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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27

star trek is one best shows there all real life it might be real or i dont care not that tv shows are from the real life or not lol

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My favorites are/were The Sopranos, Seinfeld, Family guy, Sons of Anarchy, the Simpsons and The Gomorra obviously.
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I really got into Bridgerton. It is a new series on Netflix. Then I ran across the book in Walmart and that only made me love it so much more. The book was a lot better.

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My Top 3 Tv Shows goes as follows:

1) The Sopranos 

2) Sons of Anarchy 

3) Supernatural 

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I once when got sick for few days I had some time to look around on Netflix and I watched pretty decent amount of good series. The Murder was one of them, an American serie about killers who got death sentence but later on turned into life sentence. Really really well done and very understandable. I really enjoyed it. There were ofcourse more but that one is still the one I remember like i watched it yesterday.

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I forgot how much I used to love Reno 911, we're giving that another run-through. 

Night Stalker (limited series, Netflix) was very good. Looking forward to Clarice quite a bit (February, CBS in the US, if I'm not mistaken).

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Not necessarily my favorite but I’m currently watching Six Feet Under. It’s an older one that was on HBO. Very heavy but pretty good. I read it’s arguably one of the best series finales ever so interested to see how it all plays out.
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In our stations it just started a new series, about a Police Inspector in the '30s Italy. He has a peculiar gift, he can see the last thoughts of people who died in violent way.

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The Curse of Oak Island is getting really, really exciting now as each week they are getting closer to the buried treasure and uncovering lots of ancient evidence that mysterious things took place on the island in the 1700's. Who would have thought that a small island in Nova Scotia, Canada could have so much history.

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Found some less known ones and liked them...

Young & Hungry (currently on American VPN)

Superstore (currently on UK VPN)

Vexed (currently on UK VPN) ~ only first season was worth it to me, and probably why it was cancelled after one season

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Just finished watching The Handmade's Tail. Some episodes were made without something really happening, but the majority were fantastic and kept me watching next episode immediately.

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I rarely watch series so idk about the quality. 

In the past black mirror was probably one of my favourites then recently I started watching the americans which is pretty decent i guess.

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Recently got into Superstore that reminds me of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in some ways, so there is that, currently on Season 2 and it has been amazing so far :D

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Hmm i got a lot of shows that i really like, i would say top place are star trek series and doctor who, besides that i really like House of Cards and sons of anarchy. I am more of a sci-fi shows type of guy but house of cards and sons of anarchy have really good plot and story

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At Home i started to watch the mandolinen, but egen i to away to work i legacies to watch
I also have suits that im watching sometimes.
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Watched too many serious so far. but recently I loved watching the Queens Gambit. I hear good things about Lupin too. So I am going to watch Lupin when the 2nd season comes out which is really soonish? I heard.


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Not heard much about Queens Gambit Desperado, i'm assuming its some sort of chess related show based on the name?

Currently watching Orphan Black and its been better than expected. Nearly finished it though so will be looking for something else to watch soon.

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Recently I binge watched the witcher and the last kingdom, they were both really good. I haven't watched much tv in the last year or so but I am really impressed by how good netflix is doing with their original shows.

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I started watching Cobra Kai last night, yeah I might be a bit behind... It's pretty good imo, brings in a lot of the older movies which is pretty cool. Quite nostalgic.

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I've always leaned towards post-apocalyptic settings for movies and games, so series fit right in there. Netflix recently exposes their international library more and more. Amongst it I found To the lake very entertaining. A grim setting in Russia, which somehow makes the post-apocalyptic extra believable. The setting makes it very similar to the whole Covid situation, but of course things detoriated a lot more quickly.

For sure nice to watch and hoping for a second season!

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