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Dec 11 - 12:48:19
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

Sunny one minute, pissing down the next. Unpredictable UK weather...

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Weather is awesome here.  Sunny, not too hot, not too cold.   A bit on the chill side this morning, but I refused to run my furnace again so I tuffed it out :)  Maybe a little rain tomorrow but that is good for the flowers :)  

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 Getting warmer and daylight is longer so I will take that. But it's also Hayfever season. Got to take the good with the bad, I suppose. 

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My weather is so and so.

Once it's cloudy and the other sunny.

It may drizzle or rain.

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Recently uk been hit with 20 c weather

But last night and yesterday we had a lot of rain and hailstones

This weekend looks good though!
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The weather couldn't decide what it wanted to do today, it took turns between really sunny and the rain pouring down. I wanted to scream "just pick one already!"

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The weather here has no idea what it's doing. From one day to the next.

Could be sun. Could be snow. Could be rain or wind, you name it. Sometimes gets quite tricky to choose the right clothing. 

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it’s good. My lawn is green, it’s not snow. Lots of things to be happy about.

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It's looking dreary out there today, We're expecting some sunshine today and tomorrow though. I could use some.

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Overcast with high humidity and the odd shower of rain here and there. Hopefully the rain buggers off for the weekend so I can have a BBQ. 

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6:30 am. It is pouring rain outside.

I need to go to work in ten minutes and I’m fully expecting Noah’s Ark to show up instead of my bus.

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It’s hotter then a pornstars coochie after a gang scene out here!
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My weather is decent. It is pretty hot, but that is what AC is for no? So, it all works out and I can be cold and wear my blanket all day as I like. Except it keeps raining and the rain is bad. So I want the rain to go away. It can come back another day. But not today.

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It's rainy today so it's pretty cool, though humid. At least this kind of weather is quite nice considering it's getting hot these days.
Hot days approaching 90F is also on the horizon so I probably going to just spend most of my time indoors whenever possible.

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Summer here.

Very sunny days and all you want is to be somewhere cool.

Beaches start to fill out with people, eventhough the water is still cold.

Strange thing is that snakes have been shown up in residential areas at the streets, etc.

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It's stupidly hot for the season. But on the bright side, we got some rain today. Not to be comfused with regular rain. It rained for 10 mins and the ground was dry within 5 mins after that. But still got to count it as a win.

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today it look like we are been luck and the sun is coming up and the wind is calm, so they say that its how its going to be all day long 

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It's still very morning, but it seems to be a very nice day.

We're at 22 degrees C and it's 09:15 am.

Sky is clear, no clouds or  rain suspect.

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Today's forecast call for highs in the upper 80's with partly cloudy skies and a 30% chance of rain. If you are traveling east, you may wish to bring an umbrella, as chances for precipitation are slightly higher near the coast. The pollen count will be higher than normal and UV ray exposure is also high. Don't forget to wear sunscreen.

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Sunny weather waiting for some rain
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