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Nov 30 - 07:25:11
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Favorite TV Shows / Miniseries Started by: Hugh on Nov 12, '20 13:27


James 'Ghost' St Patrick, the show's main character, is one of New York's biggest drug dealers. He's a bad ass. And a wonderful one at that. He set up a laundry business with his criminal partner Tommy to clean up their drug profits (make it look like legit cash that was honestly earned). For a while, that was okay, but then Ghost decided to open a club in order to hide even more money.Now im not going spoil it for by telling you what happens next but that series is deffo one to watch from Start to Finish.


Ps...Im in it

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Due to owning a hot rod & frequently attending classic & custom shows with it I'm very heavily into car customisation shows right now
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Band of Brothers

it's pretty old by now, but honestly when first watching it, it made such a big impression it was amazing. Even for a time after finishing it still gave you a special feeling of how well made, directed and produced it was.

Love it

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Two of my all-time favorites are, of course, Dexter and Breaking Bad. But of the more recent shows I've been watching lately, I really liked Sex Education (with a new season coming! Woo!) and Riverdale, which I am on the 4th season of at the moment!

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I would have to say that I love Law and Order: SVU and I cannot wait for Law and Order: Organized Crime with the one the only Elliot Stabler!!! I also love the Chicago series. I watched all of PD and now onto Fire.

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Okay Jett was great. Kind of a blend of that Spanish 'Heist' and 'Alias' ~ liking the unpredictability of the show

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Some great foreign series out there. Dark (german) , the rain (danish), 3% (Portuguese) all great along with snow piercer.
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TV shows I liked when I was young like The Rifleman, Andy Griffith, Gomer Pyle, Wanted Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen, The Avengers with Ms Emma Peel, The Untouchables with Robert Stack and as far as Movies mostly Action or Horror.

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I liked watching ragnarock during the first lockdown on netflix twas a very good mini series only downside is that it is only 6 episodes long.
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Power is great! I loved every episode and I love the sequel with Tariq. Ghost and Tommy are the true "power couple' lmfao! No one can mess with them!

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Recently I've been re-watching Buffy, currently up to series 5 & I clearly missed a few episodes back in the day as I never understood where Dawn came from.

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this days I started to watch S.H.I.E.L.D and it looks like a very good tv show.

After that I think I go over to WandaVision

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I finished Mandalorian,  so much better than the new movies. From the characters to the main plot,  cant wait for the new season.  Just finished Vikings too but the last season was okay, not what i expected.  I would love to watch a tv series based on Alexander the great!!! 

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One of my favourite has to be The IT Crowd. Literally every episode is hilarious. Kinda sad they ended it, but I would be more sad if they carried on and the episodes were not as good.

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So I just recently watched this show on Netflix. Wondering if anyone else has... Well I know LuBu has, he told me to watch it. Anyways, Alice in Borderlands. It was different but I rather liked it, if anyone is into the saw/hunger games type stuff should check it out.

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ohhh shit buffy, man that brings back memories boba. It was definitely a better show than the more modern (sparkly) shit that was created with vampires. The darker characters were great and also that the struggle of being the slayer was something that was never really resolved for her throughout the entire show, making it ever interesting

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i love show star gate it good show put its real life shit i got star gate many of them i have any kind ship you what and star trek did not build them they got ship builders they cost lot  

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Just finished watching six feet under on hbo. Older show but one of the best finales I’ve come across.

Michael C Hall (Dexter) is in it and plays another interesting character pretty well.
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I may be saying my age here but I used to love watching Mash.

Funny thing is that my oldest boy was born at the 4077th Mash unit in Korea that the show was based after.

The acting was good and the show was way funny :}

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Oh I would have to say I like Hannabil, Bates Motel and Nurse Ratchet.  I also enjoy Dexter but I am secretly  Rupaul's Drag Race STAN

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