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Feb 26 - 17:37:27
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

It has been super cold as of late.  Even worse it has been very windy as well.  Cant wait for spring to get here.

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Cold, clear and crisp

Good weather for a run, but not so great for much else outdoorsy

Also pretty much always dark
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Currently it is windy as hell... UT on the good side it is melting the little snow we had and making some really nice big puddles to drive through tomorrow.
Fun times in my 4x4 maybe I'll go find a muddy road with my family. If I get stuck they can push me out.
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It’s been wet wild and very windy. Top wind speed recorded this week was over 90mph. Yesterday we getting ice and snow squalls with wind you need to dodge them it stings.
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Tad cold. Not snowing or raining. Not so windy. Can't complain to be honest. Well. Can complain. Could be a bit hotter. 3 stars. 

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* Queck *
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Weather is shit again.. warming in a fucking winter.. what a joke. I just hate this whole global warming bullshit, it used to be nice and white winters, now its white winters and then next day its a sunny melting spring :/

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Weather here is like the russian roulette.

Once cold and below zero and after sun.

You get sick, before you understand it and the winter is not over yet.

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It is raining polarbears, but we do not have snow at the moment. I want to go skiing.


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it is very warm here.

The summer is kicking us badly! So hope soon will have some rain to calm down the things a bit! A calm rain without those crazy storms and thunders.

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three days of freezing rain and 25 degrees.  Even when the sun is out its only 18 degrees

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Here i am again, weather is shit again. Stormy and alot of rain, i hate it. It keeps on raining and storm also, damn

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It has been a monsoon here for last 24 hours.

Dreading going looking at my ground
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The weather here seems to have a hard time making up its mind. in the morning it rains, afternoon it gets warmer, evening it gets colder and during night it freezes. next time it repeats the cycle. 

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68 degrees Fahrenheit. Windy and cool.

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We went from going to have a foot of snow to getting 4 inches and now its all melting away.  So the usual.

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it is Typical NZ Weather, Bipolar

I would prefer it to be just nice warm and the sun out without getting sunburnt

but instead its raining and muggy as heck

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Raining and cold which I love but makes no sense since it's supposed to be summer.
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My phone says it's 31f outside. So I guess my phone is to blame for me not leaving my bed this morning.
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After the weekend storm, it looks promising today. Still gray, but its dry :)

Now hopefully the sun will come through the clouds soon.

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