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Brawl For Fall Started by: Sniffler on Oct 25, '23 18:07
Sniffler shyly wanders out and sticks up a sign. It reads

I'm sorry for the delay. I had a bad case of the sniffles and the big sad.
Next week the journey finishes
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We appreciate you Sniffler! Looking forward to seeing what the final brings us. It's been an absolute blast so far.

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ChaCha thinks to himself about what Sniffler said then speaks.

"You say sniffles I'm claiming you had Chlamydia."

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Back at the Dollar gym, Spicy’s trainer tried calming her down.

Fuck staying calm.  I am tired of this shit. I want my fucking life back.  I got into this boxing shit to prove a point to myself.  I have proven my point.  I am tired of training.   All through the holidays I had to stick to your regiment.  I can’t overeat, can’t eat that sweet potato pie, can’t smoke weed.  Fucking tired of it.

@aethersix, Gillian, and Ginger according to Transistor have big money bets on these fights. Let’s finish this shit already.  People are dying waiting for this to end.

If Sniffler weren't my Boss I swear this is a scam. 

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Ginger pushed a finger to the receiver in his ear trying to hear over the roar of the arena. “Are we live? We are?” Ginger cleared his throat and put on his announcer voice. 

“Welcome back to the greatest boxing spectacle of our lifetimes! The question on everyone’s mind today; Just what the HECK is going on with all the delays? And I’ll tell you folks, take a deep breath of that crisp Detroit Boxing Arena air. Good stuff isn’t it?” Ginger takes a deep, audible inhale through his nose. 

“Would you believe that this entire place was filled to the brim with sewage! I shit you not… Due to an underground clog at the 12th Street Public Toilets the Detroit Boxing Arena had to be closed for a deep cleaning and sanitization, but we are FINALLY back with our Semi-Final matches of the Brawl for Fall!” 

“We are here at the Detroit Boxing Arena in front of a sold out crowd and the excitement in this building is absolute INSANE. The whole arena feels alive with the anticipation for these Semi-Final matches. With all this extra training time, I’m sure the crowds are expecting some entertaining fights, a true battle of skill and determination and let us not forget some big and unforgettable knock-out wins.”

“Our first match of the evening is between the unorthodox showman MrChaChaSlide and the technical strategist RupertGiles. We couldn’t ask for a more exciting match-up. Both these fighters with their unique fighting-styles finally going head-to-head in the ring, we are in for a real show tonight.” 

The lights went out and the arena was plunged into darkness. The crowd began to settle, in an uneasy silence, and they waited for a glimpse of the first fighter. As the music began to crescendo, a single spotlight flickered to life revealing a shadowy silhouette standing at the top of the ramp. At the peak of the music, the lights in the arena burst back on revealing MrChaChaSlide dressed in a shimmering, jewel-encrusted robe. He was looking in peak form as he effortlessly glided down the ramp towards the ring. Every few steps stopping for photos and interacting with his adoring fans. Half way down the ramp, he was joined by his entourage; including several cheerleaders and backup dancers. As he climbed through the ropes into the ring, his entourage took places around his corner and with a final flourish MrChaChaSlide raised his arms as he spun around inviting the crowd to make as much noise as they could. 

Ginger, now yelling over the crowd noise, took back over the broadcast. “Just listen to that crowd folks! If there is one thing MrChaChaSlide is known for, it’s getting the crowd behind him. You can hear this crowd chanting his name all the way back in Las Vegas! RupertGiles is going to have to put on quite the show to get the crowd back on his side for this match.”  

The arena was once again plunged into darkness. The uneasy quiet was setting back in when a single spotlight illuminated the top of the ramp, revealing a stone-faced RupertGiles. Wearing a sleek, but simple robe he was radiating an aura of quiet confidence and seriousness. Rupert’s eyes were sharp and focused as he scanned the arena. He showed no signs of emotion and moved with deliberate precision. No entourage joined him tonight; he advanced towards the ring with only his coach and cornerman. Rupert entered the ring with a look of determination, his gaze unwavering from this opponent. 

With both fighters now in the ring, the arena lights came back up. The crowd was rippling with excitement, as Sniffler stepped into the ring wearing a referee outfit. He took a few moments to speak to the fighters and then stood in the center of the ring. A microphone descended from the rafters into Sniffler’s outstretched hand. 

“GOOOOOD EVENING, Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the Brawl for Fall Semi-Final Fights. Our first contest between MrChaChaSlide and RupertGiles is scheduled for twelve rounds.” Sniffler called both fighters to the center of the ring. “Now I want a good, clean fight. No funny business, and definitely not a single shenanigan. You can touch gloves if you want, then head back to your corner. When you hear the bell, come out fighting.” 

MrChaChaSlide and RupertGiles quickly touched gloves and back into their corners, trying to analyze one another and finalize any last minute strategies. After a few tense moments, the bell rang and Round 1 of the Semi-Finals for the Brawl for Fall commenced. 

MrChaChaSlide came out with his gloves held high in guard. He took up a very aggressive stance and charged forward looking to seize an opportunity and finish the fight early. Using his signature unorthodox footwork to confuse his opponent, MrChaChaSlide unleashed a flurry of blows aimed at RupertGiles’ mid-section. Rupert maintained his composure, and expertly countered the onslaught with his own series of jabs, keeping MrChaChaSlide from gaining ground and doing any more damage. 

MrChaChaSlide kept up the pressure with his erratic movements and unpredictable style, but Rupert remained stoic and refused to be rattled. Rupert bided his time focusing on trying to read the MrChaChaSlide’s movements and find an opening. As the bell rang signaling the end of the first round, MrChaChaSlide and RupertGiles separated and returned to their corners. A small cut above RupertGiles’ left eye was hurriedly being worked on by his cornerman. 

At the bell for the 2nd round MrChaChaSlide was looking very relaxed as he sauntered back to the center of the ring with a cocky swagger. RupertGiles now heavily protecting that left eye, came out with a look of quiet determination. As the fighters met in the center of the ring, MrChaChaSlide immediately opened up with a flashy combination of punches, really showcasing his prowess. RupertGiles, taken by surprise, backpedaled to evade most of the strikes. MrChaChaSlide kept up with the combination attacks, forcing RupertGiles to go full defensive. Taking full advantage of his size and power difference MrChaChaSlide easily dominated the second round. RupertGiles was going to need a new strategy if he wanted this fight to go any further. MrChaChaSlide continued pushing forward, landing strike after strike, leaving his opponent only able to cover up and try to protect himself. Just as things were looking grim for RupertGiles; the bell rang signaling the end of the round. Sniffler quickly stepped in to separate the fighters and sent them back to their corners. 

RupertGiles was breathing heavily now. The small cut over his eye, was now burst wide open and his face was dripping blood; prompting the ringside doctor to step in and take a look. Rupert’s coach and cornerman quickly went to work to stem the bleeding so he could continue the fight. After a tense few moments, the doctor gave Rupert’s corner the ‘Okay’ and the fight was able to proceed to the 3rd round. 

At the start of the 3rd round MrChaChaSlide, feeling confident, surged forward once again trying to finish the fight fast. RupertGiles, having been able to analyze MrChaChaSlide’s unorthodox style and patterns, was able to begin to counter effectively. Both fighters were now standing, unwavering in the center of the ring exchanging powerful strikes. MrChaChaSlide, sensing he needed to step up the pace, surprised everyone with a shift in strategy. MrChaChaSlide began utilizing precise jabs and hooks to catch Rupert’s body, while he was busy protecting his face. RupertGiles, ever resilient, weathered the blows until he was caught in the kidney by a hard right hand. As his guard dropped, MrChaChaSlide came over the top with a hook landing a clean hit to Rupert’s eye opening the cut back up. 

With blood pouring down RupertGiles’ face the ringside doctor had seen enough and called a stoppage on the fight. MrChaChaSlide raised his hands in victory as an angry RupertGiles began arguing with the doctor to no avail. Sniffler stepped back into the center ring and the microphone descended once again from the rafters. 

Even after holding his hands up to try and quiet the crowd Sniffler still needed to shout in order to be heard over the incredible roar of the arena. “The ringside doctor has determined that RupertGiles is unable to safely continue the fight and has put a stop to this contest in the 3rd round. MrChaChaSlide has been declared the winner by TKO!” Sniffer raises MrChaChaSlide’s arm.

“It is with great pleasure to introduce the first Finalist of the Brawl for Fall. Congratulations to MrChaChaSlide for this momentous victory!” 

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Sniffler swings in his chair. He looks at Ginger and smiles. Sniffler takes a swig of his water. It had been too long. But now isn't the time for excuses, it was time for action. Music hits. Spicy appeared through the curtain. She was a bundle of energy, powerfully striding towards the ring. The long wait had clearly increased her hunger for victory. Her fighting trunks a deep orange and red pattern. Her trunks match her fiery passion. Her black boots, providing a strong contrast to her spicy shorts. As she entered the ring she pounded her chest with her back gloves with flame designs.  

“Well folks, Spicy is certainly ready. Let's see if our next contender is ready or if he's just a pretender”. 


Professor slides through the curtain in his fluffy slippers. He kicks them off. He marches calmly and confidently down towards the right. He is wearing some classic black trunks with silver trim on the waistband. His gloves were a sleek silver design and his look was completed with classic black boots. He calmly climbed the steps to the ring and approached his corner. 


“It's been a hell of a wait but now we are back for the story to continue”


The bell rang and spicy moved forward to take the fight to the Professor. She throws hard hooks and jabs looking to end the fight early. However, Professor is lighter on his feet and manages to evade the majority of the shots. The crowd roared as Spicy continued to press hard against her opponent. 


“Spicy is showing some serious aggression and desire on the early stages here, Professor is managing to keep her at bay for now”


Spicy attempts to corner Professor however, he managed to doge, duck, dip, doesn't quite dive and dodges again. Professor kept his guard high to defend against Spicys aggressive shots. He manages to counter punch excellently. 


The bell rings to signal the end of round 1 and the crowd roars. 


“I would throw to some of my co-commenters however, this has taken so long most of them are dead. But Spicy is staying true to her fiery nature and the Professor is keeping cool under the onslaught. 


As round 2 begins it continues in similar fashion. Spicy being the aggressor and Professor proving he can hold his own. Spicy manages to catch Professor with a few clean shots. However, the Professor manages to land a few of his own. 


The fight continued progressing through the rounds with intense back and forth with punches and counters punches being thrown consistently. Neither fighter wanting to give up an inch, they continued to battle in what seemed like a complete deadlock. 


As they approached the centre of the ring to start the final round of the match; both fighters were showing visible signs of injury and fatigue. Spicy, feeling the age advantage over the Professor, pushed herself and came out aggressive scoring an early knockdown in the round. The Professor recovered, but was unable to make anything happen in the final round. 


As the bell rang signalling the end of the fight; both fighters returned to their corners hoping that  they had done enough to earn the victory. 


The ring announcer picks up his microphone. He looks carefully at the card he is holding. 


“Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of tonight's fight by split decision.”

He pauses. 




The crowd erupts in cheers. Spicy smiles happily however, she knows the job is not fully done yet. She embraces Professor. 


“There you have it, our final will be MrChaChaSlide Versus Spicy. I will see you all in 7 months' time when it is fall again.” 


Sniffler chuckles and shakes his head. 


“I jest, we will be back shortly with the final. Thank you to everyone for their patience. Have a goat night and see you all very soon.”

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Gillian laughed, cried and cheered for her champions MrChaChaSlide and Spicy! She won 10 million dollars from Sir Falka, 10 million dollars from Ginger and 20 million dollars from Aethersix, with all her smart placed bets. 

Now she was looking forward to the last fight! It was certainly going to be a tough one, specially since they both been doing extremely well. Gillian really wanted a woman to win, but MrChaChaSlide was her other half and a self proclaimed male lesbian! She yelled:

"I wanna bet 10mil on MrChaChaSlide! If anyone want to take that bet, i'll be here waiting!" 

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Damn, Spicy couldn’t believe the fight was finally over with. As fate would have it, the tournament bracket paired her against an old friend @TheProfessor.  The news created a mix of anticipation and tension in the arena. Friends and family gathered to witness the clash of these two skilled pugilists.

The crowd cheered, and the air was thick with anticipation. Spicy and TheProfessor were clad in their respective boxing attire. They entered the ring with determined expressions, fully aware that friendship would be momentarily set aside for the love of the sport.

They battled it out and the bell rang, signifying the end of the match. The crowd erupted in applause, recognizing the sportsmanship and tenacity displayed by both fighters.

Despite the fierce competition, Spicy and Professor embraced in the center of the ring, their camaraderie intact. The arena erupted in cheers for both fighters, acknowledging the incredible spectacle they had just witnessed. The judges rendered their decision, and Spicy was declared the winner.

The victory celebration was bittersweet, as Spicy and the Professor, bruised but proud, raised each other's hands in a symbolic gesture of friendship prevailing over competition.

He was a tough son of a bitch but she was glad she prevailed. 

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Hello fight fans, it's me again, your primo pre-fight interviewer Transistor here with Brawl for Fall. We're here. We've made it. The Finals of Brawl for Fall brought to you by New York GOATS.

You don't need me to tell you who is on the fight card this time...

The music begins to fade in and Transistor begins to announce the remaining combatants

Fighting out of Downtown, Los Angeles, California is Spicy

Fake crowd noises are heard

Fighting out of Las Ve- Wait no.. uh.. Fighting out of Los Ange- Wait that's not it anymore.

Transistor continues flipping through pages of notes before smacking his finger down on the page.

Fighting out of The Loop, Chicago, Illinois is MrChaChaSlide





I asked the following questions to our competitors:


What is your strategy going into this final fight with your competitor and how will it differ from your previous fights?


Anything you'd like us to tell to your competitor?


MrChaChaSlide's Response

I'm not going to lie to you amazing fight fans, but the further we got into this world renowned event, the closer our competitors got to stardom. MrChaChaSlide does not respond to any journalists anymore. I was told by his camp that he was not to be bothered during his prefight ritual of dumpster diving for half beers and collecting cigarette butts outside of his high rise apartment downtown in Chicago.

Despite his lack of a response I was able to get a single IMAGE captured of him during the ritual but I did have to run off as quickly as possible as he began yelling that he was gonna "put out a fuckin' mass mail about you in women's underwear again you fuck".

Transistor straightens his tie.

Which is of course unfounded.


Spicy's Response

"I know he is going to be a tough opponent that doesn't give a fuck that I am a woman, so bring it on. Win or lose it's been a long exciting journey for me.  I am looking forward to my very last match. As for my words for him, I have a speech put together for the day of the fight"





From 20 competitors to two. Blood, sweat, and tears shed all over the mat. Let's take a listen back to some of the highlight moments of Brawl For Fall.

Music begins to swell as the various commentators from the tournament chime in with their remarks

" ChaCha moves forward and nails Transistor with a massive uppercut and down goes Transistor.  " -@Sniffler

" 1...2...3...4...5 The ref counts and it looks for sure that this one's all over for BigEasy, 6...7....8.... but no, wait a minute, BigEasy is getting up. I can't believe it! " -Some fucking rat

" SPLAT! Gillian slipped in the blood still left in the ring from Shoresy's broken nose " -@RupertGiles

 " Give up, Professor! Ginger shouted triumphantly. You can't defeat me! " -Craven

" Spicy strikes back and lands a vicious four-punch combination, pushing Nicklin into the corner and unleashing twenty unanswered punches. " -@Harvey_Specter


It's been a long road to this FINAL MATCH of BRAWL FOR FALL. The audience cheers. Get your bodies and minds ready for the thrilling conclusion.

It has been an honor and a pleasure to bring you my prefight interviews, recaps, and fight commentating.

A special thank you to Sniffler for the event. Good luck to all the competitors.

Signing off


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The news of her last fight spread like wildfire, igniting the interest of fans and foes alike.

The opponent was @MrChaChaSlide, a formidable force known for his relentless power and an undefeated streak that had left many questioning if Spicy had finally met her match.

Dollar gave Jigsaw one of the trainers the job of scouting out the fighters and learning what he could about them he came to give them the low down.

Jigsaw started pacing and talking.  This motherfucker @MrChaChaSlide is no fucking joke. Before anything even jumped off he told his wife, not sure but I think her name was Gillian.

"Sorry wifey, you about to get beat domestic abuse style. I am joining this competition too."

Then he started checking out the other fighters that had joined Sniffler ‘s brawl,  he spotted RupertGiles laughing and said.

"Fuck this cock goblin too."

His first fight was against a dude called @Transistor.  It was a decent fight.  The fucking ChaCha guy nailed Transistor with a massive uppercut and down Transistor went.

But check this out then his shit got fucking bizarre.

His second fight paired him up against emotionally devastating Georgette.

The motherfucker weaves his way through the crowd of spectators with a beer in one hand, a broom in the other, and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth.

Then he holds the beer over his head and cracks it open, spraying its contents all over the nearby spectators before taking a swig and making his way to the ring.

There was a lot to exchange between him and Georgette but the referee had to step in between the fighters and waved off the fight., proclaiming ChaCha the winner.

Sitting in the crowd after all that happened with a smile and a six-pack next to him, the motherfucker cracks a beer as the crowd and he finishes singing Gangsters Paradises.  I can still hear the song in my head.

As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

I take a look at my life and realize there's nothing left

'Cause MrChaChaSlide been blastin' and laughin' so long that

Even my momma thinks that my mind is gone

I swear to God, Spicy, after he finishes his beer and the song, ends says

"I cannot believe you all did not think I would punch a bitch in the face and win. I'm a feminist I treat everyone equally.

His next fight was with a chick named Selena. This was a slugfest to the end.  Probably because she was pissed the motherfucker said:

Your pussy smell so bad Selena__ even the munters hate it.

Selena pounded it out with him but she couldn’t beat the count. It was the closest fight I have yet to see call, ChaChaSlide takes it in a razor-thin knockout!

I am not here to try to scare you or anything Spicy.  Just letting you know this motherfucker doesn’t give a fuck.

Dollar and Spicy thanked Jigsaw for the information he did a good job. But he continued to speak.

But my Dear Spicy, you have your claim to fame.  You are now known as “The Kiss of Death”.

Every boxer you have fought is now DEAD, may they rest in peace. 

BlueEyes  -  Dead

Nicklin – Dead

GordonRamsey – Dead

I don’t know.  I wouldn’t want to fight you.

As the announcement set the world abuzz, Spicy retreated from the spotlight. The gym at her trainer Dollar’s home became her refuge, a sanctuary where she could hone her craft away from the prying eyes of her fans and the media.


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A helicopter hovers over the Detroit skyline. Sat in the back were one very dapper looking anteater and the man they called Ginger. Sniffler stared out into darkness. He sighed to himself. It was all so dark, so very dark. He watched the street lights as they flickered below; however, their glow was not sufficient enough to break the darkness. Snifflers mouth dry and his stomach nauseous. His heart pounded and his breathing short and sharp. Over his headset he heard a familiar tone. 


“Sniffler, it's time. You gotta go. It's time”. 


Sniffler raised his gaze to Allie who was sitting in the Co-pilot seat. Sniffler sat frozen. Unable. Blood rushed in his ears drowning out the sound of the helicopter. His chest rose and fell rapidly.


“We gotta do this man, I will be there by your side till the end” stated Harvey over the headset from the pilot's chair”. 


Sniffler closed his eyes. He couldn't do it. He couldn't. He opened his gaze with hopes that the darkness had subsided. However, all around, still lurked the darkness. Eternal everlasting darkness. Sniffler felt a hand on his shoulder. Sniffler looked up into the eyes of Ginger. 


“It's time, it's time to finish the story, you can do this. I will be with you all the way.”


Sniffler smiled at his three closest friends and comrades. He turned back to Ginger and nodded. 


“Ok Harvey, take us down. It's goat time”


Harvey slowly maneuvered the helicopter and landed it perfectly atop the Detroit boxing arena. Ginger pulled out a duffle bag from under his chair. He handed Sniffler a pair of sunglasses. 


“Put 'em on, they won't see the tears.” Sniffler put on the sunglasses and nodded to Ginger who had placed a goat mask upon his own head. He smiled at Sniffler. 


“Hey, mafia boxing needed a hero”. 


He winked at Sniffler and hopped out of the helicopter. Sniffler stepped out of the helicopter, he shook Harvey hand and thanked him. Sniffler hugged Allie. She smiled at him and fixed his BBB handkerchief that popped up from his breast pocket. 


Ginger opened the door to the arena and waited for Sniffler. Sniffler slowly made his way to the door; pausing before entering. He raised the sunglasses, but the night was still dark. Taking a deep breath he stepped through the halls into a dark and drab hallway. The darkness enveloped him. Sniffer chose the unused entrance away from the people purposely. He couldn't bare to face them. How could he face them after all this time? After what he had done to them!  


Sniffler and Ginger made their way through the dark hallway. Down the staircase they went slowly. Sniffler began to hear the roar of the crowd below. His heart began to pound. He looked at Ginger. Ginger smiled back. Sniffler and Ginger made their way through the curtain and down towards the ring. They took their seats at the commentary desk. Sniffler placed his headset upon his head and heard the countdown. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He saw the red light come up. He sat stunned for a second. And then he began to speak. 


“Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm a smartly dressed anteater and welcome to the final of our boxing tournament. We have a wonderful match up tonight between our two finalists. MrChaChaSlide versus Spicy. Let's get this show on the road and complete the journey.”


The lights deem and the crowd roars with anticipation. Spotlights begin to dance around the area. Music begins to play. Out strides a confident and focused Spicy. She begins to stride towards the ring with an air of confidence, focus and aggression. She's clad in sleek black and gold attire. As she walks her gaze remains focussed on the ring ahead. She slowly climbs the stairs and makes her way to her corner without acknowledging the crowd. She bounces on her toes as her opponent makes his entrance.


MrChaChaSlide emerges powerfully out of the shadows. He begins to make his way down the aisle energetically. Swaggering and bouncing on the balls of his feet. He is dressed in red shorts, red boots and red gloves. He ignores the cheers of the crowd cause he doesn't really give a shit whether they like him or not. His smudge grin caused a few fans to jeer and boo. He enters the ring and gives a little wave to Spicy in her corner.”


Both fighters composed themselves ready to pounce. As the bell rang, both fighters burst forward towards each other with a surge of power. The crowd roared as the fight began in a brawl. Both fighters were giving it their all and exchanged heavy blows in the first few moments of the fight. The crowd bayed for blood. The round seemed to last only a few seconds amongst the flurry of hooks and uppercuts. The bell sounded and the referee had to step between the competitors to pause the action and send them back to their corners.


“One hell of a start to the fight folks. If it carries on like this I don’t think they’ll go the distance!” 


The bell sounded for round two and Spicy began to press hard forcing MrChaChaSlide to back off and focus on his defensive moves. He switched to counter punches and defense as Spicy continued to push her relentless attack. Spicy continued landing hard body shots to the kidney causing MrChaChaSlide to change his guard. He was starting to look hurt. 


Spicy sensing possible victory continued pushing her advantage, landing powerful jabs trying to break through her opponent’s defense. The bell sounded signaling the end of the round. MrChaChaSlide retreated to his corner looking shaken and badly bruised. Spicy returned to her corner with a look of deep focus and determination as she stared unwaveringly at her opponent. 


As the third round began, Spicy immediately surged towards ChaCha forcing him against the ropes. Spicy surgically landing a flurry of fiery combinations leaving him battered. ChaCha barely managed to escape the onslaught and even landed a couple of counter punches. However, the damage was already apparent. His eye was nearly swollen shut and he was slowing down from the constant body shots. 


Spicy, seeing that the fight was nearly won, continued to push her advantage. Utilizing a stunning combination of body shots and feints, Spicy found an opening to land a massive right hook to ChaCha’s chin. 


By the time ChaCha fell to the mat with a resounding thud the entire Detroit Boxing Arena was on their feet. 


The referee began to count, but the sound was drowned-out by the noise from the sold-out crowd. Sniffler was jumping in place.


“This could be it! This could be it!”


8, 9, 10. The referee waved it off and called in the ring side doctor to check on MrChaChaSlide who was no longer moving.  


“Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner of the brawl for all is SPICY”


The crowd roars as Spicy raises her arms in victory. She basked in the admiration of the crowd. Sniffler rolled into the ring and raised Spicy’s arm. He handed her the championship trophy. He rolled off of the ring and in the midst of the chaos of Spicy’s celebrations he disappeared quietly up the ramp. This was Spicy’s time to shine.. 


Just before exiting the curtain, he took off his sunglasses. He blinked his eyes as they adjusted to the light. He took one last deep breath as he looked down the ramp as the scene below. He smiled slightly as a single tear rolled down his snout. Even in the midst of the darkness, others had helped him find the light and for that he was eternally grateful. As he walked backstage he smiled at Transistor who had been watching on a monitor from backstage. Sniffler nodded to him and mouthed thank you, you will never know. Sniffler turned away and wandered off. 


Was the journey complete? He didn't know. But he had met some damn good people along the way. 

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With Dollar, her trainer by her side Spicy stood in the middle of the ring holding her championship trophy. She remembered his last words as she entered the ring for the last time.

"This is your moment, Spicy,  Leave it all in the ring. Make it count."

When Spicy stepped into the ring she was greeted with a mix of cheers and skepticism. Across the ring MrChaChaSlide smirked, underestimating the challenge that lay before him. Their initial exchanges were tense, with both fighters showcasing their skills, but it was Spicy’s unparalleled agility and strategic thinking that began to dominate.

With each punch she threw, the crowd's skepticism turned into admiration. Spicy’s performance was more than just a display of athletic abilities, it was a statement against the stereotypes and barriers that had long held women back in sports.

With the final bell, she congratulated MrChaChaSlide on a well-fought fight, he too had come a long way.

She took the opportunity to thank Sniffler, Ginger, Harvey_Specter. Transistor and the rest of the promoters of the Brawl For Fall.

As she left the ring for the last time, Spicy felt a sense of peace. She had given it her all. Her victory in the Brawl for Fall was a testament to the true spirit of competition, which knows no gender.

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