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Feb 29 - 21:14:53
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

I'm experiencing multiple levels of pain while maintaining a presentable house. It's the muscle aches from being sick that seems to be the most irritating symptom. At least my thumbs still work, otherwise I probably would be here tbh.

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I'm watching some video classes for the test that will happen in a few days. I hope to get a good grade!

So nothing exciting.

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looking for a post that I can reply to and looking for something to watch on tv.  

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right this minute i'm commiting crimes n felonies running drugs, o and doin a daily challenge on red dead redemption2 online 2 keep my streak going

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You ask what I am doing right this minute. Its Friday and that means the last working day of the week. I have to get ready to go to the office but motivation is lacking. 

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It is day four of training the replacement/backfill for my old job. And while he is nice, he definitely exaggerated his excel skills which is quite frustrating. But its day four of being in an endless teams call talking to him about things and training him and I am so behind on my other work that the stress levels are getting to the point where I can not imagine doing anything fun or enjoyable ever again. 

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I'm trying to get tested for covid. Damn this time I might have got it, though I just have some throat ache. But I still hope it's something else.

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Came back from a little run, now its time for some food and relax a bit. Its too damn hot outside, better gonna stay inside :)

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Listening to Alice Coopers welcome to my nightmare album while thinking of getting my lazy ass out of bed.

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Just grinds on MR and try to get rogues and woneerful credits early in the morning during work hours when im free a while.

Lifes good.
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Sitting on train to work playing mafia on my phone.

I have to get a train and the a underground train to get to my work place.

So it’s a good time to check on mr

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I am trying to put off training the new guy at work for as long as possible. I want to play stardew as Fall just started in my fun save, (vs. my streaming save) and so I wanna run around and collect things and fish my little ass off BUT NO I CAN NOT BECAUSE IM AN ADULT AND NEED TO WORK >:(

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I can't tell i'm doing much at the moment.

I'm out of a 12 hour midnight shift at work, so i bet my money on relax and sleep.

Going to the beach would be a nice idea, but the sky is cloudy here.

That's all.

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I'm looking very busy at work, whilst playing MR and trying to learn a new language. 

I should really get on with some work, I have a load to do. 

Strange how I have the motivation for learning a new language but not work right now. Maybe it's time to change jobs. 

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Trying to get a hold on all the things I have to do in the next days. I'm not feeling too well, but there are things that I better do now, so I gotta type them down to remember, and get them done in a few days.

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just came home, now taking a nice cup of coffee and a sandwich and when i finish that i will enjoy the sunshine, but first another cup of coffee

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Holding a cold compress to my thucked up left knee to try and keep the pain to a white knuckle level of acceptable. I should be editing a video but honestly I am lacking motivation today. 

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Right now I'm checking out of the hotel I stayed in for the last 2 day's so that I can go home again
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right now doing mafiareturns and looking up sale games on the xbox see any worth buying, though really waiting on saints row in August, days ssem longerv

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I just woke up and about to have breakfast. Planning what crimes I want to commit today and how to make more money this year. What about you guys? Anything interesting going on?

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