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Sep 29 - 07:01:42
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

Watching Taskmaster on YouTube.

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Killing rats, well attempting to and feeding my baby. Then hoping she will nap so I also can.

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I want to do something but it's so early and my bed feels so damn good.
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Rushing to get a 6 year old ready for church. The sleep was very nice though! She'll probably be ready in time still.

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Came back home, spent a nice day with my family and relatives together. Sometimes its just awesome to get away from home into the woods and nature itself. Beautiful.

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Currently, I am watching The Grinch with Jim Carrey for the gazillionth time with my clone. It is one of her movies and has been since she was very small. Could it be coincidence that she was born on Xmas day? Mehbeh..   I personally believe it's because she is an "old soul" her other favorite movie is Matilda with Danny Davito. Haha I am also trying to tell myself to get up and ready to go run errands.. yaaay. 

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rigth now I`m doing some preparations for me to go out to work sooner then I was suppose to do, so need to cansel some flights and book some new one to get out to the right time 

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Drinking my first cup of coffee and doing my hustles. Hope everyone has a great week and a happy day with their families.
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I am waking up, on my first cup of coffee as I encourage the mini mes to get ready to go to school. Going to be a scorcher of a day! 

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Drinking my first cup of coffee and doing my hustles. Hope everyone has a great week and a happy day with their families
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Smoking a cigarette while hiding out at work and writing up this post. Another hot ass day here in Oregon 😭
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What am I doing right now?  I am scrolling trying to find something that I can comment on to complete a post for my daily hustle.  This is where I ended up.
Have a great rest of your day or evening! :)

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I did washed my teeth because I'm about to go to sleep. Tomorrow is gonna be a fucked up day at work so I will gonna need my sleep. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

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Just looking around for new shows, that i can lay in bed and watch, as sore as hell from working.   Sadly there seems to be less and less things that catch my eye recently, want to try the new star trek but don't want to be as dissapointed as i have with picard and discovery

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Sits and watch a scary film and many thouhhts if I should rise my ass to ho to the kitchen fot a last cup of coffee to sleep good on or not. The film is good but coffee more impittant so up with my ass and on to the coffee machine...
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Steping down from cl
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Watching The Sopranos before bed, I haven't seen it since it first came out so I'm re-watching and have been really enjoying it. Then when I'm finished with it I think I'm going to watch the movie The Many Saints of Newark, then possibly Lilyhammer.

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Actually wondering about changing work, maybe moving around out of the city somewhere else.
Planning on getting married next march and those things are feeling necessary for me.
Hope everything will work out..
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Currently I am doing my hustle. Once that is done I'll be loading up Stardew and Minecraft at the same time because I am a fucking nerd who needs to AFK the farms on Minecraft so I can trade the with villagers for shiney magic green rocks. But I want to play stardew because farming. 

I know. Its amazing. 

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Just got home from work. Drinking a beer, chilling and clicking around. And watching some old fights on the TV.

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