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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27

Chicago Med is a binge-worthy TV show for me, at least the whole first season is. I just started the second season last night and it's good so far. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out. I watch it via the IMDB.

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I actually loved the mini series ‘Godless’ on Netflix. It has Geoff Daniels in it as the main antagonist and he does a spectacular job. It’s set in Wild West cow boy days, very solid western. If you liked the hateful 8 or the magnificent 7 you’ll like Godless I promise.

As far as just regular shows the Mandalorian right now has to be the best. Sadly only two seasons so far, I hope to watch this show for YEARS to come. Saved Star Wars over all for me after how bad the last trilogy was.
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I'm currently watching Sweet Home (guess i'm getting the Korean bug too). Nah I'm not a fan of Korean series, I just got intrigued by the plot a (Humans turning into monsters) and I must say, it's kinda okay. 


Not finished watching the series, but on a scale of 1-5 popcorns, I'm giving it a 3.5 for being entertaining.

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Just started watching lucifer, much better than i had expected to be honest. The general description to me was kinda bleh, and the fact everyone spoke of it kinda made me hesitant. However it does have more complexity to it than i expected which is something i look for in a tv show that has multiple seasons.

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I'm a huge fan of sci-fi series and movies. My all-time favourite is Firefly (series and movie). I dream of the day this gets a reboot / continuation.  Rumour has it that Fox is considering it.  Orville is at a close second place.

The expanse and Altered Carbon (especially 1st season) are also high on my list. Too bad the Expanse is no longer listed on Netflix in my country. Star Trek discovery starting from season 3 is finally getting somewhere good, I hope they keep it up and the fist 2 seasons will be all but forgotten. 

I also like the shorts of Love, Death & Robots, some of these are very well made.

As for my favourite animated series I'd go for Rick & Morty, followed by Family Guy for some good laughs.

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I do love the NCIS -- even with some of the original cast gone, it is very enjoyable. I do miss Tony and Ziva, however their replacements are not too bad. Character growth of Gibbs and McGee was also fun to watch. At times cheesy, but you know. Recommend it to anyone who is looking for a long running TV Show focused on detective work. 

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Only thing watched recently is the mandalorian and star trek discovery. I would enjpy star trek more if wasn't the micheal burnham show
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Inside No. 9 is the first thing that comes to mind, a mostly well-written anthology made up of contained stories about a wide array of settings.

Honorable mentions would be The Good Place for some wholesome fun, Dark for nailing a hard sci-fi time travel plot, Fleabag as a character study of a 'liberated' woman, and Russian Doll for somehow making a time loop plot more fun and interesting than any story based on time loops has any right to be.
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Pretty much into Whitecollar and Lethal Weapon TV series at the moment. Watched the Umbrella Academy recently and was really disappointed - just didn't see what all the hype was about.

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whirl, is the lethal weapon series any good? Ive heard about it but not how good it was. I loved the lethal weapon movies, but havent seen the show yet. How does it compare? I'd consider watching it if its good, but most movie to tv show things arent very good. The best one Ive seen was "Gotham city" 

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The lethal weapon series is good so far! I've only watched the first season though. Definitely lives up to the films, but in a different way - that could be subjective though. Not seen Gotham, but it's definitely on my "to watch" list.

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Here's some breakdowns by Genre --

Sitcom: How I Met Your Mother, and Friends. I've seen both series more times than I can count.

Sci-Fi/Fantasy: Sense8

Comedy: Weeds - Not sure if it qualifies as comedy, but I think it's hilarious.

Drama: Real Life (Not a show - actual real life. Nothing has more drama than this Sh**)

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I think I've written about Black Mirror here at some point (if not me, someone else prob) and would just like to point out that the creators are releasing a Holiday special called Death to 2020 today (12/27). It's a mockumentary about 2020 and think it might be a nice way to laugh off the shitshow that was this year :)

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The Community. Started it last month, finished it in a week. Last season or two was a bit 'boring' -- but you know. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it is great -- and if you like some meta comedy, I seriously recommend it. 

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So far, i'd have to say anything crime related:

Ozark, Narcos, Zero Zero Zero, Gomorrah


All of these are extremely fascinating to me and even some of the HBO series that came out recently have been very fascinating to me.

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I just finished mandolarian season 2. You don't have to be a star wars fan to like this show. I love it! I purposely saved the last 3 episodes for Xmas eve night
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I kept seeing adverts for the good doctor and liked the look of it because of the lead actor Freddie Highmore, he was brilliant in Bates Motel so thought I'd give it a go, he plays a much similar role in both programmes just in one he murders people and the other saves them using his savant syndrome.

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I finally watched Sons of Anarchy, pretty much binge watched it. Now I'm so sad that it's over. I keep thinking, "I wonder what they're up to now" then I remind myself, it's done. No more episodes. So sad. At least Vikings starts back up with the final season on January 1st. Can't wait!!

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I'm watching The Last Kingdom. I can't say too much yet because I just started it, but the story is looking really good so far. 

I might watch Vikings after it.

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Band of Brothers. Not sure if I posted about it before -- but yeah. Adapted from the book, it follows the Easy Company through D-Day to V-Day - showing the good, the bad and the ugly. Some characters you will love (Lipton and Winters), others you will hate -- all great nonetheless. Strongly recommend to anyone interested in WW2 if you haven't watched dozens of times already. 

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