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Brawl For Fall Started by: Sniffler on Oct 25, '23 18:07

Nicklin had finally recovered from the battering that Spicy had given him, although he knew he shouldn't have fought as he was unwell but the boxing gods wouldn't delay the fight for whatever reason. Considering what Nicklin had done for the sport he was a little upset and believed Sniffler had it in for him!

If anyone is offering odds I want to put all my money on Spicy to win, not just this round but the whole competition.

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Sonny crept up behind Nicklin, collecting his tears in a small vial, knowing that the tears of gingers sold for massive amounts on the black market.


Clapping Nicklin on the back he told the old man he was willing to take him up on that bet, he'd put up $1 Million on Gordon_Ramsay to win the next match. 

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Knowing that SonnyFranzese was flush with cash and he, himself was struggling to exchange money on the marketplace, Nicklin offered up a $5 million bet on Spicy baby to beat chef Gordon_Ramsay !


In fact Nicklin was prepared to bet upwards of $100 million so the ball is back in your court Sonny Jim

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Sonny counted the loose change in his pockets, $5 million it is Nicklin

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Sniffler smirked. Things were getting interesting. 

"I wish you both the best of luck in your bets gentlemen. I wonder if there is anyone else out that who wants to get in on the action."

Sniffler scratched his snout. 

"Stay tuned for some ore fight build up coming from some of our wonderful reporters."

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Nicklin knew it was a dead cert already, he was away to spend his new found fortune until he realised what Sniffler did to him on the last round of boxing. Nicklin was sure the fight was fixed but didn't want to keep going on about it. FIXED

We can go higher on the bet SonnyFranzese ?

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Sonny desperately called his Corrupt Agents telling them to unload all their cocaine. The agents argued the price wasn't right, but Sonny would not listen. I need $10 million right fucking now he shouted into his phone. 


Turning from his phone call with a smile Sonny accepted Nicklin's challenge. Offering a $10 million bet on Gordon_Ramsay to win the fight. 

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“I just wanna say I have a lot of respect for RupertGiles and I believe they’re a good man and a good fighter but the reality is that this isn’t a fight, a fight would imply that both people stood an equal chance of winning and that it was a competition but this isn’t because no matter how good Rupert “thinks” they are the fact of the matter is his arms aren’t long enough to box with God”
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The stadium sat empty as the next Round inched its way closer. Money was flowing heavily at this point between sponsorships and the side betting, so much so that Rupert was surprised that they didn't have some eyes on them from local law enforcement. He thought about it for a moment and realized that Sniffler must have sent some envelopes to the right people. 

Rupert carried a book in to the ring with him and made his way to the middle before sitting down. He cracked open The Art of War by Sun Tzu and soaked in its wisdom. He was focused. Calm cool and collected. Though Shoresy didn't have anything to do with it, Rupert planned on funneling the rage that he still felt over the untimely loss of GGNY458 (GRHS). Spiral Aethersix Quini and DangerClose were all sick of hearing Rupert groan on about this turkey, but that didn't stop him. 

After reading a few chapters of the book Rupert cracked his neck and began doing laps up and down the rows of seats. 

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Walking onto the stage at one end of the Brawl for Fall arena Sonny basked in the shouts and cheers, it felt like the whole city had come out to see this historic fight. Local celebrities joined lowly paupers to see tonight's spectacle. Sonny, being a bit of a showboat himself, walked dramatically around the stage driving the jeering crowd into a frenzy. 


"Welcome ladies and gentleman to tonight's weigh in. Lets hope Gordon was able to put down the idiot sandwiches and burn off that extra weight," quipped Sonny to the roaring crowd. 


Sonny welcomed the fighters to the stage.


Gordon pulled his gloves on they are black with flames obviously they matched his temper, but that totally didn’t match the red white and blue trunks that he choose for tonight’s fight, Gordon saw that people were whisking money by betting on him and he wasn’t going to let them down. Gordon swaggered on down to the scales and could see the tension he was hoping it wasn’t going to end up with spicy trying to kiss him acting all hard. Gordon stepped onto the scales and saw a weight he was happy enough with and raised his gloves to the ceiling


Spicy stood backstage, heart pounding with a mix of nerves and excitement prepared to step onto the scale for the official weigh-in. With a deep breath, Spicy made their way toward the scale, feeling the eyes of the room fixated on them.

The digital display on the scale flickered to life as Spicy stepped on, and the numbers settled. The room went quiet, and then the official announced the weight. Cheers erupted from Spicy's people, weight had been made.

The weigh-in wasn't just a formality; it was a ritual that marked the final step before the real battle in the ring. As Gordon Ramsey and Spicy faced off for the customary staredown, the tension in the room reached its peak.


Sonny and his bodyguards imposed themselves between the two furious fighters. The pair stared at each other with barely disguised hatred. Gordon began berating Spicy about how he was going to use them in his next stew. 


Sonny settled into his questions, reading from a prepared piece of paper he asked Gordon, "Given you managed to avoid your last fight, how did you prepare for this bout?"


Gordon turned to the crowd for dramatic effect, "Well I did what anyone else would do and I went back to work I was working on a new chilli recipe and I ate a few hamburgers and then decided to combine the two shame it wasn’t spicy enough a bit like that bloke over there should of called himself fucking lukewarm."


Sonny laughed at Gordon's response, turning to Spicy he asked, "First off I would like to thankyou for giving that pest Nicklin a good thumping, you have the punching power and the stamina to go the distance in this fight, how have you adapted your strategy to keep Gordon on the floor? We all know the man has a strong chin, he's been knocked to the floor on multiple occasions but still gets up and keeps fighting."


Spicy turned to Sonny and stated, "Thank you Sonny for those encouraging words." Spicy continued, "Yeah the fight with Nicklin was pure hell.  He only bathes once a week on Fridays and apparently, he missed his weekly bath and his funk alone was enough to knock you out.  Trying to hold your breath with your eyes tearing is a mighty big task for any fighter.  My pet Buster who has a coke habit and has the tendency to use cotton balls in his nose gave me a few and I was able to win the battle."

Spicy jumped to their feet declaring, "I’ve been very lucky so far and I’m going to just continue what I have been doing. I’ve faced the scale, made weight, and stared down my opponent. Now, all that was left was to step into the ring and prove myself," turning and pointing at Gordon with open hostility. 


Gordon tried to rush Spicy in response, Sonny's bodyguards barely able to hold him back. The crowd roared their approval wanting the pair to turn to blows before the fight even officially started. 


Sonny waved the fighter back and asked, "We've all seen Spicy's stopping power, and their ability to go blow to blow with the Brawl for Fall's best fighters, do you have any tricks up your kitchen whites for this fight?"


Gordon red faced shouted, "I wouldn’t so much call it stopping power but I did watch the last fight and as far as I can tell he only knocked the other bloke out to rid us all of the stench but that worked out well for him, And of course this chef has tricks up his sleeves but I can’t spill the beans just yet what that would be we could all use a surprise or two."


Sonny watched Gordon from the corner of his eyes wary for any further provocation, the weigh-in was getting hostile and the crowd were loving it, turning to Spicy he asked, "Your training regiment has been well documented for each of these fights, did you do anything different to prepare for this fight?"


Spicy matched Gordon's raging temper with a smile daring him to attack, turning to Sonny Spicy returned, "Well Sonny my training regiment has been rough.  My coach Dollar has no mercy on me.  He pushes me to the limit and dares me to shed a tear.   It’s all about mental fortitude, you go give it your best, and that is all my coach and anyone else expects of me. I have nothing more to prove.  I’ve put my heart in each fight and that’s what I intend to do with this one."


Turning to the crowd Sonny thanked both the fighters for responding to their questions and asked, "Last of all I would like to give each of the fighters an opportunity to speak directly to their opponent."

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Gordon puffed out and chest and shouted to his opponent, "And as for Spicy I will see you in the ring, I will box you around and teach you a fucking lesson or two ya donkey, you had better bring two slices of bread because they only thing you will be eating after I finished with you is a fucking idiot sandwich."

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Spicy rushed forward, only held back by coach Dollar, "I have been to Gordon Ramsay restaurant and that guy is a real son of a bitch.  Has the nerve to say welcome to Hell’s Kitchen. All you hear is him yelling, fuck off, It’s fucking raw, piss off, you fucking donkey/donut/muppet, get the fuck out of here, and give me two names of your biggest fuck-ups."

Holding up her arms she declared, "Win or lose I just want to try and knock the shit out of this Gordon Ramsey, give him a few good blows.  Then yell at his obnoxious ass 'Give me your fucking jacket'".

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Sonny smiled to the waiting crowd holding up his hands for quiet, as the roar died down he shouted, "Well there we have it ladies and gentlemen buy your tickets or tune in at home for the fight of the century, where Gordon_Ramsay battles Spicy in the Brawl for Fall. I'd like to thank both of the fighters for coming here tonight," the crowd shouted out the names of their preferred fighters as they left the stage and Sonny returned the microphone to Sniffler. 

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Your pussy smell so bad Selena__ even the munters hate it.
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Selena shrugs and laughs she wasn't about trash talk silence was the key in order to maintain composre and her concentration but one this is for sure she will prove to the world that she has what it takes win or lose. But one thing is certain the little man will have to do better than that. As she walked away not uttering a word to the crowd she has better things to do than trash talk a little man with a small ego.

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Slowly making his way to the presser, you could hear the old man coming from a mile away. His slippers dragging on the ground as he refuses to pick up his feet while walking. How could this sad excuse of a man possibly have made it this far? Surely he can't pack THAT much of a punch, it looks as if a stiff breeze would knock him over. There had to be something going on behind the scenes, it just didn't add up. Still contemplating how this is even in the realm of any possibility, the old bastard started to speak.

Good news, everyone! You're in for yet another incredible display of boxing before long. I don't care whether I fight a red head, or a homeless man. It's just another box I can check off when it's all said and done. Will I feel guilty for beating on a hobo? No, no I won't. He is lucky enough to be indoors for what I assume will only be for a short amount of time. Soak it in. You're going down, Johnny_Hobo.

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The night of the fight. 

Spicy sat in the dimly lit dressing room, the air was thick with tension. The sound of muffled cheers from the crowd outside filtered through the walls, a constant reminder of the impending battle that awaited her in the ring.

Her back was to the door when someone walked in and said “We fought a good fight Spicy and you kicked my ass and I hold no animosity.  I just wanted to stop by and wish you good luck on your fight tonight.   Turning around  Nicklin is standing there.   Well, you sure clean up nicely (thinking what’s this guy up to, I heard he was telling people Sniffler had fixed the fight) thanks for stopping by.   He nodded his head and said “Good Luck” again. As he walked back out Dollar just looked at me and said “What the fuck was that all about. 

Whispers came busting in the dressing room.  He got shot in the throat and it messed up his vocal cords as to why they now called him Whispers. .  They are betting big bucks on you Spicy. Dollar turned to Whispers and asked him to repeat what he was saying.  That stinking mother fucker Nicklin has millions betted on Spicy to win.  Dollar said he would be right back, had to check this out and he and Whispers walked out.

That’s why that fucker came in the room wishing you the best of luck.  He and that commentator SonnyFranzese  have some big bucks betted on the fight.  The son of a bitch probably just wanted to check you out,  Dollar said as he returned to the dressing room.  But you don’t fucking worry about that shit.  You just do what you’ve been doing.  You must have put a hurting on Nicklin for him to invest that much money on you.  I heard he’s some big wheel out of Brooklyn and runs with an organization called the G-Unit, maybe he just got it that way.  You just do what I taught, and you will be fine.

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Nicklin had washed this week and also bathed his little piglets ready for the big fight. All his money was on Spicy and he was willing to put $100 million on her should any man or woman also want to bet against him and Spicy!

After putting on some fresh pants and socks, Big Nicklin heading down to the even, ready for the big fight to kick off!!

Let’s get ready to rumbllllllllle
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Pre-Fight Interview

NsM had been ringing around trying to get hold of some of the fighters for a pre-fight interview. After Professor had publicly come out last night to call out his opponent Johnny_Hobo, it was a scoop too good to miss. Nine had a few connections now that he was a left hand for an established family out in Philly, and with being so close to New York, he hoped that those connections could get him in with at least the Professor to talk more about his upcoming fight. Fortunately for NsM, the string pulling came through and he had his interview set up.

NsM and Professor headed over to a joint in NY called The English Rose, ran by another infamous mobster and one who had been seen at the Brawl for Fall event, Georgette. The two ordered a drink and sat down at a nearby booth.


N: So Professor, thank you for taking the time to sit down and speak to me about your upcoming fight.

P: No problem, I'm happy to meet up for a chat with someone as handsome as yourself.


N: What are your thoughts on the upcoming fight? Publicly you've come out and announced you see no reason why you won't walk through the hobo, do you still maintain this stance?

P: Of course I do; mindset is half of the battle. Competency and confidence in one's ability often go hand in hand. Visualization is key, also, one of my patents, erm, I mean fighting techniques, are second to none. The homeless man won't know what hit him! 


N: What are your thoughts on your opponent using the silent strategy? It's known that he is a man of few words, does this make you wonder more about your opponent? 

P: I think he knows his inevitable demise is closing in on him. He witnessed my first two overly confident opponents quickly realized once they stepped in the ring that there is more than meets the eye with this geezer. Don't let the slippers fool you!


N: There are reports from some fight fans that maybe you're getting a bit too long in the tooth now, with some going so far as to say that you're just an ugly bald man with jam jars for spectacles. What would you say to me...uh, I mean those fans that say that?

P: Im not as good as I once was, there is no denying that. But, I can be as good once, as I ever was. 


N: Finally, do you think you can go all the way and win this thing? If not you, who do you think might win it?

P: I do indeed see myself being the last man standing. But I would be lying if I said a few other entrants hadn't caught my attention. I do have my spectacles on a few individuals, one being that eccentric librarian. With all of the information at his fingertips he is capable of anything. Only time will tell.


NsM had been trying to locate Johnny_Hobo for some time, unfortunately due to having no fixed address it was impossible to track him down, maybe it was a ruse, maybe a way to lay low, or as others say, he makes up for build what he lacks in brain and just wanted to keep shtum. We will soon find out that's for certain. NsM wished both fighters well and was sure that it would be an exciting spectacle whatever happened.

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Fight Preview: MrChaChaSlide vs @Selena_

Well folks in one of the most anticipated fights of the year, we have none other than the Vampire goddess herself squaring off against the man who knows how to move, Cha Cha! These two have not have much in the way of words and I can imagine neither really cares to as they both have ferocious knockout power. In arguably a matchup that is expected to finish within the first four rounds we should see an absolute slugfest commence between these two. Selena, representing the Corktown Cartel in Detroit has been quite expressive that she is not worried about going to the finals and she is just here for a good time. That is quite literally one of the most terrifying things I have ever heard from a fighter, they are just here to have fun...What human being enjoys being punched and punching others and is willing to be knocked out in the process? Selena, no stranger to blood and violence finished her first opponent within the first two rounds leaving him quite literally helpless on the mat. Cha Cha on the other hand danced his way to victory placing shot after shot in the early goings of the tournament. From the height difference to the style differences I can imagine as fight fans we are in for a real treat. 

What to look for: As a fight fan, you should be looking out for Cha Chas jab as he bounces in and out of the danger zone. With Selena you should expect her to get up nice and close properly placing damaging hooks from the clinch. Our eyes will bounce all over the ring in this one like a tennis match. I imagine Selena has the first two rounds to win it, and if it goes past that then it should be a cake walk for Cha Cha! 

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