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Mar 04 - 15:38:14
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

Finally at home on my own computer trying to find some easter eggs! :D 

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Playing warzone and listening to podcasts, while being on here.

Multitasking while literally doing nothing...Good Times.
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Trying to will myself to sleep. Been working the entire weekend and finally have a day off tomorrow but I still can’t bring myself to rest.

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At this moment I am telling myself that the Easter event went quite well. Did see the insta-felonies, but not the hustle points. A nice surprise. 

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I’ve just come home from a bank holiday day out with the family. Children really enjoyed. Was the first time for quite a while we’ve all been out together and all really enjoyed it. Age division of the children is usually quite tricky to manage but today was really enjoyed by all.
Happy to put my feet up for the evening now, when the baby has gone to sleep.
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Well, due to a long hour drive tomorrow i'm trying to do less than normal.

It's Easter holidays for us, so i'm done with the trip preparations and a nice sleep is a must.

Happy Easter to all of you. 

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I'm supposed to be working but here I am, slacking and writing this post.

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Trying to survive
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Reeling from a heavy dinner. Watching some TV before facing the dreadful fact that I have to go back to work tomorrow.

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Just got home from grocery shopping and dinner at IHOP, sitting in my chair chatting on VC with Tilda and Westie. Getting caught up on MR, about to go out and smoke some dab and joint. I want to fly like an eagle lol

I've got a big decision to make, so I'm thinking about that and weighing the pro's and con's, praying I make the right choice. We'll see

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I am just now waking up. I have some oatmeal beside me that I am about to eat. I am logging into work from my computer and about to work a 12.5 hour shift. It is very early in the morning and I am still tired.

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Thrones of Britannica Total war with Shieldwall mod
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I just started cooking chicken soup and waiting for it to be done so that i can have it. I have fever and my throat is hurting and rest of family is away for Easter so I'm on my own until weekend.
It's the first hot meal i've had since friday

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i am tering my hair out after trying to copy a BA thread to BD and getting a greyed out box with some kind of cropping tool took me 40 minutes to find a way to fix it

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i'm killing some time before go to sleep! So watching youtube (games, music, yay) and talking around with some friends. 

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Currently at work... Took the time out to assist one of our cleaners in order to get a specific job task done quicker. Then I ran away to my office to get some jails in. Have to make some calls then return back to the front desk... shucks... wish I could stay longer

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watching two medieval combat experts critique combat scenes from old movies on youtube. nothing too too exciting to be honest.

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I just finished watching Love and Monsters. Must say I quite enjoyed it. Hopefully they’ll make a sequel. Now it’s time for bed though. Good night everyone
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Playing with my dog who I haven't seen for almost a week now. And just being grateful I didn't die after the stressful work week I've had.

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Currently having a catch-up with an old long time friend, having a cup of tea and listening to a an albumn. After this I'll probably have some pizza.

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