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Sep 30 - 23:08:40
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

I'm participating this jailbreaking event. Its awesome, a lot of people participating. Lets see how far can I go..i'm actually a bit busy playing PS4 lol

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i am getting ready for a morning's skiing in France; for me it is the last time this season that i will be able to ski as i knackered my knee some years ago and now need an operation on it

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woke up an hour ago, walked the dog and then put the horse outsite and gave him water. Now enjoying my breakfast and COFFEE :)

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Looking for someone's pockets to pick and having a nice hot coffee, wait scratch that it's bloody freezing cold. Then a few petties, felonies lol 

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Hi all.

I'm trying to complete the today's hustle.

When it's done, i'll take a 2 hour nap, because i have a midnight shift at work.

Stay safe ladies and gents.

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I am enjoying a half chicken meal after a good day of training! Finished a 5 kilometer run and a 40 kilometer cycle, really happy about today!

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Not much.

It's almost evening here and my day was full.

Time to do nothing and give myself time to rest.  

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I’ve been having a real lazy night at home. Been playing games in the phone, eating snacks and a bath. Can’t think of anything imprortant to do at all. Like wotrk, laundry or cleaning. Not important…
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I am finishing wrapping my child's birthday presents for his birthday tomorrow. Logged in here, and apparently every time i stand up, I am about to pass out. So not feeling so good

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Right this minute? I am raging because I lost my hustle danget! lol
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I'm working my ass off, stupid sun came out and my workplace is filled with cars lol

But its better than being without a job :/

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I am replying to emails, at work, most of the time they are just filled with stupid questions such as this: "Hello all, please use the following link to access XYX" and they reply with "This link?" and then they point to the very link that I have shared in the first email... This is what I am doing at this very minute

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I'm working to get the last 45% for my 45 unit.  Its proving to be a little longer than I hoped. 

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I'm thinking about how bad the Lakers are this season. It is fascinating. Who knew going to LA would turn Westbrook into Smush Parker. I hope they grab a few more W's and win a play-in because it would be a real privilege to watch them get spanked by the Suns in the first round.
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Its 1 am where I am wide awake. Mind spinning like a hamster in a wheel thinking about what I need to do at my job and kicking myself for not being able to do it today.
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Right now i'm getting ready to go to work, i just need to eat some breakfast before i to out
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I am at the gym right now before heading into work :/ 2 more days left until the weekend!
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Right now i'm haveing my lunchbreak so i dont need to sneek around in here at the moment.
But when i get back at work i cant be here all the time
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Currently chasing my kid around the house to stop him from destroying everything he touches

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Currently after everything that has happened am looking to pour myself a drink. Straight up no mix, afterwards I am looking forward to a nice tootzarootz. Maybe make a nice dinner later, try and salvage the good mood. Altho I predict it will all be in vain. All I have to say is thank god for drinks and wholesome TV. Hell I don’t even know what to think right now, hope everyone is faring better.
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