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Sep 30 - 23:09:49
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

This is a crazy year, one day it's 70 outside the next day its 25 degrees outside.  Then the sun is out but its snowing then it starts all over again.

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You wont believe this is happening for real. Last Sunday i was sunbating in the garden. T-shirt and suncreme. 

It was almost 20 degrees C. And guess what, weather guys tell us its going to snow today and we wake up tomorrow with 20 cm snot.

Nature is fooling with us on April 1st?

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Weather here kinda remind of me.... bipolic

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The weather here can't make its mind up from being nice and sunny but it's also has a nasty chill that will take your breath away from your lungs

Wish it was just a tiny bit better but not too much

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In today's Oregon forecast, we have clouds, some brief blue skies, with little to no rain in the valley. The lack of rain is concerning for the fir season ahead so let's hope it rains a little more here soon. 

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It's been cloudy the last few days.  We got some rain, not enough for the drought, and a lot of wind, but mostly the clouds just blew right over us! 

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Right now its dark because its 2am. 

BUT EARLIER TODAY IT WAS FUCKING SNOWING IN LONDON????!??? I just stood at the window going "What the fuck? What...the fuck."

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Bruh, it is snowing in Warsaw... And no, it is not April 1st joke, there is snow, winter is coming. I did not expect it this late, but I have been told that they do not change Winter to Summer tires until like Mid-May because often it snows until then...

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Yeah no surprise that there is snow in Holland too. And indeed no April 1st joke.

Nature, what are you doing to us?

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Today its sunny and calm, after today its will be stormy and wet for a week, complete autumn and no spring at all :(

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Its 45 out right now and the sun is coming out. Hopefully it turns into a nice day for my only day off this week.

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Global Warming
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It looks like a sunny day to be, but you can't be sure 100%.

It gives 8 degrees Celsius at the moment (9:30 am).

We'll see.

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It was a little bit warm here today. It was pretty nice weather. No rain. 

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Weather update! Weather update! This just in, it would seem we have finally moved past the freeze your balls off phase of the year. However April Is always unpredictable. One year it was snowing right up to the 30th however, that being said it’s been so charming compared to the last time I did an update that’s for sure. I hope everyone else’s has been charming!
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We’ve been having close to summer the last 3 or so weeks. This one it has been snowing heavily almost everyday. April is so much fun!
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The weather is finally starting to get nice in Chicago. Today it's 55 degrees and sunny. I expect a few more rainy and cold days but that's to be expected. There is no better place than Chicago in the summer.

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Typically the weather where I am from, Guam, is always hot and humid. There are only 2 seasons here lol wet and dry. Dry isn't even dry dry, but still hot as hell and sweaty as hell. I am more of a wet season kinda guy, but Temps never drop below 65... so that's a bummer.
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Very blustery here today. At least it's not raining though

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crap. its RAINING/SNOWING HERE!!!!! We had 60-70 degree weather for a few days, but then we go back to the 30s-40s. It needs to make up its mind.

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