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Feb 27 - 02:54:06
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27
Laying in bed recovering from a few days of working in another country.

To make matters worse my flight got cancelled on way home
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My mind is at what Russia are doing against Ukrain. Adk my self each day how we in west let them kill sp many child and other civilians. Wake up each day with one thing in head. Putin is DEAD.
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Catching up on today's news. preparing for the coming week's workload.
Will be going out with the family and visita  few toy stores to buy some regular legos for my daughter.

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Just finished watching LG stream for 6 hours so now I'm going to drink this wine and eat these doritos and think about how I'd much rather be hanging out at a super cool wedding. 

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I am currently on my way home from an art exhibition? I guess that’s what you would call it but it was a really cool spot with interactive pieces and apparently hidden puzzles in some of them, it was quite lovely but way more packed than I thought anything of that nature would be it was super bright and vivid with some musical interactions and an adorable mascot that looks like a gnarwhal crossed with a slug and I got a kick ass beanie with an eyeball patch on it
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Blaming myself for not doing that hustle requiring me to do the final tip from 2/3 thinking I can do that later when my travel timer clears.

Who would've known I wasn't feeling well after overeating which resulted in completely missing my travel timer and broken my 28 days +4 hustle.

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Getting some booze, putting my bets on, and acquiring some… ahem, non-prescriptions. Why? Cos it’s Old Firm day today!! I don’t support either side before anyone asks.

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I am currently doing probably a bit too much in all honesty hahaha


I am eating my omellette and drinking my coffee for breakfast considering it is 8.37 am Easter Friday Morning

I am also listening to Youtube while playing MR and Marapets lol

also have my tiktok playing off my phone 


lol like i said, i bit too much :D

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watching Elden Ring streamers fail on different bosses and rage over it.
My only day off work and meal prepping for a four days of 12 hours shift. It will be an interesting shift

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Packing to go on a camping kayaking trip for the weekend. Campfire and a beer tonight.
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its 4:30am i just woke up.  first thing i do is kill some BGs on MR and PP a CA.  then i brush my teeth and head to th gym to meet my friend.  then off to work around 630am.  its friday babbby! Easter Sunday should be fun with my daughter

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Sitting here, Playing Mafia Returns, Posting a well Thought out Reply to the question of What are You doing right now!

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Listening to chicken noises and clicking these eggs! My life is now complete. 16/04/22. We did it, Mum. 

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Currently sitting at work, doing a 5pm to 5am shift.. Halfway through at the moment.. MR often makes time fly by
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Sitting here thinking, could I be doing something more productive? Could I do being something less productive? Could I be doing something that exactly the same productiveness? Could my time be spent better than rambling in the outside forum because I have to in order to finish my hustle?

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Lying in bed, considering getting up but not wanting to but the desire to eat breakfast may win out. Also side considering if I want to do any egg hunting..
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People in Poland are celebrating Easter, so I am visiting and eating their food, and for some reason there are chocolate bunnies, celebrating rebirth of Christ and so on :D
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Currently enjoying a hot cup of coffee and working up the ambition to start prepping for Easter dinner. That's going to have to wait just abit longer. 

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Driving from Massachusetts to Orlando FL. My first time there so this experience is pretty cool. Had to stop by majority places we don't have up north.

Hoping to arrive during some cool events.
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Gathering materials for a presentation tomorrow for potential new clients. Which is going so great that I'm doing jails here!

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