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Feb 27 - 02:43:48
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

Looking for a pc game I can play with the warm temperatures without making it melt. And without its heat making myself melt.

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watched a seminar by Tom Platz, his mindset and how he prepared before each leg session. 
Had my leg day today as well, once it was done i remembered how much I hate leg days. The pain is so different and exhausts not only the legs but also the soul

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Listening to ESTELLA// by KennyHoola & Travis Barker while watching videos in a resource management strategy browser mmo for free gifts like a true F2P player like I am.

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right this minute, I am finishing my coffee. Already watered the garden because of the warm weather today.

Hopefully i can put on the airco at work.

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Trying to fall asleep or play another game, yet I find myself returning to these web pages. 

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Is i am drinking a lager this is and i am checking out chicks behind my a sunglasses but i am not grinning yes.

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Right now i'm doing several things.

First, i'm awake. Not ordinary for me, i would have taken a nap this time.

I'm texting for this thread, so i have to think.

Last, but not least all this for free. 

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Listening to a podcast, educating myself, downloading a game, trying to decide on a movie to watch later. I love horror but I'm not sure if I'm in a horror mood. Maybe I'll watch a documentary. One that isn't done by some left wing nutjob with an agenda. Yeah that'll be nice. I guess anything Vice after 2015 is out.

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It was a hard day yesterday. Half of our staff called ill because of Covid.

Right now I am going back to the office to do their work, but only a few hours.

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Just got home from work, making some grub for dinner then taking it easy the rest of the night cause I dont feel like doing a damn thing.
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Eating a big omelette with some toast for breakfast, before I head out to work for a bit. Can't say I look forward to it in this heat, but what can you do eh.

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Do you want to know? Like *really* know? Well IF you want to know...

Eating peanut butter covered toasted marshmallows and arguing with my dog who also wants said peanut butter covered toasted marshmallows. 

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Did you win the argument?

Can be tricky arguing with pets. There was a flying pig I knew, always arguing with everyone.

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Watching driver's post-qualifying reaction at the Canadian Grand Prix happening this weekend at Montreal.

Fernando Alonso is the man! Hope he gets a good race on Sunday.

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reading some game lore, currently Resident evil lore. Very interesting indeed.
Next project will probably be the Soul series lore and blood bourne lores

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Listening to Genshin Impact original game soundtrack while working from home. Music of the game is one of the thing I like from the game as I think it really complements it a lot especially during cutscenes.

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Right now I'm just finish eating breakfast, and are getting ready to go to work.
Just need to see what the weather is so I take the right jacket on
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I am celebrating 1 full year of hustle: Looks like you completed your Hustle yesterday, you do not need to cure any hangover.
You last used a token on Jun 20, '21 05:59.


I am the champion. I am the best. 

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I'm about to go work for hopefully just a few hours, we'll see how it turns out. Gotta love it when you get asked to work on short notice lol.

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I am sitting in the garden at the moment. In the sun at around 22 degrees celcius. Perfect weather for me. Just a little Rain in the night plz :)
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