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Feb 26 - 16:52:25
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What are you doing right this minute? Started by: Vito_Landucci on Mar 14, '18 08:27

Currently jamming out to an awesome 80's music mix after a long day of work. Time to relax and take it easy before tomorrow, though it shouldn't be as crazy.

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I’m currently playing brawl halls on the Nintendo switch waiting for timers 

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Watching house of dragon. So far so good!

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I had a dream where M&S were selling pre-made Mcdonalds breakfast sandwiches for more money than the Mcdonalds next door, and you still had to heat them up yourself. 

So now I'm sat here really wanting a sausage egg mcmuffin and am trying to figure out the best way to convince my husband that he also needs one. 

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Afyer deciding not trying to get in top-5 on rat-clicking event since this one more needed sleep to work better his lask before 5 weeks vacation.

He were pretty satisfied that just all in top20 got same price so those damage their lifes to be in top3-5 used to much effort than me, o yeah.
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I had a wonderful dinner with my wife just few minutes ago. Now back on the couch and time for some tv and maybe a cup of freshly roasted coffee. Mm.. what else can you ask from this life? Maybe some credits from Gods? lol

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Just went to bed and the night is near. Time get some extra hours of mr in before I go to sleep.
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I am actually at Karate with my daughter, after a long day of work.
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Just woke up. Almost 6.30 in the morning. In the field. In the sleeping bag. In need of some coffee.
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Right this minute, or more a few minutes ago, I heard voices outside where my dog responded to by barking.

When I looked outside I saw police going to an apartment in front of me. Not for the first time.

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I woke up only 10mins ago, am about to make the first coffee of the day and get startet then. A lot of work is waiting for me today. Have a good one!
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Started the machine at the job and now that its running i have a bit of time for coffee and a few drug runs over here.
Glad the heat is gone for a bit else i would be sweating my ass off right now. All those machines produce a lot of heat.

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im watching heavy duty country on youtube. seems like a good dude with agreeable views while drinking a can of arizona green tea.

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Laying in bed with the flu feeling sick and sorry for myself, Not covid just the common flu which is bad enough i dont want covid :/

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Trying to rest and checking some of the places I've been to during the holidays, most of my pics are better than the ones you find online :D

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I am waiting for another 5 minutes so that i can finally get in my car ans drive home.

Furthermore, and hopefully, by the te of posting this, those 5 minutes would have passed.

So, see ya!
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watching (listening mostly) to reruns of Seinfeld on the television, binge watching southpark. Starting from first season untill i'm at the latest.
Probaqbly third or fourth time

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Well, I'm watching a bit of Searching for Bobby Fischer... And I'm eating a blueberry muffin. 

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Waiting for my pizza to arrive while I read the MR guide .. And watchin some Seinfeld 

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Right now i am going to eat breakfast before i am going to work.
This is a little early but i have to get going
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