. Competition in and out of the ring was fierce. 

Or maybe he could start a side hustle in taking bets on the winners of each round.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the quarter-finals of the Brawl For Fall. Let the battle commence as we find out who are semi finalists will be and how they got there. Take it away Yaveo
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Ladies and Gentleman we begin one of the highest anticipated matches of all time as we witness Selena__ take on MrChaChaSlide in what is expected to be a clash to remember! Without further ado let’s get into the Match!


Round 1

And we are underway. Selena comes out looking to take the head off of ChaCha. Her consistent pressure seems to make her a threat to anyone and everyone in this competition. Selena throws a heavy right hook but just misses and is countered by a well-placed jab from ChaCha. That does not seem to slow her down as she continues to move forward but is met with another set of jabs by ChaCha. The footwork of ChaCha is truly something to behold, its as if he glides along the ring. Selena unleashes a powerful jab hook combo landing both. She sends ChaCha tumbling into the corner. Selena is throwing body shots with ferocious power. ChaCha grabs and holds on to Selena looking towards the commentators smiling. With just a few seconds in the round remaining, the referee separates them. ChaCha tosses another jab towards Selena but just misses and that is the end of the first! 

Round 2

ChaCha is coming out and is apparently talking a little bit of smack. He is seemingly trying to get in the head of Selena. It doesn't seem to be working. Selena presses forward throwing some cutting jabs toward's ChaCha who avoids them with ease. ChaCha counters with  beautiful straight that sent Selena to the mat! A perfectly placed shot that forces the referee to start the count. Selena is up fast but the referee keeps the count going to 8. Selena looks visibly upset she got caught with that shot. ChaCha is immediately talking trash again and it does appear it is bothering Selena now. He moves in and places another straight but this time towards the body taking the wind out of Selena. She swings wildly with a hook but to no avail. And that is the end of the round. 


Round 3.
Well, given the last two rounds I would say we have it 20-17 for ChaCha. Let’s hope Selena can turn it around. ChaCh comes out strong. A very different approach than what he has taken in the first two rounds. They are standing in the center trading with ease. Selena lands a hellacious shot to the liver. DOWN GOES CHACHA! He looks like he cant get up. The referee is beginning the count. Oh man, this could be it folks. He is struggling to stand up. He is struggling to get air to his lungs. Somehow he manages at the count of 9. Selena presses in swinging heavy hooks to the body, to the head, to the body. She is off to the races folks, whatever that phrase means. And down goes ChaCha again. The power of Selena is just too much. Can he beat the count. The Referee is counting but we are also coming to the end of the round. What is going to happen. Thats the end of the round! I am not sure if he was going to get up in time. 


Round 4.

I have the match 28-27 for ChaCha going into the fourth. And here we go. ChaCha is going back to what he was doing the first two rounds. Selena comes in looking for body shots. The two continue to exchange as they did in the third. They are both looking a little weary folks. I am not entirely sure what is going to happen. Selena lands a body shot to the rib cage at the same time ChaCha lands a vicious uppercut. Selena falls on her back and ChaCha collapses on his side. Both fighters are down. Both competitors are not to beat the count! Wht is going to happen. No movement at the start of the count. ChaCha is rolling on his side trying to elevate himself. Selena grabs the lower rope not the best way to raise yourself up. ChaCha pushes himself against the corner and uses the leverage of the corner to prop himself up. The count continues. Selena cant beat the count...Selena wont beat the count! Ladies and Gentleman, in the closest fight I have yet to call, ChaChaSlide takes it in a razor thin knockout! 

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“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the quarterfinals of Brawl for All! This match up has been receiving a lot of hype between competitors and it looks like they are finally ready to handle their business here tonight. I am of course talking about the match between RupertGiles and Shoresy. The fight that everyone has been talking about for weeks is finally here; my name is Ginger and I’ll be talking you through the action here tonight. 

You can certainly feel the anticipation from the crowd here tonight. The air is CHARGED and the crowd can feel the ELECTRICITY here tonight! Rupert “The Basement Bandit” Giles will be the first to make his way to the ring tonight. After his bizarre appearance in the last fight we are keen to see what he has in store for us tonight!” 

Eyes moved to the top of the ramp as Rupert’s entrance music started up. The arena lights dimmed and a heavy fog began filling the entrance area. As the quiet roar of the crowd settled the lights went dark and a single spotlight illuminated the ramp. Rupert appeared, emerging from the fog, he paused for a moment, his silhouette creating an even more imposing figure. The lights remained out as the single spotlight followed his descent to the ring. He was followed by his trusty manservant aide, Aethersix, holding a single cooked porkchop in his outstretched arm. 

“I have no idea what’s going on here folks, but they look like they mean business! Rupert is really looking to make a statement here tonight. Rupert has smelled the smelly smell of victory and will stop at nothing to sniff it once again.”

As Rupert tested the ring, bouncing on the balls of his feet the lights in the arena dimmed once again. All eyes were focused on the entrance ramp, as Shoresy’s music began to fill the arena. As the music swells, Shoresy EXPLODES from behind the curtain and confidently strides his way down the ramp towards the ring. The crowd, clearly enjoying the rivalry, responded with a mix of cheers and jeers. Shoresy paused for a moment ringside, soaking in the audience’s energy, before launching himself into the ring and taking up his position. 

“Look at these two competitors tonight. Love them or hate them, you definitely can’t ignore the energy they bring to the fight. They are here to fight, and everyone is ready for some action! Both fighters are staring intensely at one another now. Let’s go to the referee, it looks like this thing is about to get underway!” 

The referee stood in the center of the ring looking back and forth at the two fighters. As he motioned for both them to come to the center of the ring for instruction, Rupert suddenly dashed forward and lunged towards Shoresy. The referee threw himself between the two men and both corner teams erupted into the ring, hurling insults back and forth. As Rupert was being dragged back to his corner kicking and screaming, Aethersix leapt into action. 

Taking advantage of the commotion and while everyone was still distracted watching Rupert, Aethersix, much like a sneaky snake, slithered his way under the bottom rope and deftly tied the laces of Shoresy’s boots together. Some of the eagle-eyed crowd noticed and began to boo, but the referee was too distracted by the antics in the ring to notice. When Aethersix finished he nodded to Rupert. Seeing this, Rupert regained his composure and smirks. 

With both fighters now in position and the referee in place he signaled for the bell to ring and the fight was now underway! 

Shoresy, wanting to seize the initiative, attempted to rush forward to the center of the ring. He made it one step before disaster struck. As he tripped over the tied laces, his head crashed hard against the canvas. A sickening thwap, and then.. nothing. The entire Detroit Boxing Arena fell completely silent, unsure of what just happened. Even the referee was staring in stunned silence at Shoresy’s unmoving body. 

Aethersix was the first to break the silence. Smacking his hand on the canvas and yelling, “Count damn you! Count!”

“Shoresy knocked himself out! I don’t believe it!” exclaimed Ginger.  

Still in shock the referee began to count, and the entire arena was on their feet, the noise was deafening. 

“This is madness! In all my three weeks of commentating on boxing I have never seen anything like this before! Surely this can’t be legal can it?”

The referee reached a count of ten and gestured that Rupert was the winner of the match. 

As Rupert celebrated his victory some of the crowd erupts in bewildered cheers, while others boo. Music plays. Out walks MrChaChaSlide brandishing the famous cock goblin brass knuckles. MrChChaSlide points at Rupert and then points to himself and smirks. He then points to Aethersix and gives him the middle finger. 

“Well ladies and gentlemen, there you have it, a bizarre one. However, the Basement Bandit secures his spot in the semifinals against the man who now stares him down from the entrance way. Next week is going to be one hell of a fight.  So much history between these two. Things are bound to become uncivil. As my old man would tell me 'What's the point of having a mule on a jet ski, if you ain't gonna teach him to waterski.' Stay tuned for more thrilling matchups as this incredible event unfolds!"

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Sniffler applauded the participants. It had been a good start to the night. Sniffler was proud to have Ginger by his side. He patted Ginger on the arm and smiled. Suddenly the lights went out and goat bleat rang out. In the darkness Sniffler felt Gingers arm slip into the darkness. The crowd gasped. The lights came back on, Sniffler looked down to see Gingers chair empty and spinning. In Gingers place sat an origami goat. Sniffler nodded knowingly. He looked to the rafters and watched as a silhouette pranced amongst the beams. Sniffler smirked and turned his attention back to the competition. 

"Thank you to our two guest commentators so far. Congratulations to MrChaChaSlide and Rupert. I excitedly await your semi final battle. We will now take a brief pause in the action. Please enjoy the mafia anteaters and the highlight reel."

The anteaters began to play their set. On the big screen played clips from previous matches.  

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Gordon_Ramsay vs Spicy


Anticipation continued to build as the next two fighters were due to make their way to the ring at any moment. In what has become quite the spectacle the next fight was sure to be a fiery showdown. A quarter final pairing that involved two heavy hitters, indeed. Most of those in the crowd anxiously awaited the arrival of the two participants as well as the ring side announcer. The crowd could NOT believe their eyes when they saw the old man Professor grab the microphone, yes, on the same night he had a quarter final fight himself! Maybe there truly was more than met the eye as the zany old man had declared!


Professor: Good news, everyone! We've got a spectacular bout this evening! In the blue corner, weighing in at... oh, who cares? It's Gordon Ramsay! And in the red corner we have his opponent, ready to take a beating like a brave little toaster, welcome Spicy! Let the spicy punches and culinary chaos begin! Good luck, contestants, and may the best chef, I mean, boxer, win! The winner of this fight will be moving on to the semifinals to fight...*checks notes*, ME OR THE HOBO?! Oh, that just can't be! Well, on the bright side of thing, I can pay attention to any punching robots, or other tactics they may have up their sleeve. It'll work well when I get back in my lab and make a....erm I mean back in the gym for my training. Enough of that, let's get this thing started!


Round one

The bell sounded and the fight was underway, predictably so, the fight started off rather slow. With both Spicy and Gordon feeling one another out, trying to find a weakness. Expecting Gordon to throw some spicy insults while dodging punches, it was surprising to see him throw some perfectly seasoned jabs at his opponent, connecting on a straight and landing the first impactful punch of the bout. Not to be outdone, Spicy retaliated with a massive counter right hook of her own. Gordon regained his wits and the two exchanged a few more shots before the first round came to an end.


Professor: Good news, everyone 2x! We're in the middle of a close one! The two fighters are throwing punches like they're trying to solve a quantom physics question! The excitement is palpable, or maybe it's just the hot sauce I had earlier. Anyway, lets see what is to come of round two!

Round two

Round two started much faster than the previous one. Both of the fighters were eager to meet one another in the middle of the ring and start trading blows. Spicy was the first to engage; landing a beautiful combo. Gordon was quick to wrap up to try and catch his breath, breaking the clinch he landed an uppercut of his own right to the jugular of Spicy. That would ensure Spicy would inevitably have to deal with some acid reflux later that evening. Pushing forward, she parried yet another jab Gordon threw and connected with a jab of her own as the bell dinged to signal the end of the second round.


Professor: It has been quite the slobberknocker thus far! The tension is thicker than my experimental dark matter gravy! Hold onto to your butts, I have a feeling this one isn't going the distance. 


Round three

Each corner man gave their fighter an earful, trying to light a fire under them and swing the fight in their favor. Spicy came out swinging, showing some fancy footwork while landing yet another combination. Gordon didn't fall but was clearly dazed, as the ref gave him a standing eight count. Gordon was able to continue and did so with a vengeance, pushing forward without much defense, as he landed blow after blow. Spicy could do nothing but protect herself. Gordon had her on the ropes, continuing to fire away without much regard. Just when it looked like the pressure he was applying was overwhelming Spicy, she pivoted and landed a crushing liver shot that folded Gordon like a dinner napkin. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9.....10! It's over! Spicy wins by knockout! 


Professor: Sweet zombie jesus! It looks like we have a knockout! Who saw that coming!? Gordon fought a good fight but unfortunately his jab was under cooked and needed a little more time in the oven. While Spicy' punches left Gordon on the canvas napping about spatulas or whatever it is chefs dream about. Congratulations to you, Spicy, on a well fought match. Maybe I will see you down the line, but, for now, I am on a tight schedule! I need to go get ready and do my pre-fight routine! God speed!

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Polio had a piece a paper left for him in his father’s will.

It read - ‘Should Spicy defeat Gordon_Ramsay then collect $5 million from SonnyFranzese

Polio was waiting around to see what all this was about, did they have a bet? Will Sonny honour it and who is this Spicy he is hearing good things about? She sounds like a beast
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Senores y Senoras We are live! 

Johnny_Hobo vs Professor 

In what promises to be an exciting matchup between two talented competitors. We are ready to get this one going. The fighters are in their corner ready for the sound of the bell, and I have to tell you that this matchup is highly favoring Johnny as we start. Let’s see what happens!


Round 1

And we are off at the start of the round. Johnny circles Professor eying him. Professor taking his time shuffling to his right there. Johnny looks to move in on and create some action here. A nasty one two lands for Johnny! Professor counters with a well placed shot to the sternum. That may have sapped some of the wind from the sails of Hobo. Johnny is looking for any chink in the armor of Professor here and is not finding much. He lands a hook to the shoulder of professor. You know folks, most first rounds of professional boxing matches play out just like this. We call it, the feeling out phase. Fighters try to get their distance and…OH! A shot from Johnny sends professor to the corner. Hobo begins to follow up now landing hook after hook. Professor covers up. It may not be enough. The referee gives a standing eight count just at the end of the round! Wow. That’s considered a knockdown folks. Let’s see how the rest of the fight goes for Professor now that he is down on the scorecards!


Round 2

Hobo comes in aggressively. It looks like his corner must have told him Professor is still hurt from the first round. Johnny swings with a lunging hook but gets countered with a beautiful cross to the sternum! Johnny lets out a loud exhale. He is not a fan of that! Professor circles away from the dominant hand of Hobo but he should still watch for the hooks from Johnnys lead hand. He keeps landing those at will. Hobo moves in grabbing Professor and pushes him against the ropes and now is just going to town on that body hook after hook, professor has to fire back of this could be another standing eight count! Professor lobs a jab out but it’s not received with any great deal of force. Hobo steps back, professor thinks he is done but Hobo lunges in with a powerful hook to the side of the face sending him directly to the mat! The referee begins the count. Folks I do not see Professor getting up from this one. At the count of 5 we are seeing movement from Professor…and…he’s up at the count of nine. The referee is not enjoying watching the battering of professor here. That’s the end of the round. I have it at 20-16 going into the third. Wow! HOBO is crushing it right now. The oddsmakers must be thrilled 

Round 3

As we start this third round professor looks dazed and confused. I don’t blame him Hobo is coming in like a tidal wave with his shots. He is fierce! Rupert Giles, the cornerman for Professor said something to him in between rounds, something about going to the body. Now how that shapes out will be good to see. Hobo is letting some stinging jabs go, clearly setting up for his hooks. He continues to step in unleashing violence upon his opponent. At the finale of his hellacious combo Professor lets a beautiful cross to the sternum fly. Wow the air exited the lungs of Hobo like souls on Dia de Los Muertos exiting the graveyard! Hobo is backing up gasping for breath! Professor pounces on his chance trying to capitalize. He is moving quickly shuffling his hands up and down making everyone excited. Hobo lands a dastardly hook and down goes professor! Wow did not see that counter shot happen! Again he lands another knockdown. It was more of a flash knockdown and I believe we are seeing professor frustrated at himself! The round closes and we are at the fourth! 30-24


Round 4

Rupert Giles was grilling his fighter in the corner. He was telling Professor that the body shot at the end of each of Hobos counters is there all day. Going into the fourth Hobo looks a little gassed. His arms are lower and his breathing is significantly heavier. Professor comes in lands a jab to the face and a right to the body! Hobo becomes the aggressor yet again and swings with evil intentions towards the side of professor. Catching nothing but air, hobo is countered by yet another body shot. Hobo is on his knee! That last shot took the gusto out of him. The referee counts to eight and our Hobo is up! Hobo smashes his gloves together. He looks more angry than before! He comes in quickly and swings with rapid force. He is landing at will here and professor is taking damage! Professor is cut on the side of his head. Hobo needs to slow down and catch his air or he may gas himself and his arms out! And that’s the end of the fourth! Well for the first time I think Professor is seeing hope with a winning round. 10-8 for professor making us go into the fourth with a 34-38 going for Hobo.

Round 5

The start of the fifth, the fans are on their feet. One fighter looks absolutely warped of energy while the other looks like he is clinging to life as we speak. The start is much slower to this round. Professor throws a light jab towards the face. Hobo returns fire with his own jab. Professor steps to the side and lets a venomous right hand go again unleashing as if he is been holding on to a reserve bank of power. Hobo did not like that one bit! Hobo comes back to return fire, Professor ducks under a hook and counters with a sinister uppercut to the sternum! Hobo falls flat on his face! He is gasping for air! Professor could have done it…Hobo is scrambling to his feet. He is up barely, professor moved in tossed a couple jabs and is landing damaging straights hobo is trying to cover up in the corner but falls to his bottom and the referee is forced to start the count again. Hobo is being overwhelmed right now. He needs to get out of the mix! He is up and with 30 second left in the round he just has to clinch. Hobo tosses a wild hook and professor took it on the chin while landing while landing another sickening cross to the body! Down goes hobo!!! That’s the third time. That’s a tko ladies and gentleman your winner….PROFESSOR!

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Thank you very much to all our guest commentators this week. Congratulations to our winners and new semi finalists. Things are starting to heat up as we near our conclusion. If you have been following along let us know your thoughts and who your favourite is to take home the title. If you wish to be a part of this epic tournament pleaee get in touch. You dont have much more time left. Once its done, its done. So get involved before its too late. We hope you enjoyed the show so far. We will be back in the coming days with more wonderful content so stay tuned.
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A bet is a bet and a big thanks to my champ Spicy

Your accountant has received payment of $5,000,000 from SonnyFranzese.

If anyone wants to bet against me and my fighter then let me know,
I’ll bet up to $500 million and 1000 credits
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I would like to announce that our semi finals will begin on Saturday the 9th of December. We are getting into the exciting end of the tournament. I have heard talk of bets from @Gillian and @aethersix. Things are heating up. Get involved and tell us who your favourites are. Talk to the guys if you want to get in on the betting action. We have had a wonderful response to the competition so far. So lets keep things moving. I look forward to seeing our competitors talking the talk before walking the walk. 

Our semi finals are 

@MrChaChaSlide Vs  @RupertGiles

Professor Vs Spicy 

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Want the chance to win your money back SonnyFranzese ? let me know who you fancy and how much

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Floppy will have $10,000,000 on Spicy if anyone wants to have a gamble 

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Exiting his hovercar, Professor made his way to the arena for media day. Fighting to get through the masses, the old man shook a few hands and kissed a few babies to give the crowd what they wanted. Knowing nobody expected him to make it this far in the event other than those that were closest to him, he was also aware of the large sums of money coming in that were in favor of his next opponent. None the less, Professor looked as determined and....senile as ever. 


Well, well, well. We have made it to the final four, congratulations to all of the finalists. I knew that librarian was one to keep an eye on. Could Planet Express be represented by two people in the finals? Only time will tell. Be sure to place your bets, folks. It's bound to be an out of this world boxing spectacle! I have been training vigorously and have quite method designed specifically to tone down the heat of my Spicy opponent. I will only unveil come fight night. But I will answer any other questions you may have!

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Rupert was well aware how personal MrChaChaslide could make this fight, but he had every intention on maintaining his cool and calm demeanor. The last two fights didn't exactly go as he had anticipated them to, what with back to back "questionable" victories some were even saying that Rupert couldn't box. How ridiculous! He worked up quite a sweat on the punching bag before turning his attention to the jump-rope. Nothing was going to get in the way of this victory. 

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Spicy versus Professor

Well the Brawl for Fall begins to approach its climax as we prepare to enter into the semi final fight between two knockout artists, a clash guaranteed to bring fireworks. These two have been putting their opponents on the canvas. In the last match we saw Professor take a beating in the opening rounds but his well placed body shots eventually led to a tko victory. Spicy on the other hand left absolutely no room for doubt in putting the chef to sleep! In a fight of this magnitude I imagine we will have some jitters that both competitor’s will have to work out and the one who does so sooner will have the bigger edge. I imagine Spicy will be aiming to look for that knockout relatively quickly while professor may work on exploring his counters early on. These two have been absolutely engaged in this competition the entire time and for us fans this semi final fight is just as exciting as a championship match up!


What to look for:

With Spicy, we should be watching for heavy hands and looping hooks to collide on the jaw of her opponent.

On Professor, we should expect high defense and counters for days, especially to the body 


Keys to victory:

Spicy Don’t overextend yourself, Expect the counter game so pressure him to the corner, Win every exchange. 

Professor 1. Keep your hands high against the hooks, use your height and reach advantage, Distance is key!



I was really impressed with the way Professor adapted last fight. Be on guard for his ability to change up game plans and Outland spicy scoring the win in this one!

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The Night of the Fight

Last Women Standing.

Sitting in the dressing room wearing @GordonRamsey ‘s distinguished black chef’s jacket, Dollar my coach was massaging my shoulders and giving me his usual pep talk before a fight.  I could hear his voice but wasn’t paying attention to the words he was saying for I started reminiscing how my journey into the world of boxing began in a small, dimly lit gym tucked away in the heart of the Bronx.  The air was thick with the smell of sweat and the sound of leather meeting punching bags echoed throughout the gym.  Despite the skeptical glances from some of the seasoned trainers, I approached Dollar the owner, with unwavering confidence, asking him to train me for Sniffler boxing completion. Never in a million years did I think I would be in the semi-finals. 

My attention was drawn back to what Dollar was saying.  I know that Professor was your former Boss and an old man but you come so far and have to continue giving it your best, show no mercy.  Some big names are betting on this fight, aethersix, Gillian, and Floppy to name a few he said.  I told him I was tired of this shit.  My body still aches from the last fight.  I wanted my old life back.  I want to sleep late and eat a Bob’s greasy burger.

But Spicy was proud of her accomplishments.  As her skills sharpened, she earned her place in the rings of the competition.  The first time she stepped into the ring, the crowd fell silent, unsure of what to expect from this lady boxer. Yet, she dismantled stereotypes with each jab, hook, and uppercut, leaving spectators in awe.  Win or lose she was up for the challenge.

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Hello fight fans, your favorite pre-fight interviewer Transistor here with Brawl for Fall. The upcoming fights are going to be a doozy. Only a few left before we crown our champion so I thought it would be interesting to take a look at one of our main cards of the night.

MrChaChaSlide vs RupertGiles

First we attempted to get a hold of MrChaChaSlide.





Whether it was due to scheduling conflicts, or his distaste for the media, MrChaChaSlide was not available for comment. We tried to reach him by mail and by phone but to no avail.

For completeness sake I'll be reading you my unanswered questions.

Hi ChaCha!

It's Transistor with the "Brawl for Fall" commentary committee looking to get your take on the upcoming fight with Rupert. May I have a few moments of your time?

Many in this competition have fallen to you, but Rupert, while not as outspoken as you has shown some grit in the ring. Are you concerned about your mind games and smack talk not having the same effect on such a distinguished librarian as Rupert?

We're going to be chatting with Rupert next. Anything you'd like us to tell him for you?

Thanks for your time MrChaChaSlide. Best of luck in the fight.

I'm never one to want to disappoint all you great fans, so what we did was hire a MrChaChaSlide impersonator to answer the questions. I have to stress that this is indeed an IMPERSONATOR and not beloved fighter ChaCha himself. Below are his responses.

My name is MrChaChaSlide and I am a gooberface buttnose who doesn't participate.


After a long pause Transistor leans into the microphone.

Quite unfortunate we couldn't get the answers to some of these burning questions, but I guess MrChaChaSlide enjoys leaving everyone on the edge of their seats.

Maybe we should have tried a carrier pigeon?

Transistor looks up and away and squints his eyes. Having realized that is a good idea, he writes a note for himself for later.





ChaCha has been a tough competitor during this tournament, utilizing everything from smack talk to fancy footwork, all the way to letting his opponent tire themselves out. He seems to be a competitor that changes things up. Any word you can give us as to how you plan on preparing for this?

The only thing I can do to prepare for a fight against a man as insane as him is to maintain my calm, not let the antics overtake the situation.


Your last fight against Shoresy did not go as planned, at least not as far as I could tell. It appeared our dear friend had a shoelace mishap that may have cost him the fight. Are you taking any precautions from this? A double knot? A windsor perhaps?

I'll be going with the traditional bunny-loop method unless something more secure but also easily undoable comes along! I'm quite confident in my footwork though and believe that even with laced-together shoes I'd fare well.


We're going to be chatting with ChaCha next. Anything you'd like us to tell him for you?

I'd like you to tell him simply that.... "Rupert knows".



Transistor leans back in his chair and chuckles.

Rupert knows? My goodness this is shaping up to be quite the fight. What mysteries will we uncover come fight night? Only time will tell.

Speaking of fight night, there's been some sizable wagers put on this fight so we caught up with three major players in the Vegas gambling scene to get their takes on who might come out of this ahead.

Join us for our newest segment LASER WAGERS.

The sounds of lasers can be heard in the background as new theme music begins to swell.





This week we asked our cunning gamblers:

There's word around that you've got some money on this fight. Care to divulge who has got your eye and why you chose them?

Lets hear what they had to say.



Yes, i have a 25mil bet against aethersix and a 10mil bet against Falka.

Im pretty confident that ChaCha can kick Rupert's ass. His trajectory shows that he is capable of winning this match and i also plan on making our odds better, by buying an insane ammount of cocaine and making he sniff it all at once off of hookers titties. He'll activate beast mode and fuck Rupert up, you'll see.


I placed a decently large bet on RupertGiles to defeat MrChaChaSlide and I'm almost certain it is a sure thing. I've been up close for all of Rupert's fights and with his ability for movement I don't think MrChaChaSlide can even compete. Have the way Rupert can slide to the left, slide to the right. He's the one to back now yall. Watching him fight just makes you want to clap your hands and stomp.
Plus, it doesn't hurt that Aethersix keeps showing up and cheating for him.


I bet against Gillian that both Professor and RupertGiles would be victorious in the semifinals, and she bet for their competition. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't biased, them being my family and all, but I have been watching their respective techniques in the ring, and I believe Planet Express will win!

It's very important that they both with, not only for my financial gain, but then I get to watch Professor and RupertGiles fight each other, which will be loads of fun.

Or, 10 words:

Boxing means punching the heck out of the other guy.



The theme music for Laser Wagers begins to fade out and the Brawl for Fall theme music fades in.

There you have it folks. Nothing left to it but to do it. Join us very very soon for the thrilling semi finals of BRAWL FOR FALL!

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Spiral strolls out into the streets all pretty and looks around at the dust filled ring... 


So is this going to get moving or what? We are all very excited to see how the rest of this progresses! I am sure Sniffler has a great show for us coming up shortly!

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