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Jul 23 - 00:07:02
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

For the first time in about forever, it's not a sauna outside so, small victories? Has been for the past like 3 weeks so hopefully it stays this way.

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It's been cloudy the last few days.  We got some rain, not enough for the drought, and a lot of wind, but mostly the clouds just blew right over us! but overall sooooo hot
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Has been a consistent low to mid 90's all week, and then you'll get two or three days of barely reaching 70.

Luckily it's been raining often enough that it doesn't feel like it's constantly 90 degrees.

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It's been nice between 60-80  degree's all week. Beautiful Colorado weather. Wouldn't trade it for anywhere else.

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Much better than it was two days ago at 102 degrees (felt like 112). We were rewarded with a bout of rain thereafter but I don't anticipate any more on the horizon soooo. Gunna be running the sprinklers a lot otherwise all the new landscaping plants will be RIP. 

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Weather has been hot since Friday and seems to be continuing at least for the whole week next week. There has been some area that went beyond 100 degree yesterday. Hopefully we get some rain once in a while.

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 cloudy the last few days.  We got some rain, not enough for the drought, and a lot of wind, but mostly the clouds just blew right over us! but overall sooooo hot
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Been sunny recently. Which is fucking good since the past couple of days it's been severe thunderstorm after severe thunderstorm which are always the worst. I got stuck in traffic during a storm that was lmao.

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Again a bit warm and very humid. I will be glad when the summer is over again. Dont like the heat and the humid weather
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So warm, and zero wind. The humidity is out of this world. Just need to get out and stand still outside and you have a layer of sweat. The worst  part is you sweat when you stand stil and walking under the sun you almost can smell your meat cook

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Really warm and sunny very nice summer weather. Hopefully it will stay this way.
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We just got a little break here with a little rain.  But man has it been hot here.  Almost unbearable.  Stayed inside like for 2 days straight.  Just went out to get the paper and the mail. 

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The weather is nice, only yesterday there was a huge  rain and thunderstorm. Lots of houses got damaged by a whirlwind. 

I was inside and just watched it.

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Oh damn, weather is damn nice and to be honest too hot. Most of the Europe is very hot, but it should get starting to rain.

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Has been brilliant this week, but as I look down at my shirt and suit covered in rain water I remember I live in the UK.

I did the typical thing of leave the house realise it’s raining but couldn’t be bothered to get an umbrella.

Now soaked.

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Holy fcng CRAP! It is so hot and so humid that whenever I leave the house, I can feel water drops appearing on my skin and there is no stopping it, AC, fans, open windows, closed windows, water, whatever it does not help. It is some voodoo magic as it should not be this hot!


This is how I feel right now about ze weather:

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It's cold, too cold - i think last year it was hotter but you know - here we are

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Weather here is fine.
Nice and sunny during the day not to hot.
Cooling down in the evening with scattered rain showers throughout the local areas.
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Weather is lovely and mild at the moment. Makes a change as I can actually walk my dog during the day again. 

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