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Feb 29 - 21:41:02
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Hows your weather Started by: CrossHair on Sep 27, '19 01:43

It is hot and humid. I think it's going to rain tonight so I'm kinda pissed. I don't have an umbrella so it's going to suck a lot. 

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So hot and humid there's literally no air to breath lol fans don't even take the heat away.

Fires starting everywhere...crazy times
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The weather here is about normal....34 during the days and 14 at night and raining like a bugger for the past few days.
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Weather is beautiful for a change.
Burnt in the sun. Not comfortable.
Practically child free this week though. So that’sa bonus.
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The weather has been quite nice last days and also today there will be nice temperatures. The sun will try to get through the clouds, but if we see her, I dont know. 

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Todays report from Iron Mike - A mild 18ish degrees. Some clouds. No rain, pollen is high. Summer is here. I mean its not the 40 degrees of last week but at least its not raining. Got to love British summer time.
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Its a little overcast today but feels warm with its high humidity. Threatening to go up to a high 25c today. May not seem high to some but for folk like me who suffer weather related ills.. I am here wishing for winter.. or autumn as a compromise! 

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Today is a lovely day with me. Nice temperature with a cooling breeze. Perfect weather for working outside. Hopefully it will stay for the day. Was around 21c when I checked the weather station earlier. Tomorrow looks like it will be a nice day as well.  

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Freaky bloody hot today.
Swimming is the only option to go by this day.
Bbq is getting at temperature and beers are cold so party can start in a few hours :)
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Its actually really warm still, it promised around 30C today, so seems like summer is coming back for a little time. Lets hope the weekend will be the same. Fingers crossed.

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We've been having rain and thunderstorms for several days in a row.

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Great weather here at the moment, it does always feel short lived though with an impending feeling of rain only a few weeks away

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It was hot hot hot. Had a heat warning for two weeks. Cooler today and tomorrow then back to heat warning. Wildfire smoke is starting to roll in too so that's fun

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Day 27 with no rain and heat in excess of 100 degrees. Everything is all fine and dandy down in south texas. Not sure how much longer we can survive down here.

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29 degrees C and it's 10:30 am

It's going to be one more hot day.

That's summer, you can't say it's innormal.

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So much rain, I had to wade through a pond of water that gathered at my front gate early this morning. Hopefully it's much better tomorrow. 

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The weather is going to be fantastic coming week. Although a lot of people say some days are going to be too hot, but as far as they can foresee,  it is not going to be above 30 degrees C.

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Its going to be a bloody hot week so there will be loads of water activities over here.
Swimming and waterfights with the kids.
Refreshing myself with a few ice cold beers and ending the day with a bbq.
Yeah vacation sucks lolol
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Just now mote like it use to be before that horrible heatwave hit us since earth is hurt and we soon get even worse climate.

Its just to sit and wait whatever happens, no one seems to bother and thats scary.
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At 5am it was 78 degrees F.(25 C) and the humidity was over 90%, making it feel more like 85 f. 


It's to cool to be that sticky. Rain is welcome in my town today

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