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Brawl For Fall Started by: Sniffler on Oct 25, '23 18:07

Sniffler smiled as he watched Sonny walk off. It was nice to get the thoughts of some other members of the mafia community. He decided to wander around and see if he noticed anyone else he knew that might have an input on the event. 

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Nicklin hasn't been feeling very well of late and wondered if his bout could be reschuled? 

It has been a long time since he had been under the weather and knew his old friend Sniffler would do his best to postpone his fight with Spicy until a later date. Afterall, this was the fight the world had been waiting for and Nicklin needs to be on top form.

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The hustle and bustle of the streets is suddenly interrupted by someone, or something, singing a tune... You notice the singing getting louder as footsteps can also no be heard. A few seconds later, Elmo can be spotted strutting his stuff and singing to himself. 

This is the song, this is the song...

Oh, hi there kids. My favourite Bronx based Godfather has asked some very personal questions which I'd like to address publicly.

Elmo pulls out a scrunched-up piece of paper and takes a moment to open it up. He begins to read Sniffler's first question.

Have you heard of the Brawl For all?

I can confirm I have indeed heard of the Brawl For All. I was actually tempted to sign up myself, but didn't do so for the only reason of not wanting the kids to see my darker side. You know, cuddly Elmo doesn't want his fists covered in the blood of an inevitably inferior opponent.
Perhaps next time you run the Brawl For All, people will have already seen Elmo in this way and it won't shock the kiddies. 

Who is your favourite competitor so far and what has been your highlight?

A lot of people will tell you about skill, dedication, hard work, blood, sweat and tears in this way of life. What can I say, my all-time favourite DeadlySin took it on the chin like a chump in round 1. Absolutely spectacular to see, the way he went down like a sack of potatoes. I've already been to collect my winnings and I'll be sweet for quite some time now, what a guy he is!

What match are you most looking forward to in round 2 and why?

What more can I say, there's only one real choice here if we're all honest. The mountain of a man that is Spiral, and not only because he paid me handsomely to say that. He's just a great fighter, look what he did to BigPun in round 1. My man progresses to round 2 without having to lift a glove, that's sensational. I don't care what you say, he may be the most competitive competitor competing in this competition and the fact he's through and injury free is great news for everyone else.

Some of the things he's capable of doing to another human being, sexual or otherwise... Erm, yeah I've probably said enough but I’m sure most of you will agree.

Elmo should really go home now though and make sure Dorothy has something to drink.

Elmo begins humming again and turns his back, he walks away in the same direction he appeared from

La la la la la la la Elmo’s world

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Sniffler smiled at Nicklin. He didnt look very sick well not physically ill. Everyone knew that at heart Nicklin was a sick individual but they kind of like him for it. Kind of. I think. 

"Well Nicklin, I'm afraid we cant reschedule your fight. The show must go on. After all your were spotted out with the G unit crew and didnt seem to ill. I have to inform you that scantily clad woman in a nurses uniform was one of your competition nurse and well she said you weren't sick. WELL she said you weren't ill. There was something to do with a Dalmatian, a jar of peanut butter and a fireman. But thats none of my business". 

Sniffler shuddered. 

"Dr_KennethNoisewater our competition doctor has also passed you fit to compete after he conducted an extremely thorough examination of you the other night when he found you passed out in a gutter. Sadly I have to inform you, that was not an alien abduction. I wish you the best of luck in your fight."

Sniffler saluted Elmo. 

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Nicklin knew he was a bit sick in the head at times but this was different. He had been out with the G Unit the weekend before and now he was seeing double of everything. Double guns, legs, heads, bums and boobs. Sometimes this illness was maybe good and sometimes maybe baaaaad.

Sniffler wouldn't budge in his decision so Nicklin was tempted to throw in the towel before his next fight, the peanut butter was still burning his eyes and he was also having nightmares about Diabolik the dalmatian and the fireman. They were both stuck together which wasn't a pleasant sight. Maybe Dr_KennethNoisewater could take a look and release the fireman out of the back of D?

Nicklin was pondering, should be send a friend to Spicy and kidnap her until after the fight night. hmmmm

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Snifflers heart pounded in his chest. He could feel the blood rushing in his ears. He watched staff race around making last minute adjustments and preparations. Allie approached him.

“The fans are making their way into the arena now.”

“Ok thank you”.

Sniffler was nervous. He wanted everything to go perfect. Allie smiled at him.

“It will go great” she encouragingly. Sniffler smiled.

“And if it doesn’t, hey Harvey would make a wonderful godfather.”

Allie chuckled and turned on her heels. Sniffler smiled, laughed, and went back to making the final preparations. It was almost showtime.

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Ginger stepped out of the New York GOATS Headquarters into the crisp, clean autumn air. It had that comfortable, inviting fall feel to it. Outside the headquarters were several large oak trees which were, normally, used to tie up any mischievous, or wandering goats. Ginger watched the branches as they waved in the wind. Ginger’s focus was on a single, harvest-red leaf, gently floating on the breeze.

As the leaf softly hit the ground, Ginger remembered hitting the canvas during his boxing match, his first and only loss. It was an unfortunate turn of events, the boxing tournament was supposed to be the springboard to stardom! The GOLDEN TICKET so to speak. Ginger’s chance to really become something for once…  However, this was not the case. Ginger was feeling down but he knew he wasn’t done. It was time to head back to the STREETS, the playgrounds. An arena of true gladiators, warriors, and savages. Where the only rule was there were NO RULES.

Back where Ginger made a name for himself, back where Ginger was king. Sighing, Ginger purposely kicked some leaves as he walked to the curb reveling in the thought that, despite how fragile the leaves were they still made the most a satisfying crunch when stepped on. What a weird thought... Bringing himself, back to focus. Ginger stepped off the curb. 

Sniffler had asked him to be one of the commentators in round two. Ginger had agreed; hoping there would be free food provided. So, with a rumble in his stomach, Ginger set off toward the Detroit Boxing Arena. Thanks to his trusty bicycle the journey shouldn’t take long at all and so Ginger rode off on his trusty red bicycle towards the Detroit Boxing Arena. 

Soon after leaving the Bronx, Ginger discovered the journey may prove to be far more arduous than first thought. Detroit is in fact, much further away from New York than it had appeared on the small map Ginger was using. The sun rose and fell, but he continued to peddle. The rain and wind came, but he continued to peddle. Ginger only stopped to sleep for an hour or if there was a comfortable looking bush. Despite the hardships the journey wasn’t all bad; he even made some friends along the way. Most notable was a large dog called Ted. They shared a pizza together on the outskirts of Buffalo; it was truly a magical evening.  

In time Ginger's weary eyes were met with the sight he had been dreaming of for the last THREE DAYS. The fabled, historical Detroit Boxing Arena. It stood large and proud. Its gleaming spires standing erect over the great city of Detroit. Just the sight of such a beauty brought tears to Ginger’s eyes, or was that the smell… Either way, Ginger was keen to finish the journey. 

He spent a few minutes circling the arena looking around and wondered where everyone else had left their bicycles. “Surely they were not walking all the way,” Ginger scoffed. It would be those idiots' idea to think of walking instead of taking their bicycles… 

Ginger, gingerly, climbed off his bike and chained it up outside of the stadium and waddled his way through the entrance; the waddling was an, unfortunate, result of cycling for nearly three days straight. Noticing the elevator “OUT OF ORDER” sign, Ginger sighed and began climbing up the stairs to the meeting room. By the time he got to the 4th floor his legs felt like jelly. On the 9th floor, he was crawling. A sign on the 9th floor landing read, “Meeting Rooms - 15th Floor.” An audible groan echoed and reverberated throughout the staircase. Several excruciating minutes later when he pushed the doors open to the meeting room he was met with the sight of another sign reading, “MEETING MOVED TO 2nd FLOOR GALLERY.” Ginger nearly threw himself out of the window, but the rumble in his stomach reminded him of his purpose. 

After several MORE excruciating minutes, Ginger reached the doors to the Gallery. As he pushed open the door he was greeted by the most marvelous buffet, someone could wish for; no expense was spared. He dragged his weary body towards the table, salivating and nearly frothing from the mouth, he reached out to grab a plate, but his arm was forcefully dragged back. Ginger wearily looked around only to see Sniffler glaring back at him, “Where the hell have you been?!” Sniffler demanded. 

Before Ginger even had time to answer he was already being drug down the hall by the surprisingly strong anteater. The wondrous odor of the buffet drifted away from Ginger, and with it part of him. Ginger sighed, defeated once again… 

Sniffler pushed Ginger into a room marked makeup, hair and costume. “Do something with this guy will you, he looks like he's been living in a bush for the last three days.” Ginger slumped down in the chair and left the professionals to do what they do best.. As they worked on him Ginger noticed a half eaten muffin on the table in front of him. His stomach rumbled. “Do you want that?” Ginger asked, as he gestured to the muffin. He was met with a shake of the head. Ginger smiled. He reached out to grab the muffin. Just then he was plucked up from the chair, the muffin just out of reach, and was dragged down the hall once again by the angry anteater.

Sniffler sat him down in a chair and handed him some notes. Read over these and I will be back in a few minutes. Ginger briefly glanced at the notes but his mind began to soon wander. He was so hungry. Nobody can operate under these circumstances. Ginger wandered over to the bin and began scavenging for scraps. Finding some crusts of bread, an apple core, and 3 packets of mayonnaise; Ginger quickly glanced over both shoulders. I’ll make one of Ted’s famous recipes he taught me, Ginger thought. Ginger returned to his seat to enjoy his meal before that pesky anteater returned and made him do something else. Ginger looked back at the clock. “Looks like it is nearly showtime then.”

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The lights dim. The crowd goes quiet in anticipation. They come alive when the first few bars of music hit. Sniffler bursts through the curtain connection backstage to the entranceway. He is wearing an elegant white tuxedo with a matching top hat and walking cane. He smiles, stops, and soaks up the atmosphere. The arena was electric. Sniffler was overwhelmed by the support shown for the competition so far. He knew that the best was yet to come and resolved himself to raise his game to ensure that he gave the community of mobsters the entertainment they deserved. 

Sniffler walks down the rampway slowly waving to people in the crowd he knows. He stops to shake hands with a few notable mobsters sitting in the ringside seats. Sniffler climbs the steps to the ring. He pauses at the top and wipes his feet on the apron of the ring before entering. Once inside the ring, he picked up a microphone that was sitting in the middle of the ring.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I am your host Sniffler and WELCOME TO THE BRAWL FOR FALL”

Sniffler pauses as the crowd cheers. As the crowd becomes quieter Sniffler speaks again.

“You guys are too kind. Before I begin, I would just like to say thank you. Thank you to all our competitors, thank you to our sponsors and most importantly thank you to you, the community who are helping a little anteater's dream come true.”

Sniffler pauses as the crowd applauds.

“With that all said and time. It is time for the show to commence. We have a stupendous 8-match card for you. Each one will be handled by a guest commentator. Tonight, I will be involved in co-commentary. You guys have all heard me speak enough. Tonight, we place a spotlight on some new blood and some old friends. Taking charge of the first match of the night is Transistor.”

Sniffler rolls out of the ring to let the show get underway.

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Match 1

From outside the stadium the crowd could be heard loud and clear. They were all here to see the big fights of the night. The old stadium was packed to the brim and it well and truly looked like the roof might blow clean off of it. Some people had been there for hours just waiting to get in and the events of the night were finally almost ready to begin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's finally the time you've all been waiting for. Our first fight of the night is a big one. Physically fierce MrChaChaSlide vs emotionally devastating Georgette and as always thank you to the fabulous Sniffler for the event!

Music begins to echo it's way through the arena and cheers begin as Transistor points to the blue corner's tunnel where MrChaChaSlide should be entering...

...any minute now.

The music quickly cuts out and a hard rock anthem begins to play over the arena loudspeaker system.

I'm sorry folks I guess we're having some technical diffic- bah gawd. Is that MrChaChaSlide walking through the audience?

MrChaChaSlide weaves his way through the crowd of spectators with a beer in one hand, a broom in the other and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Wait a minute. He's got a broom? MrChaChaSlide got himself a Singapore broom?

MrChaChaSlide holds the beer over his head and cracks it open, spraying it's contents all over the nearby spectators before taking a swig and making his way to the ring.

Well, that was.. shall we say, unorthodox for a boxing match, but what's important is he's here now. Lets turn our attention to the other tunnel where Georgette should be arriving any moment.

The lights dim and gentle lullabies begin to play on the stadium sound system. Georgette arrives in her pajamas and a sleep hat pointing at MrChaChaSlide and yawning.

It seems Georgette is trying to send a message with her theatrical entrance. During the pre-fight interviews she had mentioned that she'd barely given this fight any thought and she's showing now that she is not intimidated by MrChaChaSlide or his ego.

As Georgette climbs the stairs and gets into the ring, she gives MrChaChaSlide a mean look and heads to her corner.

These two competitors came to give you a show today, and that's just what they're doing. MrChaChaSlide is in the black trunks fighting out of Las Vegas, NV; and Georgette is in the blue trunks fighting out of New York, New York. This'll be one for the record books.

Ding, Round 1.

Georgette immediately begins closing the gap toward MrChaChaSlide. It seems her sleepy act was just a ruse. She gets him square with a left hook, uppercut combo but ChaCha seems entirely unphased. Is he laughing? He backs up and drops his hands before squaring up and sending Georgette REELING with a straight jab to the face.

Georgette shakes it off and comes back in full force with a body shot that looks like it caused a little bit of damage. She jukes left and lands another kidney shot to ChaCha. He looks a bit stunned by those shots and closes the gap to tie up with Georgette to get a breather

The referee gets between them to separate and gives a warning to MrChaChaSlide.

The two back apart and get set just as the bell rings


Ladies and gentlemen, are we going to see an upset here? I'm no judge but by the numbers it seems while ChaCha's hits are landing with more power, Georgette seems to be getting the better side of this bout in the points column. Could this be the strategy that finally brings down MrChaChaSlide? Let's get ready for round 2.

Ding, Round 2

Both fighters look refreshed from that short break, but I do notice some bruising around MrChaChaSlide's midsection, he's going to need to protect his body a little better going forward.

The two fighters are squared up in the middle of the ring waiting for the other to make the first move. MrChaChaSlide feints a jab and Georgette bites hook line and sinker with a sway to her right. MrChaChaSlide throws a right hook into the side of Georgette as she leans into it. Massive damage! She's stunned from that brutal hit.

MrChaChaSlide moves in even closer and starts unleashing jab after jab into Georgette. She can't seem to get her bearings to get her hands up.

The referee yells "you gotta protect yourself. put your hands up, you gotta protect yourself"

Georgette gets a hand up but it's promptly knocked away by MrChaChaSlide as he continues to throw punches toward Georgette.

The referree steps in between the fighters and waves off the fight.

By God, he's done it again with another turn-around. MrChaChaSlide has done it again.

Georgette is in the face of the referee arguing that she was fine and he shouldn't have stopped the fight. Now it looks like she might go after him next! Lets get this sorted out and we'll see you momentarily for the official results.


Winner by TKO


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Sniffler put his finger to his ear and listened. He nodded along. He stood up slowly. 

"If I could please have your attention please. Spicy was due to commentate on the next match. However, she is currently missing"

The crowd gasped.

"We will therefore be rejigging the card. Match 8 will now take place. Thank you Yaveo. Take it away when ready"

Sniffler hope it wouldnt affect the night too much. 

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Craven vs Professor 

”Bad Blood”

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready for probably one of the most anticipated matches that we have been waiting for when Professor takes on Craven. It’s East Coast vs The West in a showdown that is destined to see two battle it out for supremacy. Now the lead up to this fight has been filled with trash talk. In an earlier interview Craven expressed how he felt both confident and ready to beat his older opponent. The two are inching their way closer to the championship and with this being a massive step for both fighters we will see who wants it more. I believe Professor should be watching out for the overhand right of Craven but if Professor pushes the pace early we could see a complete upset!

Without any more waiting, let’s get into the fight

Round 1

Craven comes out circling around Professor. He is eyeballing him carefully looking to launch a left hook it would appear. Professor is waving him along with his old wrinkly flabby arms. The two engage in a momentary scuffle leaving Professor backing up against the corner. Cravens eyes look devilish the way he is staring his opponent down. Craven comes in hurling a haymaker at Professor! Professor ducks under and plants a solid one two in the ribcage of Craven. Ten seconds on the clock, it could be anyone's round. Craven steps forward and throws a straight down the barrel, sending Professor stumbling backwards again. The power appears to be too much for the underdog. You have to score a 10-9 for Professor. 


Round 2 

Well during the break It was overheard that the Professor was not exactly thrilled about how that last round went and he feels his hand is injured. So keep an eye on his right hand seeing if the Professor uses much of his dominant hand. It likely would have been when he hit that one two in the rib cage. Craven landing body shots at will here. Professors mouth is wide open, gasping for air. Craven catches Professor with an uppercut from hell! Professor is covering up, The referee steps in and Craven is landing hook after hook. Professor goes down. The referee begins the count. It only goes to 8 as Professor stood back up immediately. About ten seconds left in this round. Craven looks to land a knockout shot. Professor plants his feet and misses with a wild hook. That's the end of the round. 10-8 for Craven undoubtedly. 


Round 3  

Craven is breathing a little harder. Apparently he went in trying to finish his opponent but he may have gasped himself out by doing that. Professor lands a jab. Craven is letting his arms hang low. Craven throws a wild hook but the Professor was able to counter with a one two. Craven now seems to be allowing Professor to take this round while he relaxes a bit. Professor is out there head hunting. His corner is telling him to swing with more force. Professor is swinging with all his might but Craven is just taking those shots like nothing. Professor backs off. It must be his hand again. Craven smells blood! Craven stalking Professor. Craven comes in looking to land a shot now. And ANOTHER UPPERCUT sending Professor down yet again. He is not getting up that quickly. The round come to an end and stops the count. Saved by the bell. 10-8 for Craven again! 


Round 4

Professor is likely to lose this fight. His hand is injured. He has been knocked down in the last two rounds and was clearly outscored in the first. Professor needs a miracle. Craven comes in looking to finish him off. His hands still at his side and his mouth open. Professors corner calling for body shots. Professor places a straight in the abdomen of Craven. Lands a left hook to the body and again another straight. Craven marches Professor down. Craven swings with a dangerous hook with violent intentions. Professor moves in and places another left hook to the body...CRAVENS HURT! Oh no! Craven is hurt. He is wincing in pain backing up slowly. Professor starts rushing towards Craven firing more punches. Craven goes down. It was no doubt a liver shot! The referee starts the count! No way is it going to end this way....Craven can't stand up! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THIS IS IT! Professor defeats Craven by knockout via a Liver shot in the fourth round. 

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Sniffler climbs to his feet once again after getting an update from back stage. 

"Good News Everybody"

Sniffler winked at Professor 

"We have found Spicy. And she will be taking part in the next match. Enjoy the rest of the show. Take it away Harvey"

Sniffler nodded to Harvey 

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 ~ Nicklin Vs Spicy ~

When Harvey had taken the Phone call from the Goatfather asking him to attend the Boxing, he'd expected a seat at a VIP table, with fine dinning before and lots of expensive alcohol during, he hadn't expected him to want a report on the match. Yet here we were. Luckily, Harvey had been able to choose the match, and a quick scan down the upcoming fights identified the one he wanted to do, Nicklin Vs Spicy. Secretly he wanted to see Nicklin punch 7 colours of shit out of Spicy, and it was nothing whatsoever to do with Spicy knocking him back at the Family Halloween Party, no siree bob. It was because of... well it wasn't important why, stop asking stupid questions, OK?


Anyway, on with the Fight. The Smart money was on Spicy, after a 4th Round Knockout in her fight against BlueEyes. Spicy had literally beaten the living snot out of BlueEyes, so much so that his corner team had thrown in the towel. Nicklin's match on the other had had been a less decisive knock down drag out battle against BadxWolf which was surprising given that the word on the streets was that BadxWolf had a glass jaw. The Match had gone the distance and had ended in a split decision. Perhaps Harvey had picked the wrong horse to back in this particular two horse race.


Spicy's Entrance Music blared out of the PA System, and the usually demure looking Capo walked down the ramp to the ring with spittle flying from her mouth and a look of abject hatred on her face, although whether that was for her opponent or the man doing the blow by blow commentary. For a moment Harvey thought he could see blood stains on her gloves, left over from the beating she gave Old BlueEyes. Reaching the Ring, she was greeted by the Referee, who checked her gloves, looked into her eyes to check for doping and checked her boots. Spicy climbed into the ring and saluted the crowd who were cheering wildly. As her music died away, Nicklin's started and he walked towards the ring, shadow boxing as he went, possibly a poor decision given how tired he was at the end of the last fight. Gone was the Red Riding hood robe, the basket and his Piglets, this time Nicklin meant business. Reaching the ring, he got the same examination from the Ref, before climbing into the Ring to polite applause and some cheering, no where near as phrenetic as the support for Spicy.


The Ring announcer Walked into the Centre of the Ring a Mic lowering from the ceiling. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Leeeeeeeeet's get ready to Ruuuuumble! Good evening and welcome to tonight's boxing match which promises to be a classic in every sense of the word. In every corner of the world, the quest for supremacy in some form is evident. Men seek power over one another -- power that begets wealth, influence, and, in its strongest forms, immortality -- a guarantee of being remembered long after one's greatest days have passed. This stage was created for the express purpose of determining supremacy. But sometimes, in extraordinary circumstances, the results inside differ starkly from realities that evolve far beyond. In the Blue Corner, hailing from the Bronx, New York with a record of One win, Zero Loses and One Knock Out, She is the East Bronx Assassin... Spicy!" Again the Crowd goes wild. "And in the Red Corner, hailing from Brooklyn, New York with a Record of One Win, Zero Loses and Zero Knock Outs, He's the Brownsville Brawler... Nicklin!" This time the crowd seem a little more enthusiastic about Nicklin. The Referee stood in the centre of the ring and beckoned both fighters too him. He Spoke to them individually and then together, before they hit each others gloves and he sent them back to their corners. As soon as they arrived the bell rang for Round One.


Harvey SpecterWelcome to this match, the match to end all matches and certainly the most exciting of those in round two. We have Spicy, looking to capitalize on the mauling she dished out last round, and Nicklin, a man hungry for success with something to prove after his last fight went the distance. Both are heavy hitters, capable of dishing out a lot of damage, and while the popular support seems to be for Spicy, this match really could go either way. 12 Rounds scheduled, but I don't think this one will go the distance. 


Nicklin comes out at the bell and swings a wild right that Spicy dodges. Both fighters jab, with Spicy taking a shot to the body. Nicklin lands a right to Spicy’s ear, but Spicy comes back with two good jabs. With twenty seconds left, Nicklin lands a cracking right hand to the side of Spicy’s head, which rocks and drives her back into the ropes.

Harvey Specter: Spicy is in trouble . . . she’s wobbling, really, back toward her corner. No fear in Nicklin at all. Good punching power in both hands.

Nicklin opens up, seemingly looking for the one big punch that could bring an early end to this night. Spicy survived the remainder of the round without getting caught by anything significant, but she looked hurt as she went to her corner. First round to Nicklin.


Nicklin comes out swinging wildly in round two, but Spicy was the more aggressive in this round, throwing her left jab and pushing her opponent away with both hands as Nicklin continually comes forward. Midway through the round, Spicy stuns Nicklin with a three-punch combination, driving her man back into the ropes.

Harvey Specter: Now Nicklin is hurt!

Nicklin spends the remainder of the round with his back to the ropes and then in a neutral corner. An odd quirk in the fight was that this round only lasts two minutes due to an error by the timekeeper—probably a good thing for Nicklin, as Spicy unloaded straight rights and left hooks as the bell sounded. To his credit, though, Nicklin was throwing back valiantly. Second round to Spicy.


Harvey SpecterThe fighters are using eight-ounce gloves, which have less padding, resulting in greater damage from the blows, more punishment, and more knockdowns likely.

Nicklin immediately lands a right to Spicy’s face at the start of round 3, then keeps pressing forward. He hits Spicy with a left hook and a right, but Spicy comes back with a nice right hand, and Nicklin finds himself on the ropes again with Spicy pressing in, landing good body shots that Nicklin countered effectively off the ropes. The round could have been scored for either opponent, as Spicy is clearly the aggressor, but Nicklin did some effective work with his back against the ropes.


The fourth round proves to be, unequivocally, one of the most exciting in heavyweight boxing history. First Nicklin comes out and connects with a good straight right. No more than twenty seconds later, a right followed by an uppercut wobbles and drops Spicy hard to the mat.

Harvey Specter: Spicy is down. It started with a right, then a left.


Reminiscent of the Walcott-Marciano fight, the roar of the New York fans drowns out all other sound in the Bronx arena. Spicy rises, her senses apparently intact, and takes the mandatory eight-count. Nicklin puts on the pressure, trying to end it, but is somehow held by Spicy. The fighters exchange huge hooks in the centre of the ring, and it is difficult to determine who is getting the better of the exchange until Spicy lands a crisp right that drops Nicklin to his knees.

Harvey Specter: Now Spicy struck back . . . now . . . now . . . Spicy fought back with a magnificent right!


Nicklin rises to his feet and Spicy, looking to end the show, backs him against the ropes, Nicklin slugging valiantly off the ropes, hitting Spicy flush with a few counter lefts. Near the end of the round, an uppercut stuns Spicy, who returns fire, but then a huge right hand from Nicklin connects squarely with Spicy’s chin, and Spicy is down for the second time in the round. Spicy drops with her posterior in the air and the left side of her face glued to the canvas, looking like a woman resting her head on a railroad track listening for an oncoming train—and not quite realizing the train had already run over her. At the bell, she staggers up and reels instinctively to her corner. Spicy is Literally Saved by the bell. Round to Nicklin.


Round five begins once again with Nicklin swinging two big lefts, stunning Spicy who almost falls forward into the ropes. Nicklin lands another big left followed by a right as Spicy tries to push away from him.

Harvey Specter: Spicy is in bad trouble now.

Then Spicy lands two good shots of her own to slow Nicklin down for a moment. Nicklin sneaks in a right that appears to hurt Spicy badly.

Harvey Specter: From here on in, it’s going to be a match of power, and a match of stamina. Nicklin has the mental edge right here.

Then Nicklin lands a big left, and Spicy tries to stick the jab. They exchange rights in what seems all-out war to rival any ever seen before in the ring. An uppercut from Nicklin and Spicy is badly staggered.

Harvey Specter: Spicy is in bad trouble again.

Spicy strikes back and lands a vicious four-punch combination, pushing Nicklin into the corner and unleashing twenty unanswered punches. Nicklin finally drops both hands to his knees, then begins to slump over as Spicy continues to fire rights and lefts. Nicklin’s knees hit the canvas and he falls flat on his face, as the crowd rises to its collective feet. Nicklin tries to rise at the nine-count but falls over onto his back and is counted out.


Harvey Specter: From out of nowhere Spicy wins by a knockout when it looked like Spicy was the one in trouble these last few rounds. Once again Spicy takes it to her man, delivering a furious onslaught that few can survive let alone repel. Nicklin, perhaps still suffering after going the full 12 rounds with BadxWolf, certainly wasn't able too. A battle for the ages, somewhere between a stand up melee and a knock down drag out bar brawl. Spicy proceeds to the next phase, and Nicklin, who perhaps has gained more fans in defeat than with his previous victory is eliminated. Join us shortly, for our next fight.

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It certainly wasn’t Boyardee’s first time sampling mushrooms for a new culinary creation but these took him on quite a journey. Colors and lights from the Brawl for Fall event morphed and swirled in on themselves in a hypnotic display that drew Boyardee in through a side entrance. The roar of the crowd was a small sensory overload but nothing that another mushroom wouldn’t make more interesting. The seats were all claimed by individuals standing in front of them so Boyardee wandered the venue for an ideal place to view the lights and action. A dimly lit tunnel with a tiny sign seemed to lead directly to the display of lights. Boyardee placed a hand on the wall to steady himself as the bits of light that managed to flash down the tunnel made the sign in front of him ebb and flow in visibility, the first words was definitely Guest, the next word might have been Commissary or Commodity, it mattered not, Boyardee was a guest and he was sure to figure it out at the end of the tunnel. 
A familiar voice in the center of the lights beckoned him forward with an enticing offer to join them shortly for the next fight. It was not long before Boyardee found himself at the threshold between dark tunnel and stunning display of lights and sound, the single step into the light brought cheers and applause from the audience and caused the familiar voice, Harvey_Specter to swivel his head towards Boyardee. He walked over to greet Boyardee, “
Great to have you as a Guest Commentator, just a reminder it’s match 7 Johnny_Hobo Vs Starborn, we saw Starborn take out Substance last time but this is still anyone’s fight, enjoy the front row.” 
Boyardee did not react, what had he managed to walk into today? What had Harvey just told him? Why did he follow the lights? 
Boyardee snapped back to a fraction of his current reality as Harvey disappeared into the tunnel, the crowd was focused on Boyardee and he focused on them. 

Match 7 

Thank you Harvey_Specter, it is great to be here!” The crowd clapped and cheered knowing the next match was upon them. “What a great crowd this evening, give yourselves a round of applause, and keep it going for the lighting crew! You guys are doing great, lets get some more lights going.” The applause continued and lights began to spotlight the audience, even the tunnel lights came on. Boyardee tilted his head and watched a particular beam of light pass by, he reached out for it and felt nothing in his hand but the soft illuminating glow brought forth a feeling of ellation. The crowd fell silent. Boyardee realized how strange it must have appeared but he held his hand outstretched anyways as he began to speak, “Tonight we will witness the return of Starborn following their victory over Substance taking on Johnny_Hobo!” Boyardee expertly recalled the only words spinning in his head from his brief interaction with Harvey. The crowd roared with anticipation of a new match. With some spotlights already focused on Boyardee and his outstretched hand, the additionally requested spotlights continued to dance around the audience, awaiting a direction with which to set a focus. “Ladies, Gentlemen, Lighting Crew, Please direct your attention to the tunnel and welcome Starborn!” Boyardee further extended his hand to the tunnel he originally emerged from, the fans cheered and watched the tunnel as the spotlights made their way to the tunnel on the opposite end of the arena. Boyardee dropped his extended arm and lifted the other to point at the opposite tunnel as the fans swiveled their heads, beginning to suspect something was amiss with the new commentator. 
Starborn began to dance fight his way out of the tunnel, an uproar of cheers eclipsed the music as he made his way between the ropes and into the ring. “
And from New York, please welcome Johnny_Hobo!” Boyardee confidently gestured to the opposite tunnel that Starborn emerged from but the spotlights and audience remained focused on the correct tunnel as the music kicked on. Johnny_Hobo knew how to work the crowd and began to do so upon stepping into the spotlights, it wasn’t long before both competitors were in the ring and in their opposite corners. 
Now then, I want a nice clean fight, no kicking, no teeth, plenty of lights. Lets do it!” Boyardee waited for a nod from the contenders then looked at the only light that wasn’t on. He stared at it until it turned on. The competitors squared up to each other and waited for the dings. 

Round 1

The competitors quickly exited their corners, full of energy they began to circle each other cautiously, each deciding in that moment if they would be the first to strike. Johnny_Hobo leaned into his agility and began the rumble with a few quick jabs, staying light on his feet he managed to dodge the first swing from his opponent showcasing his speed to the audience as well as Starborn. Starborn held a defensive position until the time seemed right to attempt a powerful haymaker. 
These competitors have kicked things off with a hypnotic circular dance and boy is this the closest seat in the house, the action is really firing up, one of these two will certainly leave here a winner”. 
In a moment of aggression Starborn attempted a powerful haymaker that Johnny_Hobo had baited, he ducked and repositioned himself in one swift move and countered with a series of precise jabs and a hook that connected. The crowd began to cheer as the carnage quickly unfolded before them. 
Wow did you see that folks? Johnny’s shadow really packed a wallop on Starborn’s shadow, these guys are fightin’! I can’t wait to see what happens next round”, Boyardee was firmly staring at the arena floor where the lights were most mesmerizing. 

Round 2

As the bell rang the spotlights followed the competitors from their corners, the lights collided with each other at the center of the arena, Boyardee gasped. Starborn, feeling the sting from Johnny’s Round 1 combinations decided to adjust his strategy. He kept the aggression but this time closed the distance, aiming for clinches and short-range hooks to leave little room for Johnny to make the same move. Johnny quickly recognized the adjustment that his opponent made and began quickly repositioning himself with agile footwork to maintain distance and rely on his speed to avoid the incoming hooks. 
Johnny looks to be bringing out some riverdance fighting style, I’m not so sure… Oooooohhh” Boyardee trails off as he notices the spotlights changing diameter to focus on Johnny’s feet and changing position. 
Starborn took the upper hand against his adaptive opponent when he started to land a few body shots, but Jonny_Hobo responded with a strategic move, he switched his stance and landed a surprise combination, leaving Starborn momentarily off-balance. The round came to a close as Starborn caught his footing. Boyardee was entranced, staring off at the arena floor, the spotlight operator shifted the light back and forth until finally running the light right up to Boyardee, illuminating his shoes with a soft light. 
Right, yes, comments. These two are really giving us a match, I am certain that we should let them continue!” The silence that followed lasted only a few moments as the audience returned to their former level of excitement. 

Round 3

The bell signaled Johnny and Starborn into the center of the ring once more, a look of determination on each left the crowd firmly placed at the edges of their seats. Johnny thought back to the vulnerability in Starborn’s defense from the first round and feinted a jab, enticing Starborn to throw a haymaker. Time just about slowed down as Starborn’s face showed the realization that Johnny had pulled off another expert dodge. Johnny finishes his counter with a powerful hook, exploiting a weakness earlier identified and striking in the exact place he had before. 
Oh shit. Johnny’s got him on the ropes now. Did I use that right?” Boyardee asked the collective audience who had no intention of breaking concentration on the events that were unfolding. 
Starborn, visibly fatigued from the earlier rounds, struggles to recover from the damaging hook. Johnny_Hobo seizes the opportunity, landing a series of well-timed jabs and a final knockout hook. The arena went silent, save for 2 sounds, the hit, followed by the collision with the floor. Boyardee stepped into the arena and prodded Starborn gently with his shoe, “
He lost”. Boyardee turned to Johnny_Hobo and gave him a nod, he turned to the audience and firmly proclaimed, “Johnny_Hobo is declared the winner by knockout!” The crowd erupts in cheers, appreciating the skillful display of boxing and Johnny_Hobo’s strategic prowess. Boyardee bent down and placed a small mushroom in Starborn’s pocket then proceeded to offer Johnny a much larger one. 
Ladies and Gentlemen, you have been great! Lighting crew, thanks for bringing it! I’m going to stand somewhere else now, enjoy the bouts!” Boyardee gives a final nod to no one in particular and pops another mushroom before guessing which tunnel he should take and what adventures lie at their ends. 

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Rupert settled in for the next bit of excitement. One of his friends from the west coast Gordon_Ramsay was set to fight the semi-recently deceased DoubleStack. Rupert had been trying all week to work out the logistics for the fight and had come up empty. How was the foul mouthed chef of the West supposed to fight someone who was dead? Rupert spoke with Sniffler about the potential hiccup with the Card but Sniffler told him that it would be fine - a match still had to be called. None if it made any sense to Rupert, but to be fair, he had recently spent most of his energy towards preparing for his fight versus Spiral

Rupert picked up his microphone and tapped it a few times before starting to speak. 

"Welcome to the fifth fight of the evening ladies and gentlemen! As most of you are aware, one of the fighters in this contest was recently pronounced dead. That having been said I'm very honored to announce the winn-"

The lights in the stadium shut off abrubtly. The scent of five-star quality food seemed to be getting pumped through the ventilation system, causing most of the audience to drool profusely. A single spotlight shone in the center of the stage. Gordon_Ramsay stood in the light, next to him sat a cart which held an enormous covered platter. One by one - every ten feet or so - giant banners fell from the ceiling, surrounding the stadium. They were massive; easily 12x20 feet. Each one of them had a giant double cheeseburger printed upon them with a question mark painted over it. 

Gordon_Ramsay pulled out a microphone and began to speak. 

"Fresh never frozen was indeed, a sham. I'd never seen DoubleStack freeze quicker than when the health inspector came through the front door. I wouldn't have eaten anywhere within a ten mile radius of that sorry excuse for a burger! ABSOLUTE EFFING TRASH! Now I'm not saying that the health department is responsible for his death but I am saying that many people who consumed him wished that they would die. I'm here tonight to celebrate GREAT FOOD. Without further ado..."

Gordon uncovered the platter next to him and unvelied a ridiculous amount of cheeseburgers which he then proceeded to throw in to the audience with incredible accuracy. Amazingly enough the burgers stayed together which Rupert thought was strange, but he wasn't one to question the lunacy of this world. Gordon spoke in to the microphone once more.

"You're welcome! See you in Round 3!"


Rupert sat trying to process what had just happened and was now being prodded by one of the event staff to make the official call. 

"Well... I'm not sure what just happened here folks but put in the books, your winner in tonight's match... Gordon_Ramsay!!"

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Sniffler smiled to himself. The first few fights had gone marvellously. Spicy had been found and all was well. Sniffler took to his feet once more. 

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please take this time to get a bite to eat and maybe use the restroom. We will be back with the remainders of the fights shortly. But for now please enjoy Keith and the musical anteaters"

Keith the gaot stuttered on stage and took a seat at the drumkit. Alongside him stood 3 anteaters of the musical variety. They burst into song. 


In the ring where courage meets the canvas, Gloves laced up tight, anticipation's rampant. A dance of power, in the spotlight's gleam, Each punch thrown echoes a fighter's dream.

Heartbeats sync with the bell's resounding chime, In the squared circle, where legends climb. Blood, sweat, and the sweet taste of desire, In the boxing ring, where souls catch fire.

Grit and glory, in the punches that swing, The rhythm of the fight, a dance in the ring. A warrior's anthem, a tale to unfold, In the sweet science, where stories are told.

The jab, the hook, the footwork so divine, A symphony of movement, in the boxing shrine. With every dodge and weave, a story's spun, In the battle of fists, where battles are won.

Heartbeats sync with the bell's resounding chime, In the squared circle, where legends climb. Blood, sweat, and the sweet taste of desire, In the boxing ring, where souls catch fire.

Grit and glory, in the punches that swing, The rhythm of the fight, a dance in the ring. A warrior's anthem, a tale to unfold, In the sweet science, where stories are told.

A boxer's heart, like thunder in the night, Against the ropes, still ready for the fight. In the face of defeat, they rise again, A testament to strength, in the hearts of men.

Round by round, the saga unfurls, In the language of leather, where courage swirls. Bruised but unbroken, standing tall, In the ring, where warriors give their all.

Heartbeats sync with the bell's resounding chime, In the squared circle, where legends climb. Blood, sweat, and the sweet taste of desire, In the boxing ring, where souls catch fire.

Grit and glory, in the punches that swing, The rhythm of the fight, a dance in the ring. A warrior's anthem, a tale to unfold, In the sweet science, where stories are told.

So here's to the fighters, their spirits unbroken, In the ring of life, where words are unspoken. In the echoes of cheers, and the roar of the crowd, The sweet science endures, both humble and proud

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Selena vs BigEasy


Sniffler called me into his office.  When I arrived he had a severe look as he asked me to have a seat.

Spicy I never thought the Brawl For Fall would become so popular.  I have so many fights set up and not enough announcers and I would be grateful if you could step up and be a commentator for a fight.

I said sure Boss what do I need.

 As a boxing ring commentator, you will need a powerful voice, a strong sense of the sport, a deep understanding of the sport, and the ability to step into the spotlight and make the audience feel as if they are witnessing the action firsthand.

I told him I could handle that.

The night of the fight.

The air buzzed with anticipation as fight enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered to witness a night of electrifying bouts.

A stagehand lowered the mic via a pulley system, and I found myself in the middle of the ring in the spotlight. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Brawl For Fall!

The crowd erupted in cheers, their enthusiasm echoing through the arena.  The noise just boosted my confidence and my adrenaline started flowing.  


Tonight’s fight will be an epic battle that will leave you on the edge of your seats. Are you ready for a night of heart-pounding action?"  Let’s get this shit started.


"In the blue corner, the vampire-looking creature with fangs and all with lightning-fast jabs and a hunger for blood glory, reigning from Corktown, DT, with a second-round knockout of DeadlySin the one and only SELENA. 

Spicy waited for the applause to settle down.


In the red corner, a force to be reckoned with, known for his raw power and relentless, a powerhouse with fists of fury, who only hates Trimming his dog nails, reigning from Sin City, Las Vegas, also with a second round TKO of Yaveo.  Please give it up for BigEasy.

The ref gave the rules, no punching below the belt, back of the head, he turned to Selena and said no biting.  Let’s have a clean fight.

Let's get ready to RUUMMMBLE!

Round One

The crowd's roar reached a crescendo as the bell chimed, signaling the beginning of the championship match.

Both fighters are cautiously circling each other, testing the waters. Jabs are being exchanged, and both just checking out each other.

Fuck, all of a sudden BigEasy is unleashing a series of powerful hooks and gave Selena a thunderous overhand right.  What the fuck? Oh no he didn’t hit Selena like that.  Selena girl come on,  knock the shit out of that son of a bitch

The crowd roared with cheers as  I gave the ref the finger.  Selena showcased her defensive prowess, bobbing and weaving avoiding significant damage. That’s right SELENA you go girl. The bell ended the round.


Round Two

Ladies and Gentlemen BigEasy is showing no signs of slowing down! Showing explosive footwork and a barrage of body shots, he’s kicking Selena’s ass. Don’t worry Selena you got this.  Look at BigEasy corner giving me the eye.  Fuck all of you. The ref walks over to Spicy and tells her she has to be neutral.  Don’t worry about me ref you better go pay attention to the fightersThe atmosphere was thick with anticipation as the bout intensified

A hard right to the mouth of Selena from BigEasy has knocked out one of Selena's fangs. Damn her eyes are starting to glow like fire.  Kick his ass, Selena. The ladies in the arena started to stand and shout.  Kick his ass, Kick his ass.

 Lightning-fast combinations and a fierce body assault by Selena have brought BigEasy to his knees.   BigEasy is struggling to stand up, Selena catches him with an uppercut and then a right to the temple that sends his body flying to the canvas.

 One, two, three, four ………….. ten.  You’re out the ref proclaims. BigEasy is not moving.  Oh my God, Selena has killed BigEasy.  BigEasty's corner has joined the ref in the ring working on him.  slap Wake up slap Wake up.  BigEasy is starting to move Ladies and gentlemen, looks like he is going to be alright.  The crowd cheers as BigEasy is brought to his feet. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, after an exhilarating display of skill and determination, we have witnessed an unforgettable championship bout here tonight! The judges have rendered their decision, and now, the moment we've all been waiting for For the second time a second-round knockout the winner of this bout SELENA.

The crowd erupts into a thunderous roar, a mixture of cheers and applause filling the arena.  SELENA, SELENA, SELENA as she raises her gloves in victory.  BigEasy, displaying sportsmanship, approaches and offers a handshake, acknowledging the hard-fought battle.

"Let's give it up for both fighters! What a tremendous show of skill, heart, and determination.

"Thank you, fight fans, for being a part of this unforgettable night of boxing! Stay tuned for more thrilling matches.

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Ginger bounced up and down on the large comfortable chair. They didn’t have nice leather ones like this back at the Headquarters. Sniffler always makes people sit on hay bales, it’s like he was raised in a barn or something. Ginger was spinning in circles on the chair when the call came in over the earpiece. “We’re live in: 3, 2, 1”  

“Hello and welcome once again to The Detroit Boxing Arena. My name is Ginger and tonight I’ll be providing color commentary with our legendary host Sniffler! We are in for some exciting action tonight folks. Tonight we have the Crafty Canadian himself, @Shorsey going up against the Silent Slayer, Svent. These two have been eyeing each other up ALL week and it sure feels like they are gearing up for one heck of a fight. What have you been seeing from them this week, Sniffler?” 

Sniffler put on his best radio voice. “Right you are Ginger. I’ve been following these two gentlemen around over the last week, secretly of course. I wanted to get an inside view on how they were preparing for tonight's match, and let’s just say we’re in for some BIG surprises.” Sniffler winks in the direction a camera would be if this was being televised, but it wasn’t and nobody saw him winking. But he winked all the same. “And, I’ve just received word that our fighters should be making their way to the ring any moment now!” 

As the lights dim in the Detroit Boxing Arena the crowd noise begins to swell. The whole room was nearly vibrating with anticipation until the room erupted as Shorsey’s WALK-OUT MUSIC began.  Shorsey burst from behind the curtain as fireworks shot out from both sides. He stood under the shower of sparks and dazzling lights basking in the wild adulation. Feeding off the exhilaration, Shorsey bolted down the ramp and slid under the ropes into the center of the ring. He slowly tested the mat, bouncing on the balls of his feet. Satisfied, he went to each corner of the ring, climbing them and raising his gloves above his head as more fireworks showered him in sparks. 

“Wow, oh wow, Sniffler! Have you ever seen an entrance like that before! What a show! I didn’t even know pyrotechnics were legal inside the city of Detroit… Wait, what’s that. I’m getting confirmation that they are in fact illegal fireworks! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! That Shorsey guy is SO COOL! How can anyone even compete with such a specimen?” 

Ginger fanned himself with the fight promo as Sniffler leaned into the microphone. “Astute, and concise as always Ginger. Let’s take it back to the top of the ramp as I’ve just received confirmation that Svent is on his way to the ring as we speak!”

All eyes were on the curtain at the top of the ramp, when Svent’s WALK-OUT MUSIC started. 

Svent entered the arena to a mesmerizing light show. As he walked through the kaleidoscope of colors and dancing lights he greeted and waved to the crowd. Soaking in the cheers and fanfare, Svent took his time making his way to the ring. Squeezing out every second of the experience. As he reached the ring the lightshow dimmed to a single spotlight on Svent as he slowly climbed into the ring and took up his place in his corner. With both fighters now situated in the ring, the referee climbed into the ring, summoning both fighters to the center of the ring. 

“Ladies and gentlemen, and fight fans around the world, thank you for joining us for the fight tonight. Fighting out of the blue corner we have Shorsey and fighting out of the red corner we have Svent. Now fighters, listen up. I want a good clean fight; no low blows, no holding, no blows to the back of the head. Protect yourselves at all times, If I say ‘break,’ you break. Touch gloves if you want, and get to your corner. On the bell, come out fighting.” 

Shoresy and Svent stood only feet apart sizing each other up as the referee gave his instructions. At his command they raised gloves, bumped and backed up to their respective corners. Neither spoke, but they were both thinking the same thing. “I’m going to win this fight.” 

The bell rings, and the crowd roars. The entire building feels like it is moving as Shorsey and Svent approach one another cautiously in the center of the ring. Not wasting any time, Svent goes on the attack first, launching several quick and precise jabs piercing Shorsey's otherwise rock-solid defense. Svent attempts to keep up the pressure with more jab and cross combinations, but Shorsey’s defensive training seemed to have been paying off as he expertly dodged and countered with his own series of thundering combinations. A fast right hook followed by a devastating left cross from Shorsey caught Svent by surprise. The entire arena collectively held their breath as Svent stumbled backwards into the ropes from the assault. 

Shorsey sensed the opportunity and closed the gap. Svent was kept on the ropes by Shorsey’s increased aggression. Connecting with a series of body shots, Shorsey began weakening Svent’s remaining defenses. Feeling his energy and chances dwindling, Svent lashed out at Shorsey with desperate fury, looking to end the whole contest with one reckless swing. The entirety of the Detroit Boxing Arena was on their feet as Svent forced Shorsey back into the center of the ring. 

A single bell, from the officiant’s table signified only 30 seconds remaining in the round. Shorsey was ducking and weaving through Svent’s relentless onslaught of blows, deflecting and dodging, waiting to seize his opportunity. In the final seconds of the round Shorsey saw his advantage and took it. Ducking under a wild haymaker from Svent, Shorsey delivered the most devastatingly accurate uppercuts, snapping Svent’s head back, sending him careening unconsciously to the canvas. Time slowed to a standstill as Svent crashed to the floor. The entire arena exploded in cheers and excitement as the referee began his count. 

Shorsey stepped back into his corner with his hands raised above his head. The referee was still mid-count but the outcome was more than clear. Svent was spent. Svent tried to stand, but his legs wouldn’t budge. The referee shouted, “TEN” and the bell rang signaling the end of the fight. Shorsey has been declared the winner in the 1st Round by Knock-Out

Sniffler took over the microphone once again as Ginger was busy jumping up and down in his chair. “And there you have it folks. What an incredible fight we had here tonight. Thank you to everyone for joining us, up next it's time for our main event!” 

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Sniffler had taken a quick walk to stretch his legs and soak up the atmosphere before the main event. He took his seat beside Ginger who realised that he could adjust the height of his chair. Putting on the headset, Sniffler closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths. He clutched his BBB handkerchief tightly and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was time, he thought to himself as the red light came on indicating the broadcast was now live. 


“Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! I'm a smartly dressed anteater, and coming up next we have a battle for the ages! The smack talk was taken to new levels in their last meeting. The man trying to control that madness joins me tonight as my co-commentator. Ginger welcome, how are you doing tonight?”


Sniffler nodded to Ginger. 


“Good evening and thanks for having me, Sniffler! These chairs are wonderful. I just caught the tail end of the interview between these two competitors, and let me tell you, Spiral is going to have his work cut out for him. I’ve never seen someone brush off a steel chair to the face as nonchalantly as Rupert “The Rogue” Giles. I took a sniff of, look at the chair afterwards and it had a perfect chin indent. I’d hate to have to try and knock him out. Spiral is looking as scrappy as ever though. I was able to sit in on some of Spiral’s pre-fight rituals and let’s just say, he’s a real animal. Back to you Sniffler!”


“You certainly were lucky to escape unharmed during the week. I heard several people were struck by flying chairs during the post-interview.”


The arena lights began to dim as the music started to swell. 


“It’s looking like things are about to get underway here at the Detroit Boxing Arena.”


Anticipation rippled throughout the arena, but soon gave way to confusion. As the entrance music continued RupertGiles was nowhere to be seen. 


“We are being told now that Rupert is missing, has something foul occurred or perhaps this is all a part of some elaborate mindgame from the young challenger.”


Aethersix burst from behind the curtain as if he was thrown out to face the crowd. He cautiously approached the ring looking very confused and worried as he scanned the crowd. 


Sniffler covered his microphone and leaned in towards Ginger, “You know what’s happening here?” Both shrugged, Sniffler removed the covering. “Folks, we have no idea what’s happening here. Aethersix appears to be approaching the ring!” 


Sniffler held a finger to his ear trying to listen for updates through his earpiece but none came. After a few moments Athersix lifted the apron of the ring and started looking underneath. The crowd started to quiet down as the music ended and all eyes were focused on Aethersix as he sat down next to the ring and pulled out a wet, brown paper bag.


“Wha-What is he doing down there! Folks, it appears Aethersix has pulled out some sort of bag. Is that? It appears the bag is dripping blood! What the hell is going on Ginger?”


“WHAT’S IN THE BAG!” Ginger exclaimed. 


Aethersix dangled the dripping bag next to the ring and waved it back and forth whistling. To everyone’s surprise Rupert popped his head out from under the ring and swiped at the bag. 


“What the hell! What's he doing under there? How long has he been down there?” Sniffler asked. 


Aethersix slowly backed away, luring Rupert from under the ring and out into the open. He continued to lead him all the way into the ring. Aethersix tossed the bag into the hands of Rupert; who wasted no time tearing the bag to pieces and grabbing the now world famous pocket meat. Rupert savagely devours the pocket meat in a few bites. The ring announcer, utterly disgusted by what he’s just witnessed, snapped back to reality. 


“Ladies and Gentlemen, fighting out of the blue corner, now hailing from under the ring, Rupert “The Basement Bandit” Giles!” The crowd, still in shock, clap nervously as Rupert bounced around on his haunches. 


“Well folks, that was an interesting start. I fear that things might just get even weirder.”


Once again the lights dimmed. Spiral exited the backstage holding a guitar, dressed in a long flowing white robe. As he made his way to the ring he began to strum the guitar and sing. 


“It's not time to make a change

Just relax, take it easy

You're still young, that's your fault

There's so much you have to know

Find a girl, settle down

If you want you can marry

Look at me

I am old, but I'm happy

I was once like you are now

And I know that it's not easy

To be calm

When you've found something going on

But take your time, think a lot

Why, think of everything you've got

For you will still be here tomorrow

But your dreams may not”


As he sang a slide show was shown on the big screen behind him. It showed Rupert on Christmans morning as a small child receiving a book called “How to win friends and influence people” from Spiral. The next image clicked over to show the two of them down by the lake, Rupert paddling by the shore, as Spiral perused the newspaper. Then the two of them in a kitchen making pizzas and bagels, Spiral kindly and gently wiping flour off Rupert's nose. As Spiral hits his high note we see the two again, now older, Spiral making fruity drinks for Rupert to try. Followed by the two men in a gentlemen's club. A letter addressed to Rupert while residing in jail and the final image as Spiral stopped playing; a snapshot of Spiral striking Rupert with a steel chair just earlier this week. The song continued to play in the background as Spiral walked confidently down to the ring.


Rupert prowled back and forth on one side of the ring as Spiral gracefully made his way up the ringsteps and entered the ring. Now that both fighters were ready Sniffler got up from his chair and made his way into the ring. The two men watched as the anteater rolled magsnifficently into the ring under the bottom rope. Sniffler gestured to the ring announcer for the microphone and began to speak. 


“Ladies and Gentlemen, Spiral and Rupert, I have an announcement to make. Spiral, since you decided to involve weapons in this blood feud, it has been decided that this match will now be a no disqualification fight. The one rule is the winner will be decided by knockout.”


There was a large inhale of breath throughout the arena. Somewhere in the stands a few goats fainted. 


Sniffler quickly rolled out of the ring and made his way back to commentary as the bell rang to start the round. Rupert seized the initiative and pounced on Spiral immediately taking him to the ground. Rupert stayed in a top mount and began the ground pound with heavy forearm strikes. Spiral sensing the danger managed to block some of the strikes and rolled Rupert onto his back allowing Spiral back onto his feet. 


The crowd roared. They weren’t prepared for this level of excitement. Sniffler spoke into his microphone, “Well this is a quick and lively start. A no DQ match was a great idea.”


Spiral began to circle Rupert trying to close the distance, throwing kicks and strikes. Rupert was moving with him and blocking as he went. Spiral charged forward as Rupert ducked under a right hook from Spiral. Rupert’s dodge caught him by surprise. As he stumbled Rupert used his signature double leg takedown sending Spiral to the mat. 


Rupert took the top again and landed some heavy elbow strikes. Spiral managed to counter once again and was back on his feet, but he wasn’t unscathed. Blood was beginning to drip from a cut on Spiral’s head. Rupert smiled and began to growl like a rabid hound at Spiral.


“Did he just growl at him? Surely not.” Sniffler asked. Sniffler turned to Ginger “This guy is loop da loop.”


Spiral wiped the blood and sweat from his face just in time to see Rupert land a massive spinning kick to his temple. As Spiral hit the ground, the arena erupted in noise.   


“Down goes Spiral! Did you see that hit! Rupert just rang his clock! He might not get up from this one”


As the referee was giving Spiral a 10 count. Rupert pointed to the ring announcer's chair and gestured to Aethersix. Quickly, Aethersix grabbed the chair and threw it to Rupert. Spiral was back on his feet as the referee hit 8. After a quick check, the referee allowed Spiral to continue the fight. 


Not allowing Spiral to catch a breath Rupert violently swung the chair at Spiral who ducked out of the way at the last possible moment and retreated to the safety of his corner of the ring.


In a stunning display of poor sportsmanship, Aeathersix pulled a handful of sand out of his pocket and chucked it in Spiral's face, temporarily blinding him. Spiral staggered and stumbled straight into a massive chair shot by Rupert. Spiral went down HARD and the referee began his count. 


“Well it's clear that Spiral isn't going to answer the count. I don't really know what to say about what we have seen here tonight. I suppose all's fair in love and war.”


Rupert rolled out of the ring and picked up another chair. He looked at Spiral's lifeless prone body and smirked. He placed one chair under Spiral's head. He handed the chair to Aethersix and pointed at Spiral. Aethersix raised the chair above his head.


“No, not like this, Don't do it!” Sniffler arose from his seat to intervene. 


But suddenly, music blasted throughout the arena! “OH My GOD, could it be? I had heard the rumors, it is, he's here, IT'S ELMO!”


Elmo stepped out through the curtain and pointed a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire at Rupert and Aeathersix. He rolled up his fur to his elbows which apparently he is able to do and ran down towards the ring. 


“Awww shit, here we go. Business is about to pick up.”


Elmo slid into the ring. He athletically ducked a chair shot from Rupert and nailed Aethersix with the 2x4. In a moment Elmo turned his attention to Rupert. He walked menacingly towards him. Just as Elmo was about to raise his 2x4 he was blindsided by a masked man. 


The masked man, joined by Rupert began, stomping on Elmo's chest, legs and arms. Aethersix got back to his feet. Ignoring the attack and new attacker he quickly patted Spiral's unconscious body looking for any spare cash he could lay his greedy little fingers on. Once he realized Spiral had no money he moved to assist in the beatdown of Elmo. 


“Oh the humanity! This night has taken a very dark turn, who will save Spiral now?”  


As music began to play the roar of the crowd grew greater, as a beer swilling figure made his way through the crowd to ringside.


“Here he comes folks! IT'S MRCHACHASLIDE. AND HE'S GOT A BROOM! What could he possibly be doing here!”


MrChaChaSlide gracefully hopped  over the crowd barrier and leaped up onto the ring apron in a single bound. Aethersix locked eyes with ChaCha and headed straight at him. With one swift sweep of the broom Aethersix was sent barreling out of the ring. MrChaChaSlide climbed into the ring. The masked man attempted to seize the advantage but he too was sent flying out of the ring. The crowd erupted as ChaCha turned to face Rupert. MrChaChaSlide reached into his pants and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. 


“Oh ma days, that's the famous Cock Goblin brass knuckles. They were once owned by the famous Midpoint family. They were used to end Rupert's family's hope of winning the Detroit boxing tournament.”


Sniffler looked at Ginger and shrugs. 


“What not everyone listens to the nonsense I speak. It's got history.”


Ginger shook his head and turned his attention back to the ring. Where Rupert was looking at ChaChaSlide and then to the bass knuckles. Rupert smirked, chuckled to himself and dropped to his knees and rolled out of the ring. He gathered on the outside of the ring with the masked man and Aethersix. The three men began walking backward up the ramp. MrChaChaSlide grabbed a microphone and stared at the three men on the ramp. 


“Rupert, sooner or later, you are going to taste the goddamn rainbow. Now hit my damn music”


MrChaChaSlide dropped the microphone and music began to play. Behind ChaCha, Elmo helped his spiritual leader Spiral to his feet. 


“There you have it folks. Our winner tonight is RupertGiles. It sure sounds like he has some tough fights ahead of him and he’s marked himself as enemy number one of this competition.”

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“And that’s it for tonight folks. Another wonderful night of boxing. I will be in touch shortly about are quarter-final matchups. A massive thank you to all our commentators tonight. If you feel inspired and fancy a go yourself why not drop me a mail, we are always looking for commentators or interviewers.”

“Stay tuned for Gingers round-up in the coming days. Please join us tomorrow night where I will be joined live by @Fluffy_Tummy and @Tyki_Mikk . I will be getting their thoughts on tonight’s fights and the competition. If there are any questions you want answered let me know and I will pose them to the two godfather chairmen.”

“Thank you very much for your attention. Have a GOAT night”

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