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Feb 26 - 18:20:16
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43
Absolutely lovely weather here still. I’ve been sitting outside drinking all day. Can’t beat this spring weather at all. Hopefully it’ll. Be lik e this moving forward assist well. It’s awesome
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Happy to report having a 60+ degree, sunny ass bright blue sky day today. Mainly due to the past few weeks have just been non stop raining and muggy weather which makes for a uncomfortable feeling when working outside.

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Georgous spring dry weather. Not too hot, nor too cold. Just right. No need for a jacket or a jumper. It has the 'I must live my best life' type of feel to it. Considering I am saying all this before I have finished my coffee proves it has an effect! 

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Warm when sunny
Cold when windy
Confused clothes day
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Today has been warm and sunny for the most part. We did have some early morning showers but it's all cleared up now and so far, looking to be a lovely day.

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Well last weekend had a blizzard just got dug out few days ago and now they saying we going get another one lol. But all we have so far is heavy rain and freezing rain. Waiting for the blizzard lol but still can happen it until Monday before it over.

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my weather today is normal, by normal i mean we had all seasons in one day. Sun, cloudy, rain, got warmed and now is getting cold slowly. So need be ready for everything!

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A little cool for the end of April but the week is looking to reach the high teens (C) for all you Americans out there LOL

You really should get with the rest of the world on the metric system.

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Well! I am beginning to think I am turning into a weather lady! SO today started off warm, then a quick shower and the remainder of the day was sunny and warm. Had to run the fans today since it's that hot time of the year anyways.

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Its starting to pick up thankfully. My house is horrendously cold even with the heating on, so its nice not having to wear 17 layers in doors anymore! And the puppy is loving basking in the sun!

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Today and almost the entire weekend it has, believe it or not, been cloudy. With the strong wind it has actually been really cold. Had to bring out the big winter jacket as well. Brr
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It's getting warmer day by day. I'm starting to miss the cold weather already. Feeling a little sad thinking about having to change to a thinner blanket soon when it's still warm at night.

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It is 6 am, so weather here will be changing as sun finishes rising. However, yesterday it was very warm and sunny outside. It almost felt like summer.

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I’m an avid motorcycle enthusiast, so this time of year when it starts warming up I’m checking the weather forecast constantly. I’m usually ready to ride come mid-March, but this March was cold and rainy and the first two weeks of April weren’t much better. Then, this last weekend, two glorious days in a row, sunny and mid-80’s (Fahrenheit). I must have logged 500 miles.
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Spring is always interesting weather. One day it snows, a few later it is blazing hot and sunny, they cool and tons of rain. Wash, rinse, repeat for a few weeks. Doesn't bother me. 

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It has been a really cold day. Like really really cold with all the wind. But other than that sunshine so can’t really complain too much. I’m sure we’re due some snow though soon 😬🥴
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It freaking fantabulous I wouldn't imagine better weather, sunny omg is it sunny, and the trees are out. Just a perfect day for tree watching. And imagine the birds, we need to water them to make sure the clowns dont get to then this time you know what I'm saying partner? Yeah you know what I'm saying my friends you all get it it. I like pizza

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Ugh it’s so warm guys! 90s today and I was a very sad puppy. lol I don’t do well I’m the heat. Why did I move to Florida again? I hear it only gets worse! Ah well. Hot but lovely all the same.
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My weather is lovely. 

The sun is shining, there is a little wind but not too much. Just enough to provide a fresh breeze. 

Lovely day.

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Weather is really starting to warm up. Cloudless skies. Summer is on the way.


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