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Feb 26 - 18:40:51
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

I just woke up, i am making coffee at this moment and after that i will make a sandwich. It will be hot again today so easy going and maybe to the beach later in the morning

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Drinking copious amounts of cold water and just laying on the couch hoping this migraine passes.

Migraines and >30 degree celsius days are not a good combination.

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Watching NFL preseason games, oh how I've missed this game.
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watching a chinese anime called Wu Dong Qian Kun, i dunno why so many of their animes are about cultivation of spirit, it seems to make up such a large portion, or military history of china basically re-written to suit the need.

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Right now I am wishing it was Friday right about now. I don't hate my job, I actually enjoy it but I enjoy planting my ass in my recliner a but more. I'm sure many of you can relate. Oh well! Before we know it, Friday will be here again and I will complain about Sunday evening all over again.
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I’m doing the same thing as dozens of other people right now. I’m shooting a bunch of NPC dickheads before they completely fuck up my bodyguards and blow to shit all of our HQ fortifications. Also, I’m eating some delicious, moist, carrot cake.
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Crying, as my poor, incompetent, braindead bodyguards get one by one shot at. 

Not that I need protection, being the big buff basketball type that I am. 

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I woke up and need to login early for work due to the two week training for a new system starting today, and have meetings for like 5 hours today :( 

Its going to be a rough two weeks. 

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Doing some bookkeeping while getting beeps that it's Jail break time... Not the best combination when trying to remember some calculations and trying to keep track of where you are :')

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I'm lying in bed not wanting to get up.
When I get up I will be swarmed by the kids and wife but mainly I don't want to get out of bed because I have to go to work. Another lonely night all by myself and the other idiots on the road with me.
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Just got in from work...watching my wife open her birthday gifts, trying to gauge whether she actually likes them or not :/

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struggling to think of a well thought out reply like most of the people here probably, and simultaneously playing a game of scrabble irl

and unfortunately i seem to be losing at scrabble. ngt54

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I'm working right now, had lunch already. Looking forward to leave here soon and go to my house to rest and to watch my favorite serie. 

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Well, just finished cleaning my bedroom, now I'm laying down in bed, too lazy to do anything else. Alternating between random YouTube videos and MR. Ha.
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About to start an interesting new game called Vagrus The Riven Lands! Hopefully this sucks me in for a few hundred hours. 

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Wondering why I am still up at this time of day. Been a while. Enjoying the peace and quiet after a few days of multi tasking the multi tasking of real life. Bliss now! 

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I’m out here wondering how I’ve survived until now. And I’m here playing Mafia Returns and making suits for people.

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As always early in the morning I am enjoying my morning coffee. What would a day be without having that first one.

And it is always still so nice and quiet.

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Just woke up from a heavy thunderstorm. Finally some cooling after 2,5weeks of heat.
So decided to go out with the youngest one who is watching pawpatrol right now while i got myself a coffee and completing the hustle tasks.
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Having a coffee and recovering from a Gran Patron tequila. This is not shooting tequila but damn it was smooth.
Now I have to get my head on straight and get the kids ice cream for breakfast. On vacation I guess pretty much anything goes.
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