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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27

What are your favorite TV Shows or/and miniseries, both past and present? 

I love me some Orville (Seth MacFarlane + Star Trek combo) and Ted Lasso (originally from a NBC / Premier League ad) when it comes to comedy. Great writing, superb characters -- both shows are absolutely great. 

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Oh there are so many ways I can go with this, so many shows over the years that stand out in my head. It really depends on a lot of factors. GoT was one of my favorites, even though the last season was terrible. Still annoyed by that by the way, though I'm pretty sure almost everyone that watched that show feels the same.

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I just finished watching The Queen's Gambit in Netflix. The setting is a bit dated and  it's about  a lady who's a genius in chess so you might think it's boring, but it isn't (for me at least). The show is quite fast and before you know it, you're done with the miniseries. 


On a scale of 1 to 5 popcorns, I give it a 5.


Past: Still Breaking Bad.

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This is like the other thread in Outside asking for people's childhood favourite games etc. There are just too many to name!


Off the top off my head right now though, a LOT of love for Stargate SG1, even years later! The Orville mentioned by Hugh is also fantastic. Special mention goes to Breaking Bad, GoT and let's be honest... Tiger King. Haha.

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Haven't watched tv in a long time, but last year I really enjoyed the series on netflix called 'La Casa de Papel'. Was about bankrobbers who staged a huge heist on a national bank in Spain.

The guise was that they were actually robbing the bank but in reality, they locked down the bank to print more money, making the government think they just were negotiating for a way out when they really wanted to stay as long as possible before their getaway.

It is a shorter series but it's definitely worth the watch. I loved it!

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Damn you Avocato. Got Bella ciao stuck in my head now!! La Casa de Papel was awesome.
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Oops.. wasn't done there..

Like most folk my recent favourites were the likes of GoT, breaking bad etc. Recently though watched Parks and Recreation (hence the name). It's up there with Friends imo.
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Same with Avocato... I loveee La Casa de Papel.

Other faves are How I Met Your Mother (not the ending tho lol), Modern Family (it's hilarious), and The Queen's Gambit! Peaky Blinders is also on my list but I haven't watched the latest season yet.

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I have to say my favourite TV show is Supernatural.

Every time I watch it I fall in love with another character for a reason I may have overlooked previously. Its pretty awesome and I never get bored.

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For me is not about particularly any combo or team behind something that makes me watching things.   I generally watch things from sci fi no matter what, zombie films or something dark humour/dystopian.    I have watched a lot of thing Pegg and Frost work on, as think they are a great combo, but generally, I don't know much about actors/actress/producers and directors as don't watch mass amounts of tv.   I series binge generally.

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So glad that Hugh recommended Ted Lasso, as I had heard about it through a podcast (Brene Brown) and that same day another friend said they use his quotes in their office (in a good way) all the time. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the thread.


I recently started watching "Chuck" ~ simple dumb CIA (ish) humor but I enjoyed the chemistry, especially first season.

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I like binge watching comedy on Netflix. How I met your mother is class. Watched New Girl but that ran out of steam.
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I don't think I have an absolute favorite one, but I like many. Although there is one that I thought was great, You.

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During lockdown I began watching Money Heist, at first it was a little slow to begin with especially with the show filmed in Spanish. However, once it started to really kick in, I fell in love. The movie is so cleverly directed and the actors are amazing, I would highly recommend the show, just give it time.

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I have watched Scorpion recently.  Not a mini series but its a great watch.  I always have my favourite character and this one is a tie

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Brooklyn 99 is a perfect mix of easy humour and a nice and  cohesive story. Do not expect anything convoluted. It's an easy and enjoyable series to watch.

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Firefly, I always return to it. I love Joss Whedon stuff but Firefly just hits all the buttons. 

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Most recently I've been rewatching White Collar and Stranger Things. White Collar is on Hulu and Stranger Things is on Netflix. Both require attention be paid but when you watch them enough they are good for background sound. 

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Favourite mini series has to be either Chernobyl or Generation Kill. Both shows managed to get you emotionally involved in the characters so quickly. I honestly can't pick between the two for which is better. I'd rewatch both continuously.

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I love Stranger things, I get hyped up everytime I hear the opening music.  I was really into Game of thrones when it was on. Of course I'm also into everything Stephen king. Alot of his stories were made into mini series as well.

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