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Feb 27 - 03:41:45
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

Coffee's made. The Gunn'z Barrel'erdz bee warm'n upp. A post office gets robb't twice. Oh and I roll't a kickerterd sticklerd

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I've just got the little man eating his breakfast and I'm sitting beside him. I've just opened the computer to do a little computering while I wait for floors to dry and I've got some SICK beats on in the background. 

1 little 2 little 3 little dinsoaurs. Shit's fire. 

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Woken up for water. Figure id check in before I pass out again.
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Im currently on my first playthrough of bloodborne.
So far its been fun, so far nothing insanely hard or easy. Currently in the blood moon phase. And just killed a big ass spider. Only sad part is I lost about 300k souls in about 4 lives.
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i'm watching a movie and talking with some friends. 

Hope to catch some sleep soon since it's weekend uh uh.

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I'm hot and need a second shower. I have water though and it is cold. I want a nap too. 

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Checking my MegaMillions lottery numbers, I don't think I won the $1.28 billion and you should all be sad 'cuz I'd totally have shared. :(

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Working. There is a project that I have to finish as soon as possible and I'm working on weekends in office. Yes...

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right this min...


i am currently trying to figure out what to type for my daily hustle, luckily for me i found this forum post with the perfect question to answer ;)


Thank you

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After a weeks holiday and now back at home, my plan right now is to do as little as possible. Only those who have children will fully understand that a holiday is a lot of work!! 

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Playing the fcking dicies and trying to win a spot fot mr and crew. Even if i hate gamblinh and anyone promoting it.
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Watching on enviously of Deivid-Al's enormous loosing streak. Hoping to grab another top 3 position in the dice event to win some loot for my crew members. Time to gamble! 

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Getting myself ready to go out with friends. We're booked in for a good steak tonight, so I'm looking forward to that!
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Should be getting ready for bed but not tired at all. Doesn't matter too much as I've got the whole of next week off as study leave

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I was just on a pool and I can feel my skin burning from all the chloride, such weird feeling but I guess better that than piss water and infection eh? But whenever I swim in a pool and later sweat, I can feel like the skin burning, life is hard.
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Debating if I want to crank one downtown for the sweet release of I hate everyone around me in my vicinity. Just take a nap. Maybe smoke some weed and have a coffee and start bombing more business districts while I think about a story for my next promotion to annoy you folkz wittuhwickettestwerdzyoumostlyprettymindedthingsandthangs love reading on and on about so much. I know yer'dew

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I'm watching some sports right now and might visit a friend soon. We have few things to sort out.

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What someone would do at 09:10 a.m?

First coffee of the day almost finished and still do nothing.

I have to prepare a catalogue of todays shopping, so concentrate on that.

Web radio on to cheer me up.

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drinking coffee and preparing for the work day. Mondays are not the best day. we should have them off as standard 

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Of course I am first drinking my coffee and then will go and do some cleaning stuff. But its my day off from work so also some relaxing time will be included.

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