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Feb 07 - 17:51:03
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27
Trying to decide wether to reheat food, make new food, get something delivered or go out and eat at a restaurant...
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I am drinking coffee and the oven is on to make "worstenbrood" like that. I am sitting outside in the sun. When i finish the coffee there will follow alot more :) 

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Just woke up. Gonna enjoy the coffee out in the sun while the kids are swimming in the pool.
Its going to be a hot day over here so i might jump in myself later.
This afternoon will probably end with a few beers a bbq and a few friends.
Yes its going to be a good day!
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Reading the comments under various youtube and youporn videos. Very entertaining and I dare to say a lot more fun than the comment section of reddit. Youtube doesnt have as fun comment section as youporn but it is getting there.

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I meant p*rnhub andm not YP

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I'm on a plane and I have vodka. Otherwise, listening to korn
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I'm trying to get comfortable in this seat but there's no lumbar support and they should reach out to Sharper image for some tips
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Waitin' on a response about a companies credit card so I can purchase some kicker stickerz and take a walk here in a bit, when the opportunity presents itself.

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Having fun in game and just sits snd clicks to many great time in life.

"Tired and needs coffee so up he takes his ass to brew some coffee"

Lifes good and even better when it starts to smell coffee...
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I finally got my ass back to home from a week of vacation in neighbour country. Last two days we were already in our country, enjoying local goods etc.

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The suns shining and we don’t have to clean our holiday let today as guests are booked in for a while. I’ve got 40 plus Hebridean Sheep in a pen ready to shear. The wool makes the world famous Harris Tweed.

When I’m done I’m heading to a craft beer and burger place for a couple of cold ones.
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Chillin out and catching up on One piece. Just got home from working out. 

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Sits and enjoys kuku's lately try to be normal and play the game. He didnt get it this time either so im totally glad in mind when sitting here this saterday when soon the rain come outside, wonderful sfter this hot week we have had. So some happiness comes anyeay out of this do you hear kuku?
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Laying on my sofa trying not die.

Had a virus last two days and been under the weather.

Now just trying to to drink water and watch some tv….. homes under the hammer

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BBQing and drinking beer with family and friends. This is the life lol
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Being upset that stores have a shortage of baby formula.

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I got paid today, so I'm shopping for my wife's birthday gift.  I could take the easy route and go for a handbag, purse or ear-rings...or I could actually put some effort into it.

I dunno...

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Waiting for the squad to assemble so I can play a CS:GO. Also waiting on my Doctor to give me a note so I don't have to go to work. 

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Right now I am drinking my coffee and enjoying the quietness of the early morning. Its slightly raining and that means the temperature lowered a lot. Put all windows open to enjoy this.

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I am eating my breakfast at the moment, with coffee and when i finish that i am getting me another cup of coffee. Not much sun today and i have a BBQ :(

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