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Jun 21 - 00:51:16
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

Waiting patiently for my 2nd son to skip off to school, once his taxi arrives. I then can start my day. Until then watching out the window and wondering to myself to the location of spring..

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I’m currently trying to put my two little devil kids down for the night. It’s not going great. Next on the agenda is some alone time and a bath probably. Might get some Netflix going as well.
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Smoking, browsing through the forums and attempting to complete my daily hustle. Hopefully this is the daily hustle done and out of the way :P
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Cracking open a bottle of wine and celebrating getting a brand new house after months and months of searching and house hunting, getting out bid. Only to finally find our dream home! ^_^

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Right this minute I am wondering where my coffee is, because although my head is still filled with stuff, i am glad i finally could sleep a whole night instead of 3,5 hrs. Never again.

*starts drinking water*

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Thinking about how I wish I could reroll the hustles this morning so I did not need to post in the outside forum. but I suppose that was a longshot 

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Currently sat in an online uni class. Should be listening but I'm trying to petty a gun instead. Hopefully i get it soon so I can start learning again 

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Wide awake when I should be asleep. Soooo I am watching a show and then will try to go on back to sleep!

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On a walk. Sitting on a bench in the sun. Eating sweets. Scratching my ass.
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I'm currently laying in bed playing MR via the phone. I'm hoping to possibly go to bed vs letting my mind go ape shit.
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I am eating spaghetti and watching "When Harry Met Sally" 

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Currently watching some old comedy movie with the family. Tommy Boy with Chris Farley. Oh gosh, my age is showing.

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Right now im just trying not to get busted by my boss for been in here at work, its been a lot to do tonight so i feel like i need to just relax a little before im going home to sleep 

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I got up after a long hour sleep.

Time to prepare the morning coffee now and some breakfast.

Work is off today, the weather is sunny and it seems it's going to be a beautiful day.

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Working from home today got a report which was due last week but which I haven't started yet. 

Super tired as barely slept last night, so not an ideal way to start my Monday morning!

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Laughing my ass off that I still after all these years live rent fucking free in some peoples heads. How sad and pathetic their lives must be in their moms basement. Struggling with drug and gambling addiction. While somehow managing to own more guns than brain cells, yet somehow hasn't blown their own brains out by accident with said guns. Pretty funny really, and great material for my daily hustle ;)

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Enjoying my morning coffee and few sandwiches. Looking outside the window, theres nice and beautiful weather, seems to be very sunny day. Thats good. About time. Four days untik Saturday.. we can do this.

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Right this minute I am making some tea. Asked in crew chat if anyone already made some, but no one did. 

So making it myself now.

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Nothing really, yeah drinking my Coffee and when that is finished i am going to make me a sandwich. After that Coffee again :)
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At this very moment I am watching The Osbournes Want to Believe. It is quite entertaining. Ozzy tends to fall asleep here and there but hearing their reactions is amusing. 


Why must they have so many dogs? I suppose if I was so rich that I didn't have to worry about cleaning a cat box my, I would be a cat lady!

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