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Apr 21 - 12:13:15
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

well for a feb it is pretty nice really. A little freezing rain a little snow and some sun shine what else can you expect in the NW Of the U.S of

A.....ok maybe a lot  more rain but I'll take a bit of snow over the wet stuff any day.

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Honestly. Running out of places to put the damn snow. I’ve never seen it snow so much in a season before . All I got to say is thank god for snow blowers, and those good thick jackets. Because damn it’s chilly round here!
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After a very severe storm yesterday its now a little better for a few hours, then a new storm will come and another and last one on monday,,,,,,, the netherlands suck

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Shit its snowing again.. it was getting already warmer, shit was melting.. aaand its back to snowing :/ Good i didnt changed tires lol

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it is sunny and cold today a bit frozen, but we have missed the crazy wind the south of the uk has had.

hopefully spring is almost upon us. 

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We just can't stop talking about Storm Eunice!! It is still very rainy and windy out at the moment...quite miserable out which makes it the perfect weather to stay in!
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It's very cold outside, not like the usual spring nights just before summer that we normally get. That dam global warming is at it again


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The weather here is very bad. 

Rain, rain and more rain. 

And the storm is still here. 

Strong wind gusts on the coast to the middle of the country.
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Today's weather forecast:

Cloudy and a grey colour in the atmosphere.

Not cold or rain, but it won't be a surprise if it starts.

Temperature about 10 degrees C.

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the weather tonight is at a low of 28F with clear skies and a wind chill of 19F

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second consecutive day of the weather forecast, and it is still very rainy and windy. I am very much looking forward to some nicer weather, although it there was better weather I would feel worse about doing a whole lot of nothing, so could be worse!

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The weather outside is insane. Half a wall blew off a house near my home and landed on a car. There are trees uprooted, you name it. 120 mph winds in places. Stay inside time.

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I'm in the middle of a storm that's blowing through  the UK at the moment and it's annoying as I can't go out to see my friends  or even go to the shops  grrrr but there have been a few houses that has been damaged 

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It has been boring and grey, and today it started out the same way, but now it's sunny. A bit cold, but not too cold.

Can't wait for spring to come. I'm extremely over winter now.

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It was stubby today
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The day after 4 stormschade....its sunny today but for one day and tommorow wind AMD Rain again :(
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Still getting used to this sunshine in February thing! It’s been hot the last couple days and it’s so weird! Oregon to Florida is a weird weather shock.
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I live in Michigan. Currently, it's 23 °F and snowing....I busted my a** today while walking to the mailbox. I love it..

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It's like 68 degrees and shit but it's gonna be like 32 tonight so Iunno what to wear... It's actually a problem. 

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Sunny 71 degrees but I’m in a building go with no customers
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