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Nov 30 - 08:20:00
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27
Waiting. Right now at this moment a s probably for 1 hr more. Seems easy but in time it messes with your brain lol
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At work and its freakin hot.. for two weeks straight :/ atleast next week should cool down a bit.. but at the same time, best and warmest summer we have had for a decades. Cant complain about that.

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Waiting for my dear clubs match against ManU away to start.

Which club?

Well, we sing often "you never walk alone" so the hair in al neck on all listen to when this song is sanged pointed right up in neck.
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Trying to find new reasons to procrastinate and not do the laundry. I really hate doing the laundry. I think the laundry also hates being done by me. 

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Attempting to get my thread ideas altogether so I can finally finish writing it. Two days progress and I still think my best works are written in five minutes. Sometimes overthinking it is a bad thing.

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Taking a break from playing the newest "Saints Row" game, because pre-order FTW! 

I really wish a remastered version of "Saints Row 2" would be released, that would be amazing, but until then...

continues to dream on.

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Its the weekend and its 10 am but i dont want to get up from bed and prepare breakfast. even though i had to get up and feed my cats, i dont have the energy to feed myself :')

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I am watching a 14 hour youtube video about the most infamous serial killers in the world. I'm also waiting for my husband to wake up so I can get dressed and go to the shop before work starts because I need nicotine. Oh boy my life is super exciting. 

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Right now I'm sitting in a airplan waiting to depart, so I can travel home after a week on vacation.
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I'm doing many things.

First of all i'm awake, but still laid on bed.

I've opened my tablet-laptop to complete my hustle and chase some drug units.

I'm having my coffee.

And last, but not least organize the day schedule.

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I am having a simple day today. Doing some jailing on here while my children geek out on their games too! We have what we call 'easy Saturdays' in my real world family. 

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Well there’s a few college football games on today. So I’m currently breathing hard. And shaking a little.
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Watching Formula 1 and trying to get some RATs but not having much luck! Also watching football.

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Just got home from the pub and kicking back listening to Inepsy before i crash for the night.

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Okies wasnt long enough  which is a good thing Thumbs up to Izzy So i just got home from the pub was an average night out with a few friends started on CCs and dry then went to a few Vodkas. Struck out with the ladies :( so went home put on Inepsy to listen too as i snuggle up alone  Sobs :( Night all.

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Laying in bed watching Netflix viciously hungover waiting for a kebab and fries to be dropped off
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Drinking heavily at 6:35 AM

Playing MR of course, and thinking about finally going to bed.

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Just finished hoovering the house. Now it smells nice for 10 minutes before my dog decides to let out a horrendous fart again. Popped out to see the family today which was nice. Apart from that I'm just chilling and not hitting any RATs. 

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Clicking like hell, hour after hour.

Really no meaning in life but were crazy so its just to keep on clicking and clicking to test our god Izzy.

Puha, clicked again now.
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i am playing this game doing crimes training my gun listening to movies and wondering when i have written enough to consist of a reply of Appropriate length"

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