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Dec 02 - 23:07:59
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

I've just finished my morning coffee.

Now i'm focusing on jail breaking and completing the hustle.

Later on i might go outside for a walk, it's beautiful day outside.

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Just git home from a big night out a friend of mine who i havent seen for nearly 10 years was back in town so we went out for a few drinks was a great night of reminiscing talking about what we have been up to ect.

This is a cover of a song his band has done for those interested in music my friend is the singer.

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Just woke up from a big birthday party from my uncle.
Was great! They had nice food and enough beers!
Only thing is the headache now….could go without that
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Right now I am having coffee, reading news, reading MR posts, clicking and contemplating my day. 

I have a lot to do. I will need a second cup of coffee to get me going. 

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Currently sitting at work covering a fellow guards lunch break i believe and obviously on here, working towards getting 35 units and hitting another milestone for myself heh. Also waiting on lunch to be delivered from doordash. 6 hours into the shift and only 6 more to go!

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Watching an episode of The Simpsons that I’ve seen about 100 times before - but just as good as it was the first time
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Right in this minute I'm drinking a beer, sitting on the living room and watching the most random stuff about house sales on TV. And, of course, MR. MR is always there.
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Sitting down listening to music and trying to decide what i am going to have for dinner, I am at the steak baked spuds and veg or Schnitzel chips and gravy just cant work out what i really feel like :/

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Eating chocolate caramel fudge cookies while mourning the loss of my cup of coffee that instead of putting sugar in it, my tired, no attention paying ass used the SALT instead! Some days really aren't worth getting out of bed for.

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Being over that all is fixed after his fathers death late last yesr. Today the cash came which was late but always better that than never.
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Xbox and MR. Plus I am about to crack open a cold one. Then I will finish the dishes.

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Working my ass off, fuck i'm tired as hell, yesterdays wedding party finished too damn late and so my sleeptime was very very little.. already had a cup of coffee, probably would gonna need a new one soon.

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Right now I'm staring at coffee and thinking about which of my shiny suits to wear. The type of impact the right suit can make can't be underestimated. When you combine it with hair and the all-round presence of my genetically advantaged face. Well, I tell you, people just fall under my spell.

Available for bar mitzvahs.

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Uploading a 34 track song album on Distrokid, while looking at bitcoin prices.

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I try to complete the day's hustle.

Texting is not my favourite, but it's something which needs to be done.

Having some chocolate while writing all this.

In the meantime messages pop up to bust people out of jail.

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Just got out of bed a few mins ago. I got my first pint of the day... of coffee. I am not ready to be human yet. Wish I woke up with the energy my children are showing right now.. 

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Just had me a wonderful kebab from the local kebab-shop. Currently debating whether or not I'm going to throw whisky into the mix as well.

I think usually you're supposed to be doing those 2 things in the reverse order but what do I know.

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It's 9:30 am, so doing morning stuff.

I'm in the middle of finishing my coffee and take a look at the latest news.

Listening to my favourite music.

Moreover, this hustle needs to be completed.

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Scratching the dozens of mosquito bites I got today. It's just me or in last few years mosquitos seemed to have got more intelligent on how they attack, more patiently and stuff.

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I’m at a concert but addicted to collecting my hustle points every day
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